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Moshe Kasher
For real I wonder what Emperor Palpatine fucked like.
Sometimes I wonder why there isn't a auto-correct on Twitter but then I realize everyone on Twitter serves that function.
Everytime I stay in on a saturday night I vascilate between really enjoying myself & the crippling feeling that I'm a sad lonley old person.
People who think you are going to hell for not having similar religious beliefs pretty much def listen to bad music.
Sometimes, hecklers bring comedians to new artistic heights. Watch highlights from @moshekasher on #TheMeltdown.
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Tonight on @IFC I'm on @marcmaron show @MaronIFC playing a handsome stand up comedian.
Tonight on @meltdown_show me and @BrentWeinbach have a very special surprise for you. 12:30 on @ComedyCentral with @kumailn and @jonahray
I'll be on comedy central tonight on @meltdown_show at 12:30 hosted by @kumailn and @jonahray
My dog testified against me in court today.
I come from a long line of hipsters.
The struggle is no longer real.
Yes, there's a new Champs with @marinayfranklin. It's good too.
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Nothing is more attractive to me than deep,crippling, personality altering insecurity.
What's the age where you can sock a child in the eye for not using headphones while they watch cartoons on an iPad?
Very impressed to see that literally everyone on Facebook and twitter has such an astute and accurate grasp on the Israel/Palestine conflict
I keep women happy by reminding them that they are likely menstruating when they come across as grumpy.
I told my career counselor that my two main interests are the color blue and the ability to kill people with impunity. Awaiting response.
My buddy @JoshuaRofe___ made a chilling doc about juveniles doing life in prison. Check it out on ITunes
Very well, in case I wasn't clear Boyhood was fantastic.
So I guess it took one of the greatest directors of a generation to finally make a watchable mumblecore film. #Boyhood
I guess this is what they mean when they say hipsters love irony.
Certain straight people are so into gay people it starts to feel a little homophobic.
In which I play Terry Richardson and @Rich_Fulcher plays Dov Charney.… CC: @funnyordie