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People should stop trying to break my independence. Having something in common does not mean we should start doing it together #Rantover
It seems all the men in York are out in flip flops tonight #bankholiday #york
Robin Thicke is only sexy with those sunglasses on. Take them off and I'm no longer interested
Piccolo tomatoes are my ultimate favourite can't believe no one on @SundayBrunchC4 was impressed!
Finally taking the bull by the horns.
If you'd have told me this time last year that I'd be running 12km I'd have laughed. Shows the difference a year makes #RunnersHigh #grit
My body really wants to go for a run but unfortunately my ankle has decided otherwise #runnerproblems #injuryprevention
Started an application to do a PhD @UniOfYork - that's Master's thesis procrastination at its finest #slowlygettingthere
It's been so long since I listened to radio that I wondered why @absoluteradio kept fuzzing out on me when I drove under bridges #OldSchool
Too many times I've been told "Men don't find obliques attractive on a woman." How about me wanting them for myself? #fitnessmotivation
The amount of money I spend on loose tea from @whittarduk should be incentive enough to employ me as a tea buyer/taster #rooibos #dreamjob
Seems getting a career within the tea industry is going to be very very difficult #tea #careerchange #persevere
Tracy Barlow & Steve McDonald should have stayed married. They are the dream team of one liners #corrie #coronationStreet #itv
#selfie with my almond m&ms. Best discovery ever.
Flat car battery #suicidesundays are making a comeback
The car next to me in motorway traffic has better sweets #sweetenvy
I wish I'd taken a camera out with me this morning. Nothing can compete with a lazy Devonshire sunrise #running #lush #gladididntstayinbed
Made new friends on the train. They required my expertise for some song guessing game #feelingwanted
"If I don't get into a good university then I won't get a good job & I will starve to death". This child is clearly not a #childgenius
#sweatybetty needs an outlet store. I want to look fancy when I run #PoorPeopleProbs #RunnerProbs
Looking forward to next week when my 6 mile runs take on a new route #running #reachformytrainers #devon
Drinking my weight in green tea just to get my thesis done #morrocanmint #whittardofchelsea
Dissertation completion will be today. Here's my fuel #sportsdirect #pactcoffee
Getting a little too addicted to #thegoodwife on #netflix so bang goes my dissertation