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Divinité ॐ又
You know why you're doing it and if you don't, reevaluate
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There's so many ungrateful people who I go out of my way for.
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I love the taste of bitter wine and dark chocolate combined. ;3 mmm mmm
Expectations will always lead to disappointment. Don't set an expectation on love. Accept love as it comes, as it's given, not how you want.
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hey I just met you and this is crazy but are you prepared for the systematic destruction of human civilization
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Wild Thornberries lookin' ass.
People stay pretendingggg.
I made a random/healthy skillet meal out of broccoli, spinach, radishes, onions & topped off w roasted peanuts. Yumm
I miss my bebeeeee. =3
My dad is being a pussy about these hot wings, lol. Here I am putting a ton of extra hot sauce on mine. They're supposed to be fiiiireee.
I can't lay down on my stomach for too long. Hurts my back so bad. ;/
Peace is not something that will come to us. It is something we must fight for. Not by waging war over it, but by reaching out towards it.
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Lolllll whyyyy. This made me laugh so hard. Dumb as fuck.
When people use words like "finna"... -.- I suppose they enjoy sounding and looking like uneducated idiots. Stay classy...
I need some Bath and Body works in my life.
Wasting my young years
Homemade tamales on deck. Sooooo fireeeee. Aghhh I love Mexican food.
I need to wash this shit out of my hair..... so lazy though. lol
We're all just dreamers. Someday believers. Will you ever learn?
Portugal, The Man is so damn good. Groovy. They remind me of a modern day Beatles in some ways. =P
I find it interesting when someone dresses up as a historical figure or something of that nature though. Something with actual meaning.
It's like Cosplay is basically an excuse for chicks to dress up as slutty as possible. Makes me shake my head. I guess some people dig it.
Cosplay is weird in my opinion. I've always found it to be thrashy on most people. Doesn't apply to everyone of course. Just not my thing..
Just because I lost it doesn't mean that I want it backkkk.
Everything carries weight. Everything is the same.
Well... the face mask felt good until it started to burn. Apparently I have a slight allergy to avocado. My face is irritated now. ;/ fml.
I have an avocado face and hair mask on me. Feels amazingggg. Natural home remedies are the best.
You could say you're fond of me, but it's your interpretation of who you think I am that you're fond of.
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The heart doesn't get attached, the mind does.
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The "you" that you cling to is an elaborate fabrication; a mix of every aspect of the environment; a play of the elements.
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The cost of living is a manipulated algorithm to maintain the status quo & limit the free time individuals have to question life & innovate
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Coconut oil is awesome. :D
It's a confusing yet beautiful life. What does it mean to you?
Hey Joe, where u goin with that gun in your hand? Hey Joe, I said where u goin with that gun in your hand? #Hendrix
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Don't let your bad habits cut you off from your higher self
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I've lost so many friends over the years for simply speaking the truth. I laugh about it now because that's all I can do. It is what it is.

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