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Time to track some vocals!! Sorry to my neighbors!
Hey, dumb and dumber at the canal!
Call my sister and I old fashioned. Remember the pen?
I need a bigger desk.... #cubase #apple #arturia #claustrophobic
Sketch by Jim Witekemp. 2013 Final show with my Binghamton band.
Oh how I missed thee! All restrung!!
What a dream to have the opportunity to play this almost 100 year old acoustic guitar today. What an amazing Gibson and what a treasure of American history!! Imagine all the people who strummed this instrument, and punched the clock to build it!
Clearly these ducks double as parking lot attendants at my residence!
A little Wednesday evening Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.
This tree is where I will sit and examine the last 6 months. It feels perfect. At least at this moment. #wonderehatsnext
Cough cough. My kind of house work!!
And here we have the wild #pug a ferocious beast known to various corridors of the earth.
Not quite the dinner companion I would have hoped for on Wednesday night but I shared.
Close up #pug #kirby #sniff
Might as well paint the pug! Or start at least! @almostvirtuous #kirby #pug #buddy
The best part of waking up. #pug #morning #slumber #dayoff
From today's afternoon drive #peacebridge #buffalo #canada
80 degrees today?
Follow the mellow brick road