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A Queen to do right by is all a man ever needs to achieve his dreams.
"Girls shouldn't..." "I don't like it when girls..." No one cares, boo.
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Definitely not. RT @EyEaMcOsMiC can you still revoke an irrevocable trust?
It's been forever since you were near..."here"
And everyday becomes a year..
Loving someone so much where a year becomes a day.
The way eye see it, eyed know what eyed say.
Did this last year take forever.....or a day.
Been thinking about forever and a day.
Eyed rather you have it all..
Not giving twitter much more today.
We've grown much more in a year then we could ever fear.
Funny how that makes us unusual.
"Whatever we want as usual."
Still been thinking about you, the way that e do
Kinda taking my day as it goes..
Some people teach you a lesson, others love you just the way you are.
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You walked away Leaving parts of yourself With me to stay
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I believe that I am as loving as I make my mind up to be.
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Last year's new year's all the way to this one...been quite the year aha
Something about loving too many strangers but how my heart beats only for you.
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I know sexuality is a spectrum because I will drool over a fine woman and want nothing to do with her vagina.
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Life IS simple It's just the situations & beliefs that keep us trapped at many levels of our being.
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When you see people bringing that tough love dont tell them to calm down.. Theyre reaching who needs that type of message
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Eye took it as if it was meant for me.
Day by day eye brothas got so brainwashed to think sistas aint shit but "white" women are just perfect LMAO #Lost
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That over-thinking shit is the devil aha
My awareness of it now allows me to grasp hold and soooooar
My ignorance of that left me feeling incomplete
My body been places my spirit didn't care to venture
Eye have felt so out of place in 2013 just about everywhere
It's so great to have a spiritual family.
Coffee and Cantaloupe :)