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I will forever cherish this tweet you sent me, on my bucket list is to write lyrics for you 2 sing. #WordsArePowerful
I doubt this tweet will find you, but if it does.. Tell me this. Are you okay? What's on your mind? What's troubling you lately?
People should accept one another as they are. I hope that everyone can be happy. If you're down, I'm a tweet away. How are you today?
who wants to be mentioned in my last gain tweet you'll gain 1k+ :p
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Retweet if you want to gain just follow everyone who retweets this and follow back whoever follows you
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Finally go to sleep, after nice chat with my fav celebrities Ronn Moss & Devin DeVasquez. (((bighug)))
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I am so late I just watched the Pamela Anderson Roast..#BeaArthur was still alive (I love her so much) I laughed til I cried when she was on
A Publishing House wants to look at my poetry book :-D #HappyDance #OverJoyed #Poet #Author #Adelaide #Yay
Thanks @Moondance_81 @katieoliver01 @WDGagliani for being top engaged members in my community this week (insight by
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@Moondance_81 Flattered that even after 20 years you've fallen under my spell.
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: @normmacdonald you're a sweetheart!! :) I miss the Norm show! Those were the days :)
Anaconda is such a shit song -_- why do people make a fuss over it?
@Moondance_81 There are 4 years between Starsky&Hutch Blindfold episode & Porky's...Don't we all love @KimCattrall any time anyway?
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We can all lick @JimCarrey now and in public... ;^) his on a stamp.. Congratulations Jim and to the other comedians
We can all lick @JimCarrey now and in public... ;^) his on a stamp.. Congratulations Jim and to the rest of the lovely comedians on them 2
I couldn't sleep that night, I watched the TV I saw the live news feed in Australia beyond devastating. Love 2 the families #911Anniversary
#911Anniversary I wish this tragedy never happened. I wish the towers still stood tall. America still stands.
Hey #KimCats It's #TBThursday time! Remember when @KimCattrall portrayed Emily in Starsky&Hutch 'Blindfold' episode?
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.@Moondance_81 We #KimCats love 'Blindfold' episode. @KimCattrall's Emily portrayal is great...and pretty of course!
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I don't think Kevin James would have a lot of work if Chris Farley was still alive. Got nothing against Kevin James, just my opinion.
Joan Rivers' New York apartment 'where Marie Antoinette would have lived if she had the money' via @MailOnline
The storm clouds come and go, I listen to the sounds I know. Let it rumble,let it roar.I love you with everything in me and more - Liz Blade
Was talking to a lady who described someone as having their bum up their own arse. She may have been a little pissed.
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@Moondance_81 Thanks for the support. Have a blessed week.
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