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mikayla rae
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Worry often gives a small thing a great shadow.
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Wishing it was Friday already so I could get paid ⏩💸
Can't wait for forever 21 to open.
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free manicure from regency? Don't mind if I do. :-)
kim kardashian hollywood is ruining my life 💯
9 can't come any sooner ~ omg
So much excitement for these upcoming days :-)
Someone bring me sweets to eat please 🍭
Awe man I love hanging out w/my mom, she's awesome 😍
Red Lobster with my momma and her man :-)
Huge shout out to Timothy bc he came and visited me at work awe :') love him
Val's was so on point 👌
s/o to @JennaYoung4 for delivering these cream cheese wontons, they're bomb 😘 thanks lovely
Just realized that @madkbrew is on both hemlock grove and oitnb, and might I just add I think I'm in love with her??? #perfection 😍
The Effect of a Full Moon Makes An #Aries: Fussy
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OKAY SO IF ANYONE PLAYS THAT KIM K GAME, ADD ME ON GAME CENTER 😍 sailormikayla Okayy so, thanks, Buzzfeed for breaking my heart.. #somanyfeels
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😑😑😑😑 ur dumb
p.s. visitors are welcome so pls come see me bc it's slow as heck and company would be lovely ok? ok 😊
Six o clock can't come any sooner 🕕 wishin I could fast forward ⏩
had a lovely dinner date wih @meglenz 😍
honestly so grateful i have such wonderful ppl in my life :')
thank you so much to everyone reaching out, i appreciate yall so much <3
i really need help and someone to just be with me so pls pls pls times a million someone reach out
well fuck my life
anxiety is a bitch man
mall was successful + same w/target for groceries and adult stuff YAY
k lets hope i dont die as i *attempt* to bike to the mall ~
the bussing is so weird in st cloud. why do you stop running so early on the weekends?! ppl still have things to do at those times
rats 🐀 the beauty school was all booked, anyone else know of any good decently priced places in cloud I can get my hair done???!
bout to go get my hair did n pamper myself a lil bc why not
I really need a girls day or something so pls come and chill anyone 🌟
Almost five in the mornin and I'm wide awake and I took sleeping medicine wtf body stop, go to bed
honestly I know it's pathetic but I srsly cannot sleep by myself anymore like it's almost impossible ugh 😥
RT this if you wanna be in my thottie babe gang
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jammin to good ol' michael jackson mmmmmhmmmmmm lifes good
youre out of your mind to think that i can keep you out of mine ~
i got hollered at twice just walking to the gas station. leave me alone, i just want to get my snacks in peace.
im in love with tove lo ok
someone hang out w/ me pls n thx
Gonna talk to my managers and hopefully get a higher position since there's two openings. Cross your fingers for me, y'all. 💛
But at least it gave me time to get subway for dinner and there's wifi here 😅 could be worse heh