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haircut expired?
i opened my window last night and 2 flies, 3 mosquitos, 1 moth and a jehovas witness flew in
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I'll catch her if she falls but I'm not a fan of catching feelings
@mouqeet_: Sometimes I be laying on my bed at night wishing drake dropped "take care part 2"” other times I be like where views from the 6?
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Sometimes I be laying on my bed at night wishing drake dropped "take care part 2"
Crying I had to get my home boy 💀�
The guy you can't stop thinking about is probably texting 4 girls besides you.. Have a nice day
Man don't care about all that right now bruvvvvvv
Acting like this lighty didn't fuck his bitch!
Drake knew I came to the concert hurt too
Me and drake had to shout out our ex one time too fam
Dawg I was running through the 6 with my woes @Drake
@mouqeet_ i wouldn't even be mad if my girl cheated on me with you
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Bro we both know it's not possible to get that many people with you across the border @vuhsace
Bitches be 6'3 talking about "bruh u got a small ass car" like bitch I neva thought sixth man of the year was gonna need a ride
Perfect weather to cheat on your girl today
Knicks drafted the dude Bruce Willis kills in every die heart movie smh
As a former cheater I understand why guys cheat but if ya girl prettier than the hoe there's no point
She always wanna stop being a hoe right when you're about to smash SMH
If you disagree with me you don't have to mention me. I ain't mention you with my opinion
I get really confused when girls who party and go to clubs every weekend got the nerve to question why they're not wifey material
Bitches ask their single friends for relationship advice and then wonder why they end up single and lonely like their friends
i hate it when parents say "you already went out the day" ok and ????? this is A WHOLE NEW DAY
This @mouqeet_ guy is crazzzzzzzzy....dying of laughter here 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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On this day 18yrs ago the hornets told me right after they drafted me that they had no use for me and were going to trade me #thanku #lakers
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Enter her life Fuck shit up And leave Then txt her "I miss you" every 2months when she tries to move on
When you give people advice but can't take your own <<<<
@mouqeet_ how many minutes into Netflix & Chill should you give her the look
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Everybody DM me for relationship advice 💯💯💯
Dropping some relationship advice 💯�
My gf cooked me enough food to last till next week... Out of respect I ain't gonna cheat on her until it run out
@mouqeet_ Please write a book about hoes, it'd be life changing like the bible
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Bro as men we are allowed to cheat because we are still growing up but as soon as a women cheats she's a hoe @robertonieves4L
@mouqeet_ if I break up with my girl without her knowing is it still cheating? I mean if we didn't have that telepathic connection....
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My biggest fear is deleting my Twitter for love, getting dumped, and coming back to 26 followers
Bout to text my Ex's dad "wish we could of spent this Fathers Day together but your daughter rather be a hoe"
Happy Father's Day to one of the greatest Hide and Seek players out there
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