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Mikayla Rae
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Really dislike sleeping alone.... 👎
My allergies are killin me but my kitty is fast asleep on my bed and I don't wanna wake the precious lil angel up so I shall suffer 👼
just got called a precious light faerie awe omg :*
Got a nice lil mall haul ☺️ #content
Everyone's raging tonight and I wanna max on some pasta and watch netflix and cuddle and wake up at 8ish...
Or someone make me spaghetti 🍝
No forreal order me a sandwich pls
Someone order me jimmy johns OK.
Nutella and fruit sounds so prime right now.
saying glitter is their favorite color.
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Laundry is such a task but I'm on my third load and I'm feelin successful.
I wanna start carrying around stones, but I don't really know much about their energies and where to get em. Anyone have any advice? 🔮
Cleaned the heck out of my room, packed up a few things, and did a load of laundry. 👌
Really tempted to buy a DS because of pokemon games and adventure time and kingdom hearts and goodness I want one. 👾
Win a trip to New York and get tattooed by Megan Massacre dooooo ittttt 👌
🌵 tiny cactus believes in you �
The 3 Day Challenge first event is tonight. Volley Against Violence. Who's ready to play some volleyball tonight?...
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“@CommonWhiteGirI: Your mcm is your boyfriend again??? WOW WHO WOULD'VE KNOWN” WHOOPS DONT CARE 💁
pickup line: wanna watch this murder documentary with me?
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Even though my boyfriend is a big butthole, I'm glad he's all mine! @TimKrueth #mcm #softtweet 😍😍
Awkwardly sitting next to this odd couple that's hashing out their relationship problems ... Loudly ... Did I mention I have headphones in?