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Moshe Kasher
Ugh unfortunately this beautiful horrible thing from @ninapaley is true.
I once met a man so old , he'd never even created an activism hashtag.
Gonna go ahead and call a moratorium on comedians using the term "my new hour".
I'm only attracted to women who used to be children.
Congrats to The Noid on his new Epix show. Been a while brother.
Never ask your dad "where do babies cum from?"
my pronouns are ze/hir/hirs/hirself & aut/auts/autiself & glitter/glitters/ can call me it/its/itself but only if youre trans
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Real Gs shower with their terrified alien dogs.
Oh my god stop posting articles on facebook, we get it the world is fucked.
@moshekasher sorry people are excited for there country #asshole
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I have recieved more death threats from my anti-soccer tweet than from all of my pro-nazi tweets combined.
Is there a way to auto-mute everyone who types #WorldCup ?
What were you guys more disapointed with, the Star Wars prequels or Obama's presidency?
This should be a cool addition to the neighborhood. What the fuck?
I am like desperate to see one of these "prank gone wrong" videos result in a death.
Think about Peter O'Toole pulling up his Lawrence of Arabia gown and scrunching it over his hips as he diarrheas into a port-o-potty on set.
Think about Humphrey Bogart grunting "say I'm the best actor alive" while he pumps his dick into a groupie.
Think about Bob Hope screaming at his agent to get him more money at a golf course gig.
100% if you say something racist into someone's phone you will be apologizing to local news within 24 hours.
Yo…white people… you don't have to keep being racist once the phone cameras are on you...keep that shit inside and indoctrinated in yr kids.
If you tell a person to eat a bag of dicks, really think through what you are saying, its pretty gruesome.
I've never enjoyed citizen kane, jazz or korean food. #adultadmissions