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✏ Harmonica Buena ♥
Icecream with little ones before going to work.. Cool.
Sweets overload! Happy Birthday Benna. @ Love Desserts…
So you know, if you send me two words in a text and I reply with ten words - that's not me being 'desperate'. It's me being fucking nice.
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when the city of lights goes dark.. #PrayforParis
"@Biznespreneur: Successful people make the most of the best and the best of the worst. - Steve Keating #quote"
"@SixSenceWords: "Quiet people have the loudest minds.""
How we spend Saturday night after a looooooong week! #Music21Plaza
That email with a subject: "You have a swap watch to claim"...……
Weird schedule is over! Will be back to night shift :)
That "Bye Nikki, nice meeting you" thing :")
"Sometimes I touch the things you used to touch, looking for echoes of your fingers."
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My shop til I drop kind of day! So tired. #ThisIsIt
"@charyaaan_: I PROMISE I will NEVER go out of my way for ANYBODY who won't appreciate it."
People may not always tell you how they feel about you, but they will always show you. Pay attention. - Kim Garst #quote
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Let their competition be under your shadow!
do not let a man come between you and your business
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"@mikeatwrights: If people don't appreciate what you bring to the table.. then let them eat alone. - @JoubertBotha #quote"
so excited to see you! :))
I'M NOT A CHILD.. You don't have to tell me lies to keep me happy. Tell me what it is, what it ain't and what's it gonna be.
"@Paul_O_Williams: We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason."
"@Paul_O_Williams: Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt"
If you don’t value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents. Value what you know & start charging for it.
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"@MazeRunnerMovie: The Scorch is filled with horrors beyond imagination. "
I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. - Albert Einstein #quote
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Sometimes I regret being nice, apologizing when I didn't do anything wrong, and for making unworthy people a priority in my life.
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"@PINOY_QUOTES: Trust and promises means everything but once its broken, a thousand sorry means nothing."
"@LifeLimits: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."
"@CraveMyThoughts: When you're in a relationship , you should be proud to say "thats my baby😌💕👫💏""
"@RelatabIePoems: “Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.”"
"@HeartIessly: success will always be the best revenge"
"@GuyReIate: I demand a "that's what she said" button be added to Facebook."

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