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Liz Blade ™
Farts are just ghosts of things we ate... #SpookyButStinky
Wtf! I've just opened the front door to put out a fire on my doorstep and now got shit all over my shoe! 💩🔥😡
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The @Pringles guy is looking at you.. Am I the only one to have a mini attack thinking my hand was stuck in the tube?
#NationalCheesecakeDay … Reminds me of The Golden Girls.. ^_^ Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, Sophia :-D
I am ranked in the Top 10% of social media users. Check your rank:…
In a world filled with wrong, why can't we make it right? Why fight? why end innocent lives? Why backstab each other? Respect one another.
It's amazing because we all don't ride the same bandwagon, we suddenly get shunned for it, what about personal choice and opinion?
#TopGear is nothing without @JeremyClarkson @RichardHammond and @MrJamesMay Best of luck with the new show gentleman.
Is there any #PR out there that take wages from the work they get you, to those that don't have the $$$
XMAS in JULY Blu-Ray GIVEAWAY!! Give us a Retweet & Follow for your chance to win a signed Blu-Ray by @RealMickFoley
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Sometimes in life, we don't get the closure we want.. so we close that book ourselves and create a new chapter.
Marked as to-read: A Rising Moon on Domestic Violence by Elizabeth Blade…
I love this clip!!! @JimCarrey Environmental Guy, I just know if this sketch was done today someone would complain…
People will watch the #TheBachelorAU to see if people are "dating" would you follow people around on a date at the movies or restaurant too?
Just a character I made up.. 😎✌️#retweet if you like itY
#retweet this to get a #Shoutout also hashtag #GusSaysHi and I'll add your name to this pic. ( his my own creation )
My attempt of drawing #VENOM #retweet if you like it 😄2
The sad thing is I'll never hear from @AdamSandler or @JimCarrey Billy Madison and a Ace Ventura crossover movie would be interesting ☺️😋
Read "The Joker Sleeps - The Joker Sleeps" #wattpad #poetry
Me right now! I'm so hungry but it's 3AM where I am and I should really get to sleep lol
Bed goes up, bed goes down. Yes I've actually done this at a hospital once the nurse wasn't impressed lol
 Homer is Bender
Me when I get a new dress ^_^
Me when someone tells me a long boring story
Me running to turn up my favourite song when I hear it.
My face when someone says they don't like Bugs Bunny!!! What's up doc?
Happy 75th Bugs Bunny!! I've always loved looney tunes
I've had a lot of unfollowers since voicing my support for @HulkHogan but I won't stop supporting him. Much love to you Hulk
Appreciate your recent Retweet @Moondance_81 have a great Monday :)
Retweeted by Liz Blade ™
Off to sleep now. Nighty night #twitter I wonder how many nighty night messages I'll get off my followers? ლ( ╹ ◡ ╹ ლ)

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