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lider de holanda
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I fucked this cuffing season all up, smh
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Niggas be 7'0 talking bout "I always dreamed of being a journalist" boy if u don't get my fucking rebound
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Being misunderstood is perfectly fine until u need someone to understand.
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hardly hardly hardly forget anything.
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Think im gonna find the hoe of my dreams in the club tonight
Ladies ya ex happier than you and he was the one cheating the whole time
Imma bout to turn in a pound of weed and say it's my old girls if she don't text me back today
I put cologne on before I go to sleep just incase I see my old girl in my dream
RT @Bbillions: Idk what's worse coming home to be alone after a bad day or after a great one
I dont have no expectations for girls in a relationship. Jus dont be a hoe please thas all im askin boo
U gotta find yourself a chick that wants to succeed in life as much as you do
When is it "tweet about your ex o'clock" bro @Bbillions
Bro my life jus consists of a bunch of stupid bitches
I got 1 hoe....... but shes not my hoe............. Cause i let all my niggas hit it
I can look at a chick Instagram pics and tell how happy we could be together
i aint got no hoes fam
Somebody can be a perfect person and just not be the person for you
It sucks having an expensive taste in clothes
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"Cause I just seen my ex girl retweeting my next girl retweeting the girl that I'm fuckin right now."
Mad how everything can go from 👍 to 👎 so fast
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Fellas get yourself a good girl that will only be bad for you...... Not girls who are hoeing around in clubs and parties
Im tryna look for a good girl but theirs so many hoes out there
Only hoes have their Snapchat & Kik in their bio.
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U start treating people the way they treat you and now they wanna get mad lol
Watching vines always makes my day a little bit better
You cant trust girls cause the same girls that told me me and my old girl were "cute together" are the same girls tryna speak to me now
Yea bros before hoes but not bros before main chick RT @SophieMcMahonxo: Bros before hoes ye✌️
Just bc I cheat don't mean I'm not in love with you. Yeah I'm a cheater but I'm YOUR cheater
“@mouqeet_: 😭😭😭😭�” gawd😍😍😍
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Girls U look weak constantly bringin up other bitches, that shit is wack & unattractive
Its hurts seeing a wife material girl turn into a hoe 💔
Lil homie was born with 22 unread messages
All i want is a girl who's decent looking, can cook, have ambitions for the future & isin't a hoe. Where can i find 1?
when you're about to get married but the girl you really wanted texts you saying "i want you back"
“@SterlingLDN: If the dress my girl wants to wear out can't be worn in front of my mum then it's not suitable.” Exactly
Fam this guy slapped her with the force of jesus
Let your man know.. Mr steal yo girl is back 👌😜
Guys get cheated and automatically learn how to sing
Some guys get girls drunk enough to sleep with em. Like it's all they go clubbing/partying for. Bro u don't get girls you're a rapist
If ya bestfriend tells you a girls a hoe so don't wife her......... 100% of the time he is right
Bitches who say "Im single ill do what i want" will stay single and be doing "what they want" Lol