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Molly E. Holzschlag
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I do have enduring guilt for not individually acknowledging all of your gifts and support. So let me say Thank You again and I love you all.
UMC did their job and poisoned almost to death. My bone marrow took a very bad hit. But, I'm very optimistic about new quality of care.
Good: I'm now in integrated medical care, where nutrition, movement, massage, mental health svc. all available along the rough road ahead.
Medicine suffers the same issue the Web does: No one person can know all, collab work demands communication at which we are not so good.
I'm at Home Sweet Home (Tucson, AZ)
Next steps. Here we go (@ Arizona Oncology)
As far back as 1994 I would make comments about the web forcing changes in all aspects of humankind. People would laugh. Not laughing now.
I'm sad re Mozilla and I hope we keep it strong and remember Brendan for his incredible commitment to the web if not the greater human good.
I can't process what's happening. So frustrated, sad, angry and concerned. The right thing happened but at what cost. Stay strong Mozilla.
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Brendan Eich has stepped down as Mozilla’s CEO:
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Homemade Jewish Chicken soup. Such good medicine. Thanks @ClaireLeah! Pass it around. The world needs a soul patch!
Less than a week away from the UXIM Mobile Conference here in Denver! @jmspool is giving 20% off with code UXIM20
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Is it me or is @DavisMonthanAFB flying a lot of planes today? #Tucson
Arizona yer bugfug crazy. Severe Abortion Pill Restrictions Take Effect in Arizona Today…
We all just want moments. It's the living before and after them that is hard.
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It is so beautiful here I'm making up packages of sunshine, blue skies and lovely breezes. Pass them around wherever there's need!
That's all my whinging for now. Please feel free to pass the crash, nothing you wanna see. In other news: HAZ ICE CREAM! Have some :)
You know, this was supposed to be a 24 week treatment followed by 6 months recovery. Today I was actually bored. Me! I'm rarely bored.
Bone marrow is wiped: Pancytopenia. I now move to Oncology/Hematology to fix. If no fix, I can't go back on treatment. All thoughts on fix!
We're still here. This is a terribly heartbreaking time. Serious illness overwhelms lives, emotions, abilities. / @idea15webdesign @meyerweb
Oh web community. @meyerweb and @mollydotcom did so much for us. I wish we could do more for them. Do what you can.
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There is a Medical Marijuana Strain called "Kosher Kush." So. Many. Jokes. My brain overloaded.
Need a break? Dance it up with Christopher Walken #fun
Friend @ClaireLeah - "Best Roomie Evah" made sure I have healthy, organic and fresh food while she's away. Even made homemade applesauce!
Mozilla's new browser The next-generation successor to Firefox.