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Kenneth Adams
I saw the Blue Man Group Yesterday. Amazing! There was a part of the show we all had a dance party…
I Just Had The Absolute Best Day With My Girl at Universersal Today <3 @akatalepsy
As soon i finish getting my upgrades i will be makin more videos again.
Honestly, I'm never angry at anyone but myself.
Is it strange that the things I love I get super competitive about?
"Jose got them tacos" ...really? These coke references are getting out of hand.
The hardest thing in life for me is consistancy.
not gunna lie. kind of exited about film school
Got my new laptop 2 weeks early woo! Toshiba Qosmio X75. --b :)
@KFCKiD_21 Woot! When the excitement wears off, click here to find out what comes next:
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Just found out I was accepted to Ringling College of Art and Design --b film school here I come.
Probably won't be making many vines anymore. I feel it's a waste of my time. But every so often.
(Music Video) Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Hit like for Jvoyce --b…
You can't live with the grind you can't live without it.
Just finished filming a Valentine's day music video w/ Jeremiah. Coming soon #yearone
Mother of God may I please go back home.
Is a roller coaster better with your eyes open or closed?
When You and Your Friend Try to Hold Back laugh in Class #spongebob #LOL #friendshiiiip
So this Happend Yesterday and I'd be rude if i didn't share it. --b
Okay okay let's be real here. We only go to school to say hi to our friends and go home.