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Molly E. Holzschlag
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The is alive and active, but is not up do date. That's being fixed ASAP FYI to all / @pat_ramsey @knowbility
My "favorite" thumb is getting a blister. I'll finish up tomorrow. I'm so honored. Just wait, you wonderful people. Surprises for everyone!
@monteiro Today should be the day tech workers unionize and demand long-term benefits in honor of @mollydotcom. #MollyDay
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Um, no one told me it was #MollyDay until just now - I'm very moved. Don't know what to say other than thank you and love you.
I'm giving treatment another year. If I'm not out of this by then, I will stop all meds get out of this bed and live my life until it's not.
One of the most important things I learned that carries into life at large is to say, when you don't know: "I don't know. Let's find out!"
I mean, I might have sucked at a few of my jobs but man, for the majority of my years I have done nothing BUT work. I want to work now FFS!
If that diagnosis doesn't shame every medical professional into learning just to say "We don't know" nothing will! - xo Molly the Malingerer
When I became ill in 1985 with what has now evolved into this fulminant, deadly disorder I was diagnosed with, I shit you not, Malingering.
I get scared of Hope. That's not good for Hope can keep us going. It's been a rough ride. For me. For you. The world. Peace. Peace. Peace xo
When I was younger, no one survived liver cancer. I have blood and liver disease, and I might survive both. What a crazy time to be alive.
A plan helps. I'm to increase one of my treatment meds, go for an MRI and surgery if needed to prevent full blown Hepatocellular Carcinoma.
I need a kind of help that only your collective wisdom might address. I have "help." Still, nothing reaches the pain. What do you do?
Hope is not helpful nor relevant. I have the same odds as anyone my age. 1 minute or 20 years. The difference is I'm bedridden.
Hey, anyone want my life? Hope was so this morning. MRI find the tumor time. Did you know hepatic tumors double in size every 6 months?
Oh look, there he is! Dr. God in his own image. Yes, I take it all too far, but where's the fun in the alternative?
I gotta turn these crazy "care" people into cartoon characters or it all becomes too serious and I wind up on those three day rants!
No, no transplant for me thank you very much @the3hound but oddly enough if I did go that route I'd want this evil weirdo as my surgeon.
Fortunately, he will never get his hands on any of my internal organs unless I've left my building, as it were. :)
Actually, that's just how I imagine him. Dr. God is a). An asshole and b). Reminiscent of one of the spy's in Mad Mag's Spy v. Spy.
HOT FUN! Liver Institute. Dr. God will pace by the door rubbing his beautiful evil hands together in anticipation of yanking out my liver.
Quick, someone grab me a pair of white shoes! Size 8 women's US.
In entertainment news, just watched Amazon Studio's "Hand of God" pilot. Anyone catch it? I'm speechless. Still processing. Very compelling.
Ever try to please everyone? I did. Stupid kid. I'm wiser now. But I'm not going to stop being me just because you are uncomfortable.
I am not a puppet. I'm a human being. You take me as I am or you simply change the channel, okay? I do not benefit from your judgement.
Apparently some people are uncomfortable with my public discussions of pain, illness, medications, anger and so on. Oh so sorry about that.
Oh, dear, what shall I do? The Web is a mess And the new Hershey's logo Looks exactly like poo.
It's likely a good sign I'm bitching about Web stuff. In this human wreck that is me, the tough little girl from Brooklyn is poking through.
Every person working on the Web should take a year or more off and then come back. I dare you. Until that happens, my point is theoretical.
The Web is at best free and open communication. That freedom is essential to an evolving species. Society not important? I call FOUL.
The singlemost important reason I ever got into Web was in fact to help empower society. It flummoxes me. Why others don't see that?
To be fair, maybe I have just reached that point in one's life where you look back and see the realities of what you did and didn't archieve
I sure had hoped to leave my career knowing the web would only get better. So much for the best of intentions. Was I not loud enough?
HTML is dead. It was a suicide
That incredible effort toward web standards, educating an industry and society has failed.
I've spent a career along with many good people advocating standards and educating industries across the world.
HTML is not a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. It has not been improved by mashing it up with other languages
Not only have all of the design principles that were being taught in html5 2 years obeen broken, we've lost all separation of language.
I think the W3C suffers from what I like to call "Einstein's Insanity Axiom" - A self-evident infinite loop without an escape. / @sgalineau
Annual reminder: W3C does not fork. It only sporks.
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And now @briankardell? Are you a proper chicken killer? I find it humorous that the Norwegian word for Chicken is "kylling" :D
Dad would take me to Katz's for sliced tongue sandwiches. Until I realized it was cow's tongue and not some meat called "tong" #WeirdFoods
My mother would broil chops and we'd suck the suet from the shoulder joint as a treat. Bone marrow? Ewww! Haven't looked back. #WeirdFoods
Let's talk about "weird foods we ate as kids and liked until we knew what it actually was" I have two good ones coming up. #WeirdFoods
I hurt and it sucks to be seriously ill. Okay, that was just a morning purge, let's move along.
Source for quote "25 percent fewer opioid-related deaths in states allowing medical marijuana" from…
Off I go. Enjoy, enjoy - it's the weekend! Gonna try that sleep thing for a while. I hear it's really good for us.
Me. In back brace and cane, bent over like a question mark. Maybe it's the karmic result of having asked "WHY?" a few too many times. #OyVey
I gotta laugh when people wonder why I'm outspoken regarding medical marijuana and what-not. You should see what happens across the street!
So I have stacks of DVDs, Netflix, Amazon, Cox Online and a back alley hookup to ALL THE THINGS on film and TV. Suggestions might help.