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✨ Captain Morgan ✨
The things I'd do to be back out on the softball field 😔
This wind sounds like it's about to tear the roof off my apartment
GRAND RAPIDS, MI ➕ Yes, all capitals because that was absolutely craaaaazy.
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When you take too long to respond to Sierra 😂5
Idk how I just made it through my class
Comes home from taking an exam and Netflix is down 😒
Just found $10 in my backpack that I didn't know I had.... 🙌🏼
Watched the whole first season of prison break in 3.5 days 👌🏼
Preparing myself or the hate I'm gonna get wearing Blackhawks stuff in Michigan 🔴⚫️
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Why must nikes cost so much? 😩
When you realize you spelled a word wrong in your snapchat story, but don't want to delete it
Yo my phone hasn't been receiving texts, so if you text me and don't get a response, it's because I didn't get it, not cuz I'm ignoring you
There's nothing worse than sitting down at a desk in class and there being the previous girls ripped off split ends chilling all over it 😒😷
... Correction, it was 5 doors 😂
a girl ahead of me held 4 different doors in a row for me, so I said "thank you" 4 times, then we both started laughing at it #newfriend 😂
Lately I'm starting to realize how amazing life is, it just takes some time to understand and see it.
Morning rants w/ Morgan & Sierra tune in to Copper Beech to hear an earful today
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Sierra and I should not be allowed to go to the same college 😂
The day you finally decide to turn the page to the next chapter is the day you'll start to realize what it's like to actually be happy again
Isn't it crazy how you randomly meet people and years or even months later they can unexpectedly have the biggest impact on your life
I fall more in love with this campus every single day. #GVSU
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Would love to be enjoying the moon right now, but the freaking clouds are in the way 😒
*throws lamp at you* u need to lighten the fuck up
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When you meet people the same age as you but they legit seem like waaaay older than you
I swear I've alwayssss wanted to do this shit 😪🙌@E40EapU
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Best 2 hour nap I've ever taken 👌🏼
It's a sad day when you forget to bring your headphones with you.
Okay snapchat, my only complaint is that I can't see how long stories are anymore 😑
GV representing with this video going viral 👌�…LN
Well this happened at GV today. 😳😳�hRYl
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Being completely pissed off but trying to pretend like it doesn't bother you is one of the hardest things to do. 😤
Mine and Sierras friendship in a nutshell 😂#typicallA
Holla at this 4 day weekend that we have!! Monday and Tuesday off 👌🏼
Just in case you haven't figured this out yet.... I'm surprisingly kinda obsessed with my roomies kitten Kelso 😍

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