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"@Rik_FIair: Why don’t white people stop mass murdering?" + Man, that's a brick wall question.
Ppl Not From Chicago Dont Realize How Much Of The Youth Toting Guns And Killing They Brothers And Sister. We Gotta Show Em Who The Real 🎯 Is
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That tweet quoted both ways lls
"@sweetestthingx_: Washed up making stars but not claiming rings…" + Glory days are over. Took the road home.
"@sweetestthingx_: What's a coach that gives up on his star player?" + Retired.
My horny indomitable smh 😈
Oh my goodness I love black women its really bad.
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"She's literally fucking flawless" Wtf kind of dictionary been defining words for y'all. Lmao.
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Hulk hogan a racist and Bill Cosby a rapist. I shoulda just looked up to all the drug dealers in my family.
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They can't hurt you unless you let them, so don't let them.
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RT @deray: Man 'upset with life' fires 5 rounds at Hoover police during traffic stop, lives…
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And his punk ass laughing... Smh Judge Mathis knows what's up.
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Jah blessing all the trap niggas 🙏🏽
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Protect your home and save energy, with ADT Pulse® and @nest Learning Thermostat.
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You never know who might walk in your life
Having 0 hoes is clutch sometimes
Dont even care to have it, just be horny and channeling energy
When your sex too good <>
Couldnt stop the damn things even if i wanted to
My feelings are set in steel smh
The ups and downs of losing your mind but using your heart.
The only thing eye love about me is you.
When eye catch up to it my time in America will be up
In America eye live in a state where eye have purposely misplaced my time..
No matter what happens, only you know how eye feel.
Eye stay on skip till eye can stop and play with you.
They childish doe. RT @woahhh: Everyone always says this lol. But it's a sexual act... For adults.…
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Father forgive them for they not know what they do.
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To wake up in the morning is a mothafuckin blessin'
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At this moment i can give a fuck about a rap tired of these mutha fuckas doing us like this...@iAmLoadedLux help me cuz..
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