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Mosab Al-Ani
Bulking on a high metabolism is so hard.
What a beautiful end to my 2014 🙏
The campus @ University of Leeds.
It was a few years ago now. During one winter Ramadhan day, me and my dearest friend decided to climb Mount Helvellyn by taking the unconventional route. Upon arrival, the officers warned us that the weather was not permitting and recommended that we would go another day. We loved taking risks and d
Where books come to life. @ The Hidden Café.
The Clarendon Dental Spa.
If you've been in Leeds long enough, you'll know of this man.
Arabian coffee collection.
God has blessed me.
Are there anybody out there who are decent enough on Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator or similar graphic tools? Need your help !
I'm almost there yo. 6kg left and I'm back in my prime. Where to go from here? We'll see.
But you're an artist. So switch it up. Make it in to something beautiful.
But you can fix it.
Even when emptying your recycle bin, remnants remain in your hard drive. Similarly, you wont forget your past, so learn to embrace it.
These late nights are killing me
You have 1 day left.
Provocation is unattractive.
I refuse to be the shallow one.
You have such an ego Mosab.
I'm so ready to get back to the gym. Who would have thought that a week off would make me feel even more a monster than I already am.. 😛
Every single day that I wake up, I can't tell you how lucky I feel.
Food. Fireplace. Top Gear. Nothing else.
Girls who turn everything into a big deal <
Retweeted by Mosab Al-Ani
Note to self: don't swear. You really don't need to.
I miss playing snake on my 3210. Clocked that shit on the way to Bolton Abbey.
I'm gonna send my own manned guards to protect my tweets because twitter ain't elaborate enough.
Where are these privacy settings at.
Incoherent. I know. So what. You ain't even supposed to read my shit at this time of the night anyway.
I'm just out here chonging with santa on a regular, while all of you wasteman waiting on xmas day for your annual gifts to turn up.
You don't deserve to sleep in. I shall punish you for staying up unnecessarily. Fuck you me.
Did I just really hashtag that shit? What a tosser.
Early start tomorrow. In fact it's too early. I Don't think I'll start. #TeamSleepin.
First and foremost I need to stop pretending to people that I'm Arab. Its not even funny no more.
It's Hanukkah soon! What should I buy for myself? I'm thinking one of them calculators that scream "oww yee" everytime I touch the = button.
Should have used tonights energy writing something beautiful & meaningful. For now I just feel like writing something random & meaningless.
Be patient with me my love, I am trying.
I feel sorry for them already. Actually who am I kidding; they're lucky and they ain't even born yet.