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My homie went to jail and eye swore soon as he got out the streets aint never gonna be the same
Anyone who ever had doubts niggas bout to snap
I feel like I'm always waiting for something that'll probably never happen.
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I live in the friend zone cause I just be chillin smfh
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But if I'm harmless as a dove, won't these women just tear me apart by the feathers?? @AynRandTaughtMe
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A bunch of mfckas sitting around waiting to kill one guy
Mortal Kombat king of the hill lobbies be full of so much negativity ctfu
This physical reality is absolutely misleading.
Racism goes beyond calling someone a nigger. It's the fucking microaggressions. It's white people trying to force you off the sidewalk.
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Eye love a girl that can accept the fact niggas aint shit but got vision. Eye could love every detail about her after that
At this point eye gotta accept my aint shitness never going away
Its only obvious when shit poppin. But other than that nobody on shit
Dirty soda in the Styrofoam..
If yall wasnt so surprised and shocked at some typical shit. They might come say waddup
What I really need right now 😳😅😳😅😳😅/uPxzh7hdE1
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Does the "unknown" of spirituality scare you? (Asking religious folk)
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Swamp gas in the middle of drought stricken LA, nothing to see here people…
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Aliens puttin on a show? Turn up
@sohamist the creator gods thought it interesting to see what we would DO with this illusion
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@sohamist this is why so many "indigos" choose to incarnate here
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The Pleiadians teach the United States of America is the biggest experiment of all; we have the grandest freedom of illusion in this realm
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Religion is knowing God created seeds that birthed trees Spirituality is knowing you are no different than the seeds nor the trees God made
They made sure my ass knew the difference between religion and spirituality

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