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Mollie Dow
Driving to Colorado is so fun.
Thunderstorm moving in over the airport this morning. #gustfront
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We wanted to do something "funny" @OMGitslexx 😂�IN
Texas Roadhouse cinnamon butter has grown on me
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Finally a box of @cheezit's with only toasty crackers!! Yum!! #CheezItExtraToasty
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Hahaha. Yeah I screenshot people's snaps. @BIG__SLEEZY
Someone with the same car just tried to get into my moms car while I was sitting in it... Scariest moment of my life hahaha 😂
My only real relationship goal is to be with somebody who makes me happy and will do anything to keep it that way.
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Wish I wasn't so sensitive.
Getting rave ready ;)
People are put into your life for a reason, either as lessons or blessings.
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Bridal show 👰🏻💕❤6XNR
Sent me dad a pic on how pretty I look and he says this lol. He is such a fuck. #WalterProbz I
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Haven't felt this good about everything in a long time.
Accept them, for every mistake they've ever made.
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Most logical tweet I've ever seen. Lol.…
Finally... Oreo flavored Oreos.
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Eilene keeps farting
Omg. I love you but not this picture 😂�…uM
Catcalling is NOT attractive, no matter who you are. #stop
Attention means nothing to me if it's not from the person I want it from.
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date a boy who works hard, loves his momma, and laughs at your jokes
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Those muscles though... 😉💪🏼OOgYf
One of my fav's 💍n
@MollieElise "where's Eilene." *right in front of you.* "oh didn't see you down there." #tallgirl #shortgirlprobz 😂😂😂😂😂
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When people start tagging you in giraffe photos that's when you know, that you really are a giraffe. #tallislife

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