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✨Captain Morgan✨
"Look at the stars Look how they shine for you And everything you do Yeah they were all yellow"
Never allow yourself to settle because you're scared you won't find something better.
It's always good to see my softball homies ☺️
surround yourself with peace and positivity 🌻
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When you've been through something that destroyed you once, you know how to get through it the second time around.
Patiently waiting for June 12th so I can binge watch Orange is the New Black.
DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA #blackhawks win!!!!!
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Hawks needa score so I can sleep
BREAKING NEWS: Barcelona has just signed Andrew Shaw
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Shaw's goal shoulda counted... That's bullshit 😒
Don't you see that I'm way better off without you.
Already having the time of our lives, and we’re just getting started tonight. -Jason Aldean
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"if you could get a wet willie in any place what would it be" - @mollymcmahan9
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"Gia went to college and got funny as fuck"
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When you wake up and are already looking forward to a nap later in the day.
Squads reunited!! minus @taypanks tho 😔
I wish it was easier...
What's crazy is you can only do so much before it all doesn't even matter anymore
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do u ever just think about the first time u met someone and compare it to where u guys are now and its like wow who knew this would happen?
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Nothing but good vibes ✌🏼️
So many times things have not gone how I planned. It turns out it's because my plan was too small & God had a plan that was so much better!
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Just ran a red light because I was in shock @mollymcmahan9 ate two Portillos hot dogs in less than a minute
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You'll never understand.
Life becomes easier when you remove the unnecessary people from it.
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One of those nights 😔
Tries to go to York softballs senior night, there for less than five minutes and it starts down pouring 😒
Lol this guys Porsche broke down on the road 😂#cockybitchh
"Guess whose undefeated in conference? York softball. Guess whose not undefeated in conference? OPRF softball. #BetterLuckNextTime #GoDukes"
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It's not even worth my time anymore. #seeya 👋🏼
I'm done playing these stupid fucking games with you.
S/o @AbbySolem for getting a gram slam cuz she's just that awesome 😎#reppinn
May the 4th be with you 😂
how many times have you typed “i'm fine" with shaky fingertips and bloodshot eyes?
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I didn't care as much as you thought.

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