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Molly E. Holzschlag
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I would give my life to her without a thought. But there's no Craig's List for completely broken hearts, is there.
I do not understand this world. How can I, a well-ridden worn out old lady, get so many chances to live, when a beautiful child gets none?
Play Time! Name the three top things that piss you off. I'll go . . . 1. Being patronized; 2. Being woken up from a deep sleep; 3. Cruelty.
In other news, I wish Twitter wasn't trying to turn into Facebook. There're just too many views IMO. Ah, for the simpler days of one stream.
My apologies to the medical academy. But yeah, not a lot of compassion in the hallowed halls of academic medicine in my experience.
Oh, and I should add that it's just the one med that's 180k @KeriHenare - there's another medication I have to take with it that's only 30k.
I've never been so enthusiastic to try a non-recreational drug before! :P
Trying to nap when I'm amped ain't working. It'll be another 24 weeks of chemicals, but the new protocol shows a 90% CURE in my demographic.
Excessive heat warning across SE AZ today...near record highs again Tuesday. #azwx #Tucson
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One very important comment before a little siesta - It's frickin' HOT. #tucson #sonora
If no insurance coverage for the new treatment, we go to the drug manufacturer. Either way, I'm ready to kick this shit and get back to YOU!
OK #TeamMolly I need your energy. Doc is right now submitting for insurance coverage of the $180,000 new treatment protocol. Make it so! xox
I think there's a form of very destructive ignorance in this world, an ignorance that is chosen and not circumstantial. What do you think?
Despite my griping, I am well aware that the gifts of your kindness and love is a most rare and precious one. I am so grateful. Thank you.
Been waking up crying. Sorting hopes and fears, losses and gains. How I wasted years on false love. How I don't get years to waste anymore.
It makes sense I never was able to finish the protocol so there is always a very high risk of it returning
The beast is back and I have to go back on chemotherapy more info later as it is available.
The Web Standards Movement is dead. Open Web is philosophically dead. Accessibility is lost in cruft. I don't know my place in life anymore.
Here's one for a throwback Thursday! my very first book, published in 1996. #tbt #throwbackthursday
The vast majority of people who responded to my smartphone question do not use their smartphone as a phone but as Social Network devices.
Do you use a smartphone? If so, what do you *honestly* find is your most common use for it? Silly games count ;)
I marathoned all 5 of the Hannibal films. With all love and greatest respect to Anthony Hopkins, Mads Milliken p0wns Hannibal Lecter.
Snailmail is about four houses down the street from me. I always find myself singing "if I can make it there I can make it anywhere"
So I'm a very grumpy Molly today. This too shall pass, etc.