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Molly E. Holzschlag
Pic of #FingerRockFire due north. Lightening caused. Firefighters letting it burn and will fight it only if it grows.
Me, with Ray, being happy in a selfie - we'll get some real pics soon. Ray prefers Kung Fu movies to social networks.
A girl has to keep some mysteries to herself, no? Filed today in Tucson, You can now call me Mrs.! Actually? Don't.
Me, 52, 20 minutes away from my actual wedding to my dearest Ray, whom I've known for 30 years. Future public party.
I am under the tomato red dot which is directly under several very thick layers of storm clouds, @MillerTAFEScott
Wondering what all us greybeard US communication tech folk are chuckling (crying?) over? Watch and learn:
We have liftoff!!! Medical Insurance approved and paid. I am uncovered til August. But huge win for my circumstances!
From sweet friend Valeria Brigatti aka @scatteredbrainV via @NerdBlock. I'd open it, but it's mint in box! xo
The FBI and Romanian police just raided torrent sites. Illegal activities require a legal system. Not a Web browser.
ALL HAIL Factors V & VIII and the relentless WILL OF MY Platelets to reverse bad behavior. Coagulation is good. Hail!
What part of OPEN WEB did you miss @googlechrome? You aren't securing porn dot com. I call FOUL & prepare to boycott!
Oh, and THIS! "Never underestimate the power of a queen with lovely hair, my dear." - Ferdinand Lyle, #PennyDreadful
Excuse me but FUCK. Received a full week later after a statement that I shouldn't worry. I am now uninsured, @askUHC
It's hailing. All HAIL the hail. HAIL!
Wowza! TWO #tbbt t-shirts (other sez Bazinga!) and a rock paper scissors lizard Spock mug from sweet @scatteredbrainV
That time you were doing your rehab and got a little too high on those natural endorphins...
Yo Humpty D. broken is what you get leaning on The King. I chose the Good Folk and all the pieces are mending. I win!
Rain returns to SEAZ! Virga & showers moving NE this evening. Amounts will be light, mtns will see more. #azwx
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Brews in Austin! Elsewhere? Donate 15% of a night's out to @knowbility our industry's non-profit #a11y champions! xox
For Mom yesterday. She loved it! Hank Willis Thomas "Kama Mama, Kama Binti" (Like Mother, Like Daughter) 1971 #photo
Ha! Read the name and topic line first and had a moment of serious panic "Robert Durst Favorited your Tweet" #TheJinx
When I'm in doubt, I ask the cat. She always has the right answer. Because, #cats.

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