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Cutest thing ever! “@FascinatingVids: Baby Monkey getting a bath.
Lol my cat manje time
And I don't fancy people who likes to anticipate my thoughts. Really
People who likes acting like they know everything ain't sexy.
I'd rather people ignore me/say they wanna be left alone then fucking throw their tantrum on me just because they're having PMS or someshit.
I hate to be stepped over just because I'm lenient and never retaliate. Everyone has their limits.
Urgh Seo In Young recently always have good MV concept, good concept look, all good but shitty songs. I miss the dancy her
Finally I have a fav group from SM ent. Lol
Such a hot hot day
14 hours work sigh.
Downloading movies in my annoying lappy for tonight's night shift lol
Omg how dumb can I get I just realized Steve Aoki is Devon Aoki's brother omg hahahaha
People say "never give up" but sometimes giving up is the best option because you realize you're just wasting your time.
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They're making it like Exo's growl lol
I swear the video is very well choreographed and the cinematography is nice
OMG Red Velvet's new MV choreo damn cool from start to end…
Sooo broke. Need payday now
My brother's phone need to fucking shut up
With this rota shift, my body clock's gonna be fucked.
People don't piss me off
I envy how some people has got the nicest smiles ever
Can't be bothered to put passcode for my phone today lol
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Samsung earpiece in an iPhone lol
Sorry brother. I used your earpiece for awhile mine cmi already hahaha
Can't believe I fell asleep and didn't set my alarms -.-
#np MCR - Welcome to the black parade
I think my flexibility either maintain or getting worst. Shiiiiit
Ya Allah Aku nak ketawa hahahahaha baru tweet lagu title sia
when you still getting ready and your friends text you "we here"
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She wolf - Shakira
Omg don't tell me I'm sleepy already
@Moozeebutt @shahkental HEHEHE! We shall meet for your birthday 🙆
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@Moozeebutt @shahkental HAHAHA! Okay next time we'll try together okay! MUST MEET I MISS YOU LIKE CRAY 😭
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Done jogging phew
@Shahril_Pilos: @Moozeebutt wah muz so fit now. Hahaha” not gonna be as fit as a scc dude laaa hahaha
Off to jogging now
Omg I can't believed I waited forever for the cloud to fully go away just so I can't take the pic of the full eclipse lmao
The moon soo orangeeee
Thank you so much Is, I owe you big time. You're great brother. God bless you
#Np Thnks fr th mmrs - Fall Out Boy
Going out without cap for 2nd time hahaha slowly getting there