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Molly E. Holzschlag
The FBI and Romanian police just raided torrent sites. Illegal activities require a legal system. Not a Web browser.
ALL HAIL Factors V & VIII and the relentless WILL OF MY Platelets to reverse bad behavior. Coagulation is good. Hail!
What part of OPEN WEB did you miss @googlechrome? You aren't securing porn dot com. I call FOUL & prepare to boycott!
Oh, and THIS! "Never underestimate the power of a queen with lovely hair, my dear." - Ferdinand Lyle, #PennyDreadful
Excuse me but FUCK. Received a full week later after a statement that I shouldn't worry. I am now uninsured, @askUHC
It's hailing. All HAIL the hail. HAIL!
Wowza! TWO #tbbt t-shirts (other sez Bazinga!) and a rock paper scissors lizard Spock mug from sweet @scatteredbrainV
That time you were doing your rehab and got a little too high on those natural endorphins...
Yo Humpty D. broken is what you get leaning on The King. I chose the Good Folk and all the pieces are mending. I win!
Rain returns to SEAZ! Virga & showers moving NE this evening. Amounts will be light, mtns will see more. #azwx
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Brews in Austin! Elsewhere? Donate 15% of a night's out to @knowbility our industry's non-profit #a11y champions! xox
For Mom yesterday. She loved it! Hank Willis Thomas "Kama Mama, Kama Binti" (Like Mother, Like Daughter) 1971 #photo
Ha! Read the name and topic line first and had a moment of serious panic "Robert Durst Favorited your Tweet" #TheJinx
When I'm in doubt, I ask the cat. She always has the right answer. Because, #cats.
Half of the world's human population lives inside of this circle
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4 colors, 350×350px, 3 seconds. Every 2 weeks, 9 animators and designers contribute a loop.
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WATCH Chile's Calbuco volcano in dramatic eruption. Thousands have been evacuated.
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Push Notifications: most requested API by Web Devs is ready for all users of Chrome*… * -iOS
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'Orphan Black' preview: Breaking down the male clones of Project Castor.
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It's #Caturday. Guess which one is Alpha, me or Honey? Get your bets in now! I hope everyone is doing wonderfully! xo
Ultimate Developer Event: Two Days of Hacking & Learning in Boston #UDE2015 #fowa #webdev #api
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