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Liz Blade ™
: @normmacdonald you're a sweetheart!! :) I miss the Norm show! Those were the days :)
Anaconda is such a shit song -_- why do people make a fuss over it?
@Moondance_81 There are 4 years between Starsky&Hutch Blindfold episode & Porky's...Don't we all love @KimCattrall any time anyway?
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We can all lick @JimCarrey now and in public... ;^) his on a stamp.. Congratulations Jim and to the other comedians
We can all lick @JimCarrey now and in public... ;^) his on a stamp.. Congratulations Jim and to the rest of the lovely comedians on them 2
I couldn't sleep that night, I watched the TV I saw the live news feed in Australia beyond devastating. Love 2 the families #911Anniversary
#911Anniversary I wish this tragedy never happened. I wish the towers still stood tall. America still stands.
Hey #KimCats It's #TBThursday time! Remember when @KimCattrall portrayed Emily in Starsky&Hutch 'Blindfold' episode?
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.@Moondance_81 We #KimCats love 'Blindfold' episode. @KimCattrall's Emily portrayal is great...and pretty of course!
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I don't think Kevin James would have a lot of work if Chris Farley was still alive. Got nothing against Kevin James, just my opinion.
Joan Rivers' New York apartment 'where Marie Antoinette would have lived if she had the money' via @MailOnline
The storm clouds come and go, I listen to the sounds I know. Let it rumble,let it roar.I love you with everything in me and more - Liz Blade
Was talking to a lady who described someone as having their bum up their own arse. She may have been a little pissed.
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@Moondance_81 Thanks for the support. Have a blessed week.
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@Moondance_81 Ogle JukeBox, leading the way for fresh new artistes. Have your music videos played on TV go to…
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Elizabeth Blade – Contributor — Inspiration Bible
First Robin. Now Joan. The world just became a less funny place. RIP Joan Rivers.
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#RIPJoanRivers you said what you felt. You never held back. My thoughts are with Joan's family and friends
Just got off the cell with @JakeSnakeDDT & @superstarbillyg it appears Jake is out of the woods! if a cats got 9 Lives a SNAKE has 13 LIVES!
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😏😂👌😩😘💋👅 😈😊😁😡😑 💃💏💁❤️💐#FOLLOW�✌️🙈💦?💢🔥 🍃💨 #FOLLOW �@Moondance_81@realmickfoley@MickJagger@colinmochrie_@LouDPhillipsoley @MickJagger @colinmochrie @LouDPhillips
I'm watching Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with @themichaelcaine and @SteveMartinToGo I love this movie I always have
Just heard about @JakeSnakeDDT in the hospital. So sorry to have been complaining about my back, with Jake's condition so much more serious
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Just spoke to @JakeSnakeDDT 's girlfriend, Jake is now conscious but still fading in and out. Please keep the prayers coming.
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#JoanRivers I know so many dislike her but she has opinions although controversial show respect to her family and friends at this time
Joan Rivers stopped breathing & I'm reading so much hate messages going to her. If it was your family member you'd be in a uproar #Respect
Lady Gaga admitted that she actually sings "Fuck Her Face" in the chorus instead of "Poker Face."
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70% Twitter users check their Twitter when they wake up, which is a sign of addiction.
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Famously kind, ferociously funny, a genius and a gentle soul. What a loss. #RobinWilliams
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Stunned to learn Robin had PD. Pretty sure his support for our Fdn predated his diagnosis. A true friend; I wish him peace.
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