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Monty Geer
You guys better all have an amazing day today. Or else I'm going to be pissed and kick a pigeon 😠
Actor @MontyGeer arrives at the Spychatter app launch party last night via @newzcard
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Perfect timing. Everyone is equal. Be you, and love whoever you want. #LoveWins #EqualityWins #EqualityForAll
Everyone is equal. Be you, and love whoever you want. #LoveWins
Playing #BatmanArkhamKnight last night. Haven't slept since... must... save... GOTHAM!!! @maxcarver @Pierce_Brown
Playing #BatmanArkhamKnight last night. Haven't slept since... must... save... GOTHAM!!!!
I'm glad episodes of awkward are airing again and you guys get to enjoy me and @MontyGeer's beautiful mugs
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I'm going scuba diving today. If I die @WesamKeesh will control my Twitter so I remain immortal.
I'm going scuba diving today. If I die @NikoPepajLA will control my Instagram so I remain immortal.
What? It's Friday? Since when? You can't prove it!
Big thanks to #VentsMagazine for the interview! Zoom in or check my Twitter for news on #AwkwardSeason5 #awkwardsenioryear
Big thanks to @ventsmagazine for the cool interview. ZOOM IN and read it for news on Awkward!!!
Everyone check out the film #LoveAndMercy. It's great, and @BDavv kills it!!!
Actually Frankenstein IS his name. Dr. F gave him life. He's his son. It's the family name. You'd rather call him a monster? Fuck off
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"Bagel" comes from a word meaning "bracelet" in Old High German. The whole world makes sense now!!!
I got thumb socks from @dosomething & @sprint to never text and drive. @WESAM texts much more so he got boxing gloves
I got thumb socks from @DoSomething and @Sprint so I would never text and drive. Stay safe. You're 23X more likely to get in an accident if you're texting. @WesamKeesh is more addicted to texting so he got boxing gloves.
I play montage music for my computer anytime it's going through an upgrade.
I just got verified on Twitter. I feel like a princess! 👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼
The CVS by me closed. Looks like thousands of gummy bears will dying out from loss of habitat. #WorldProblems
#KnightBirds #LetsFlap
I like this picture of me... even though there's an ad on my head. #CantAffordMyOwnFace
I did a video for @glittermagazine to help you love yourself more!!! Support #glittermagazine's #selflove campaign❤️
Sometimes when I'm bored on my phone I move my apps quickly around like they're dancing. I feel like a rapper: "let me slap that app!"
Hey @JessMarieGarcia, I got this weird growth on my back, but don't have health insurance. What should I do? #BYOUchat
Im tired of people making loud noises while exercising at the gym. When I go I make loud noises standing perfectly still!
If I was a football coach I would only teach the kids how to do cool touchdown dances. They can figure out the rest.
Beds should come with a built in espresso machine...
Right after this picture I learned that swinging from chandeliers is only possible in movies. #BrokeTheCeiling
I went to a realistic 50's restaurant and left with polio.
I used to love piñatas. Until one day a piñata got revenge on me and beat my child to a pulp.
I always instinctively take off all my clothes when I go to the doctors... I'm not allowed in most hospitals.
They need to make Rosetta Stone for Women. Because I'm constantly confused what you're talking about...
Criminals should make people sign non-disclosure agreements. Then they could get away with anything!!!
I'm in Russia, where tanks randomly drive down the streets.
Me: Who's got two thumbs and a brand new gun? This gu- [BANG] [Blows off thumb]
IT'S A TRAAAP!!!!! #MayThe4thBeWithYou
Family: Where is our newborn baby? Nurse: Check baby claim. [Babys go around in carousel like baggage claim]

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