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Complexed Creation
The minute you stop 🙅 putting up with foolishness they'll stop dishing it out!!!... a individual will only do what you allow them to do!
just up with my dweeb @Ayarriduh_ and my mini...
This is a parent's worst NIGHTMARE. Chris Brown makes a HEARTBREAKING announcement about Royalty!…
My man should be sensitive to me,loving to his family,ambitious with his life,unapproachable to other females and intimidating to men
Setbacks test your commitment always remember it's a part of the process
There's a reason that the #queen is the most powerful piece in chess... remember that ladies!!!
If you got beef ,your problem not mines!!!!!
I cannot believe that there are people that put their bras on like this
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I pray not wish because I have a god not a genie!!!!!!
Don't you dare shrink yourself for someone else's comfort,Do not become SMALL because people refuse to GROW!!!!!
I don't get jealous ,I simply lose interest.....
I'm not attracted to all that extra shit...
I'm a nightmare, dressed like a daydream...
Great app for women... Share photos, chat or stream video. Get friends and followers
Safety first “@_ComplexBeauty_: It's to much shit out here to still be having casual sex...”
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It's to much shit out here to still be having casual sex...
@_ComplexBeauty_ @brokeymcpoverty @Ouidad right!!! Her hair is the only one that looks damaged and unhealthy. The Queens crowns flourishing
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Like a carry on white people we are not afraid nor moved by your juvenile antics we ain't going nowhere…
When he looks at you with adoration 😍😍😍😍😍😍
If it makes you happy go for it , and enjoy it.
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Future had Ciara around all 27 of his kids and nobody said nothing. Ciara got her baby around a positive role model and yall pressed.
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It takes about 67 "I'm dones" for a bitch to realize her man ain't shit . Most of yall only on your 23rd... stay strong lol
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Yall bashin Ciara for having her son around a GOOD MAN meanwhile half of yall grew up w/o a father...yall mamas should've done the same
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every1 is mad at Russle because he is being very supportive of Ciara's son! When ur mom told you to call a stranger uncle was it a problem
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Ciara is not wrong what so ever for moving on and finding someone that loves her and her son , 😭😂 y'all funny if you say she is
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No one disrespected Future when ciara was playing step mommy to his brood of children within months. But my how the tables turn now.
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don't understand why people are having a heart attack about Ciara's man meeting her child? Her baby father cheated and she can't move on?
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Half y'all mamas not even with y'all real daddy's and y'all have the nerve to be mad at Ciara 😴😴😴😴😴
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Just because it doesn't work the first time doesn't mean you should quit....
Your girlfriend could be dumb af but as soon as you start arguing with her she'll turn into a lawyer with a degree from Harvard
Ask a bitch why she don't like me, I bet you she says "I JUST DON'T" like the lame ass bitch she is..”🐣FACTSS»
The more silent you become the more you hear.
So many are GIRLS👧, so few are WOMEN👩
2 things Idgaf about... 1.what that nigga said 2.what that bitch said
Alright #SouthernCaliforniaEdison 6hrs is long enough....!!!!!!!!!!
I pray my 17-year old daughter, if I ever have one, is more like Malia Obama than Kylie Jenner.
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If you cant build with them don't chill with them.....
I hate "I heard" ass bitch, a "I think" ass bitch & a "they told me ass bitch" get "yall" shit together and be a quiet ass bitch....

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