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not mou
Wow my ex just changed her Netflix pass.. One of my followers lob me their Netflix
I downloaded Netflix on my phone so at reading fest we can have Netflix and chill session on my phone girls.. DM me your cv's
Young Man take your a cup titties off my timeline…
you're stupid if u think a drunk hookup each weekend is better than a girl who would do anything for u & actually gives a shit about u
wow it's a beautiful day to mind your own business
Girls read so deep into simple shit.. That's why their always getting their feelings hurt
you ever showed your parents a photo on Instagram of someone and they start trying to zoom! Fam don't like the shit we are 34 weeks deep
My future wife probably with her current man right now wishing they was "together forever" .. No fam see you ina couple years πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©
Kanye West is the greatest dancer of our generation
I know you ain't supposed to beat ya girl but you can hit her with the stone cold stunner since wrestling fake
Fellas theres a chick on your TL that saw potential in you but you ruined it with your Tweets
When ur checking ur camera roll and ur wondering how certain pics got there then you remember you're in a group chat with wild animals
nina wid da nina
I got friends that I don't see for ages but when we meet its like we been together daily. That's bc we respect that we'll all got shit to do
If we don't talk for 6 months or more everything you know about me has expired. Times change. Keep my name out your mouth
If you don't want me to cheat on you, then don't catch me cheating
imagine you could text ya homie and be like "yo fam let me borrow 20% of you my battery low af" shit would be so dope
Im ugly.... But im loyal & funny so it cancels it out
"This summer will be lit af" Those words shall never come out my mouth again, I've learnt now
Some girls have boyfriends who don't have girlfriends πŸ˜‚
I thought you was stuck in the seatbelt RT @farhaanamitabh : My new loves πŸ’š0
Date a girl that knows a lot of guys? You walk thru da street and she hitting every fella with da hey wassup hellos.. Am I dating fetty wap?
When your ex and best friend hook up
When you high as fuck in public but you trying your best to act normal
Go follow my new acc ---> @himouqeet
The day North West comes home and asks Kim "Who's Ray J?" is gonna be the most lit episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians of all time.
swear my parents come home and look around the house like "what can we bother this dickhead about"
Just to let everybody know this is not mouqeets account anymore. He sold this shit to me
people explain the word "thot" and "turnt" so easily but still can't tell the difference between "there" and "their"
Claiming your ex "downgraded" is probably an example of why you got left in the first place. You obviously didn't see what really mattered
A girl get her heart broken and she move on within a couple months.. A guy gets his heart broken and he ain't recovering for atleast 2 years
My friend been sad about his ex leaving him for like 2 years now
Pornhub titles always lack depth & imagination. Yes, we know college girl is trying anal for her 1st time, but what's her major? her dreams?
Greece was soooooo dope
unblesses your timeline
Tom & Jerry had the realest beef of all time..... never said a word.... it was jus on sight ..
Just sold my Twitter account. It's been sick being on here might create a new account soon see ya guys ❀️
The fact that Ed Sheeran has went from being practically homeless to shagging Nicole Sherzinger hahahaha
All these bitches but my eyes on you
My akhi @FekkyOfficial done bits tonight in Malia !! Man shut the ting down #BANGBANGBANG
Malia is so sick mate man can't even explain the ting
Guess which Muslim got the full body search whilst my white friends walked past 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Why would funk flex say he has meek mill diss track if he had nothing to begin with?…
That's why I said boneless dumb ass…
i love boneless strawberries
Add me on snapchat - Mouqeet
Personality If she good enough to show to my parents Who she hangs with…

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