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Moshe Kasher
I consider it cultural appropriation when a gentile wears a yarmulke on a jewish holiday out of respect. #noexcuses
West coast! 10 minutes until a new episode of Garfunkel and Oates w/ @alyankovic @Janina @AGraynor & @moshekasher!! On @IFC!
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I know it doesn't make sense but I really feel like Coke is my friend and Pepsi doesn't care if I live or die.
Tonight I'm on an episode of @garfunkeloates on IFC. You can see me dance. It's funny.
This week, we’re proud to welcome comedian @moshekasher to our panel!
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*Googles how to send malware virus to everyone conflating Solange with Ray Rice.*
Just in: Dec 12-14 weve got @moshekasher from Chelsea Lately, Fallon,Drunk History, & his special Live in Oakland:
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Here's a sneak peak of this week's episode. Our ode to getting legally high (featuring @moshekasher):…
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How is LL still so attractive? (all black don't crack jokes will result in an immediate block.)
My neighbor is straight up watering the lawn in the pouring rain in the worst drought in a generation.
I've grown past gangster rap but not my interest in hating women, worshiping money and killing people. Any suggestions?
I know what you're thinking, this guy is telepathic.
My body and face and dick looks like Justin Theroux.
Yes Ceelo, that DOES make you crazy.
Gettin alot of shade on my Cloud tweet. Which is ironic b/c sometimes a real cloud floats overhead and provides actual SHADE. #deeznuts
Who would have thought something named "Cloud" would have porous security?
We love you @moshekasher! Can't wait to have you in Denver Oct 3 & 4. Tickets on sale now at
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Looks like The Cloud is heavy with jizz rain today.
anyone translate? Need to know what language im being trolled in.
If a Taylor Swift music video is upsetting you, don't read the rest of the news.
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I guess the best part of the internet was when we did away with"innocent until proven guilty"& replaced it with"read a tweet,seems true"
Woah crazy ISIS is doing a theme camp at Burning Man this year.
There's "war sad" and there's "buys pizza from 7-11 sad."
I would've fucked Shirley Temple in her prime.
Hey, if you have Sundance, do me a favor and turn on @ApprovalMatrix right now. Me, @JasonBiggs, @chrisrock, etc. It’s good.
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Not alot of people know but I was illiterate until I entered Prison at age 30. Then I met this dude. Changed my life.
Nick Cannon and Mariah's spilt really puts Gaza, Ferguson, ISIS, and ebola into perspective. #ourgaza
Conservatives don't know a mealy mouthed, middle of the road, ineffectual politican when they see one. I wish dude WAS a socialist.
We have reporters imbedded in Afghanistan but they can't report from a St. Louis suburb.
Lil homie getting gas
Man, thank god we have all these guns to protect us from governmental tyrany.
I am not even kidding i just found out that slick rick is my grandfather
hey member when we were outraged about that dude's potato salad?
yeah but how come you never see white communites rioting over police brutality? o wait.
Is Wiz Khalifa a muslim wizard
Ironically it seems that as a parent, Will Smith just does understand.
Seriously, playwright? There is absolutely no reason it shouldn't be playwrite. That's why nobody goes to plays.
*George Zimmerman moves to Ferguson, MO* *Hangs "Home Sweet Home" Sign*
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Hey my funny friend @bengleib has a new show tonight on @GSN #idiotest 9/8c watch dat!
I interviewed the key witness to the Michael Brown shooting last night. The police haven't. Think about that.
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If there was a riot every time a cop killed an unarmed person, that would probably happen less often. Just sayin.
If yr wondering why comics are acting like we lost 1 of our own,its because he always acted like he was.Never a movie star,always a comic.
Seriously one of the kindest people in comedy always good to me even though he was a superstar and had no need to be. What a loss.