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lider de holanda
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My niggas.. Stop thinkin you're the only guy ur girl is textin lol
Females do all this FBI researching just to cry and stay
You get ya haircut and all the hoes start coming back into your life
Just got my haircut...... If u wanna FaceTime me U gotta book an appointment
How can you say there's no good women left but all you do is chase hoes? Mmhm... Open ya eyes bro
I went to my girls house and she was crying tears I thought she caught me cheating... She was watching the blind side smh
If my own football team can break my heart... Then anybody can break my heart smh 💔💔
Nobody speak to me for the rest of year.... Smh I'm sooooo angry
Bill Cosby forced me to sell drugs
A grown man is mad at his girlfriend at Olive Garden & has made a menu fort 😂�
I swear the next good girl I get imma keep her... Imma cheat here and there but that aint even none of her business
Smh I hate cheats lol RT “@_jnrscott: Wtf is wrong with this guy man 😂�#HeadGonene �”
I think it's time to move on
Drake and J Cole are so dopeeeee 🎧🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
“@Rachel_Barnez13: #TransformationTuesday” MLK is fist bumping himself in the grave right now
i swear I ain't got no hoes
Girls would rather be right than be happy lmao
The police officer thought we were taking a selfie 😂😭�
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Why do ppl care bout my tweets so much? I don't care bout U so.......
“@mouqeet_: the fault in our mcdonalds” this is so fucking rude
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Smh I wish I didn't care about certain things.. So annoying man
I learned not to take things personal from people who don't know me personally
Just get in a relationship with whoever texts u back the fastest
I'm really not a bad person, you just don't know me like other Ppl know me
Why do people make stuff up???? Get on with ur own lives smh
single chicks on twitter can tell you everything about what a "real man" is except for how to get and keep one
if ur holding a grudge against me I feel for you cause im outcheaaaa not giving a shit
Who said you can't find love in the clubbbbb
When I say I like crazy girls I mean "why did you like her picture" crazy not "turn up at my house at 3am screaming" crazy
when you wanna go mcdonalds but your parents tell you theirs food at home
A broken relationship becomes fixable once you both begin to realize that the past doesn't have to equal the future
my loyalty run so deep we can fall out and I can still only want you #DrakeOClock
Man 😂😂�@ItsAshanntinnti
Water is wet RT “@ChadJordan23: She's not your girl if she's sending other niggas nudes.”
You're chasing a girl who don't want you and she chasing a nigga that don't want her cuz he chasing a girl that don't want him
When it rains that means they listening to Drake in Heaven
Maybe she won't...but shit then again maybe she will.
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Bitch if we break up.. I'm changing my netflix password.. You ain't gonna cuddle up with anotha nigga on my $8 a month
Us niggas always wanna start acting right when it's too late smh... She gone now fam
Claiming ya ex "downgraded" probably an example of why you got left in the 1st place. You obviously didn't see what really mattered
When a girl sleep in my bed I put my arm & leg around her she think I’m tryna cuddle I’m just tryna make sure she dont steal
Anybody wanna FaceTime me? Gotta know sign language tho cause my girl right here sleeping
A guy cheats on a girl and she comes on Twitter and tweets "all guys are the same" Bitch ... what did we do?
My facebook is full of teenagers having kids lmao 🙈
on my momma I have no clue what she did but I forgive her
Who ever pranked called me call me back I'm mad lonely right now
What is meant to be will always find a way. That's why I LOWKEY always got hope!