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@adam_cine: Sometimes you got to shut up, swallow your pride and accept that you're wrong.It's not called giving up,its called growing up.”
White girls Vs Black girls being accused of talking sh** 😂😩
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no no no. You got another here “@Moozeebutt: I think I'm the only person who doesn't miss my secondary school life lol”
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I think I'm the only person who doesn't miss my secondary school life lol
There are times where I just wanna whine and rage all day. Lol
@Jxmxdi: i dont get it when in rs Guys talk to other girls = CHEAT Girls talk to other boys = FRIENDS 😒” OMG THISSSSSSSSSSSSS
Bad things happen: - Every day. - To everyone. The difference is in how people deal with it.
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What I've learn in ns is just to wake up early haha
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"It's just NS" "it's just 2 years" ... Fuck you. It's 2 years of slavery and shitty pay. I'd rather work at McDonald's and prolly earn more.
You have sweet water to drink! Fresh air to breathe! Feet to walk with! You sleep safely in your bed! Why be sad? Say: Alhamdulillah.
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Can't wait to get the fuck out of NS. Burden.
I feel like going for a jog but I'm soo sleepy and tired at the same time lol
@xxsharahxx_: I rather have life goals than relationship goals lol.”
Gosh it's only Tuesday
Sometimes you gotta go to the pain, to experience the joy.
Mulot mcm jubo babi satu2 tkleh diam Nk tido pon susah
Idk whether it's good thing when people say I have a big ass hahahahahaha
YASSS hahahaha “@TheFunnyVines: I can't stop laughing 😂”
Evian Kenzo collaboration bottled drink is a need. I mean cmon its Evian. And Kenzo.
My bed and I makes the best relationship of all time
My wardrobe is the biggest amongst my siblings and I swear I NEED a much bigger one. Cause it's storage is as full as my phone.
When your grandma finds out you haven’t eaten all day and your parents walk in the door.
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Some menwhores try too hard. Stop that shit hoe
Did the government go through NS tho? 😶
I think I gained a little oh well happy 😌👍
One craving fulfilled lol I love my mom 😊
Having quail egg soup so nice
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I want jelly beans :( what a weird craving
#np Survivor - Destiny's child
Holy fuck so funny
HAHAHAHA must be you as a medic @eyeslikelemur@Dory: when the drugs hit u & u tryin not to die
Ngantuknye ya Allah
I need Jelly Beans
i dont know why. but i just love hickies😻
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I hate it when the bus driver is late. Like they're literally not on schedule.
Make it simple, keep it comfy. 💭
Have faith & trust in Allah in your hearts. Know that whatever is happening even in hardship, there is a good lesson to learn.
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You expect me to tell you everything, but you hide everything from me.
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