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Mosab Al-Ani
Oh dear. "Rapes reported to & recorded by police in England and Wales are at highest ever level, police figures show"
M.Soltan's (day 263 of hunger strike) case adjourned to Oct 22, seen w his father in court, both r political prisonrs
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Yesterday was an example of how giving charity without the expectation of reward, is oh so rewarding.
Dogs... They'll always be كلاب. This is why we need Saddam back. Shia militias 'killing Iraqi Sunnis' -…
A slap in the face to euro-centrics & a backwash to modern evolution theories: Painted caves challenge art origins -…
I often wonder if age is REALLY a measure of ones maturity, or if its the experiences, not age, in which defines the turning point?
Ain't nothing better than a @BottegaMilanese coffee when you're feeling under the weather.
"Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes"
Yes, I've grown a beard. Never had it this lengthy before. More recently I've become to love it; My mother doesn't so much. However, others do. What do you think, keep?
Not many caves look as elegant as this place does. The Leeds Library.
If you haven't yet checked out the Theatre of Illumination at Millennium Squares Civic Hall right about now, check it out! #ArtintheDark
Some very expressive exhibitions out here in Leeds' @LightNightLeeds #ArtintheDark
Such a beautiful evening here in Leeds. Perfect weather for tonights Light Night event.
"If your plan is for one year, plant rice; If your plan is for 10 years, plant trees; If your plan is for 100 years, educate children."
They say 90% of a persons attributes are recognised though their body language. Its shameful that today 90% of us dont even recognise this.
Everybody has a way with words. If you truly let the heart write, it will produce rawness that will shock even yourself.
Reading through my old blog posts, I miss me. And so I must dedicate more of my time to reflect the same way I once used to do.
Reminiscing of days when I was far more spiritually aware. What happened? Capitalism sucked the life out of me. I need to find this balance.
Feeling sort of drained. Thinking of so many things. Feelings of both stress and emotion. Got to do this. Got to do that. I need another me.
It's a shame to see the old Majestic up in flames in Leeds city centre this evening. A historical venue with such bad luck.
They got my vote! Tories plan under-40s homes discount -…
Reflecting on the moment I read this passage. Incredible. #success #motivation #trust #HopeOverFear
To live an incredible life. To tell an incredible story.
How quitting my corporate job for my startup f*cked up my life
Some #arab guy spitting flames at the #JAE 🙉 #BR04RAB
They say nowadays everybody's going the extra mile. That you have to be remarkable. Truth is, the extra mile is still a very lonely place.
I spent half of 2010 behind bars in this prison. Reading this is a bit of a throwback. On my 2nd week inside,...
"The lion does not turn around when a small dog barks." ~ African Proverb
Where did this lovely rush come from? #Blessing
53% of people who completed the ice bucket challenge did not know what cause it was supporting -…
The next time you reach out for your pockets, pause and actually think. #Need #Influence #Urgency We have some mad sheet happening in our world; prioritise. #Charity
LOL. Won't be keeping this video on my page for long, just wanted to share this funny clip with you guys; enjoy!
Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi. August 2014.
Dozens killed in Iraq mosque attack…
Excellent views from the balcony of La Postreria, Dubai on #JBR.
Beautiful. #FoodPorn #BurjAlArab #Dessert
A beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple; Anjam and Ayesha. May God continue to shower them both with blessings.
Remarkable detail inside the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi.
The interior detail of Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi.
Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi.
Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi.
Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi. #UAE
Sheikh Zayed Road, #Dubai.
Congratulations to Anjam & Ayesha on their big day. May God keep you both and protect the two of you, may you keep together in cohesion, health and prosperity for as long as you shall live. آمين.
Try these Nutella bad boys @labottegamilanese