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Molly E. Holzschlag
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Sensory Reduction Therapy. (@ Home Sweet Home in Tucson, AZ)
Because it makes too much sense? "@bronwen: It's great that you have a panel on diversity, but why not just have diverse panels?"
My best doc ever. (@ Dr Kaplan in Tucson, AZ)…
"Affordable" Health Care Act? Riiiigggght.
23 states now with legal medical marijuana, 2 of them fully legal adult recreational use. Times are changing....
Visit to Dr. Kind today. Continuity of care update, med and inoculation review, Advanced Directive talk (no fun), insurance. IOW: Logistics.
Yeah it sickens me too but I have to say when I first saw this it cracked me up. Truth is in fact stranger than...
This is my story and it's my honey kitty story and we're both sticking with it.
This makes me happy. Keep it coming!
Holding on to money and letting people die in order to assuage your own fears or build your own empire are the...
Last week London, now Paris. I love you all so much and miss you to my bones. "@ParisWeb..had a toast for you in the hotel lobby." Bisous!
WOW. "Conservative peer and welfare reform minister Lord Freud says disabled people are not worth the minimum wage…"
Adamantium parts arrive from Amazon Monday. I'll never have Hugh Jackman's abs, but I'm now MOLVERINE! #goofy #Marvel
Good job, Ron Barber! I'm not much for mudslinging, or even talking politics because I hate circular arguments,...
This week's The Big Bang Theory was so frickin' hilarious it made up for several years of annoyances and intrusive laugh tracks. #tbbt
At least there's Benadryl (diphenhydramine). ALL HAIL the memory of George Rieveschl, inventor of this extraordinary pharmaceutical. HAIL!
After shooting myself with a drug to make my blood stronger, I turn around and take the drug that's making my blood weaker. #yoyo #medicine
Again with the pricks! I've had more pricks in the last year of my life than in my entire adulthood. And you know I'm a wild lass. @Amgen
Yesterday for the chemo today for the blood tomorrow I might just be fine if I first do not go THUD!
I wroted gud in 2007! "From Princess to Goddess: Female Success in IT" - O'Reilly Media Hat tip to pal @julielerman
Also for Ada Lovelace Day, @OReillyMedia Women in Tech series of essays by many women e.g. @mollydotcom, @MariaKlawe
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Grim reaper art tattoo closeup. Scythe lands right on my carotid artery. I love toying with asshats. I giggle a lot!
Entertaining my Drs. today. Love how Reaper's scythe lands right on my carotid artery. Can't join 'em? Freak 'em out!
What the heck is happening over in Australia sounds like everyone in NSW is experiencing flooding or great weather drama be safe friends.
Still tickets left for Ada Lovelace Day Science Cabaret at the RI… In same hall Lovelace listened to Faraday lecture!
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Via @sivavaid. First "computational media" department ever at UC Santa Cruz.…
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Do you work in health, education or social care? More about the move from the old SEN &disability system to the new
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The older I get, the more I enjoy being bored.
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A Smashing newsletter is coming up in just a few minutes... Take a short break, lean back and enjoy your coffee!…
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It ain't perfect but if the Vatican can progress so quickly after so long think of what the rest of us could do!…
Attending Building RWD with Sass: The Tools You Need to Know About with Tracy Rōtton (@taupecat) #rwdsass #cssdevconf
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Don't forget - we'll be hosting a super cool #hack as part of #FOWA and #UDE2014 at the end of Oct. Join us!
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So what helps people to collaborate? Great answers from #Atlassian Summit attendees via @bencrothers
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Speaking of labs: Profound Pancytopenia Persists. Platelets took a dive, white cells took a deeper dive. Red cells low but stable at least.
MEDICAL PERSONNEL OF THE USA: You are on notice. Patients now have easy, free access to (what was always) our records. THIS IS THE #WEB FTW!
Sometimes screaming loudly does bring change. Squeaky wheels and all that.
"LabCorp is now permitted to provide patients in all states with direct access to laboratory test results without physician authorization."
New species of snail named in celebration of same-sex marriage I suspect snail refers to the time it took to get here
"Live Free or Die" - U.S. State of New Hampshire
What matters now @Baxley? To rage against ideas not people. Pain relief. To grieve over loss: independence, intimacy, a broken world, more.
What is a test case? Learn about test case writing at uTest University:… #softwaretesting
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Who knows @Baxley. I don't care. I'm too damned tired to do so. However I end up. Dead, alive, on the streets, in a palace, in a shithole.
Dear Dr. Albert Einstein, we are sorry to inform you we cannot treat your abdominal aneurism. You are too disheveled. Best of luck! - UMC
I bet you part of the reason doctors have such a high suicide rate is because they fuck up so much so often they can't live with the guilt.
People say "Keep fighting" as if I'm fighting my disease. Nope. I'm fighting the disease of Broken Systems Allowed To Function Far Too Long.