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Miqdad Al-Nuaimi
Watch the Blue Moon this evening. #BlueMoon next happens in 2018. That's why it's said #onceinabluemoon.
"@nptwestlab: Another great turnout for @RogerstoneLab Summer BBQ at the Alcan Club tonight with @JBryantWales "
I will report this to our Stow Hill Neighbourhood Police Team. Thank you for letting me know…
Contrast today's temperature between us & Southern Europe 13-19 & 43 degrees Celsius. #BriitishSummer on hols in the #Mediterranean!
"@John__Burns: ONLY way to shoot #Lions, what gave that disgraceful #American trophy hunter #WalterPalmer the right? "
Universities used to be centres of learning & research.Now they're forced to become money-makingbusinesses to survive,…
Our #BritishSummer is taking his holiday in #midsummer lol!
But now #LabourLeadership is on, allow it to happen & let #Labour members choose. Hysteric reaction to stop this or that is undemocratic.
Always respected @AndrewRownsley's views,it's unfair to blame #Labour voters. #LabourLeadership untimely. Choice grim
"@Global_Empires: Retired General: Drones Create More Terrorists Than.., Iraq War Helped Create ISIS by @MazMHussain"
"@mehdirhasan: Ludicrous. Offensive. And hysterical. From Mike Huckabee. Sheesh, these GOP-ers...…"
"@TeacherToolkit: Installing ... #BritishWeather " Trying to instal this app may damage your daily outlook!
Whatever the outcome of #Labourleadership, the intervention of #Labour grandees in demonising @jeremycorbyn, will produce a fractured Party!
What some #Labour grandees are doing in stoking mass media fire against @jeremycorbyn is akin to #Labour aligning with #Tories in #Indyref
#SummerSillySeason! What summer silly season. #Labourleadership #JeremyCorbyn #Calais #ISIS Mass Media Hysteria on Jeremy Corbyn @MarrShow
So much brighter & warmer than yesterday. Joy to be in the sun after the mini-winter day we had yesterday! Enjoy
Wish #TonyBlair had gone for both heart & brain transplants at the time he lied & pushed relentlessly to inade #Iraq!…
If @jeremycorbyn is truly leading, it's because he's offering choice, passion & hope missing from the mediocre tin platforms of the other 3!
None of this hysteria would've been printed if Burnham, Cooper or Kendall were leading the #LabourLeadership contest!
Our #British weather, last Friday Receptionist at @NewportCentre remarked how hot it was. Today I was glad to get in the gym to escape cold.
People are out to make Labour 'unelectable', Liz Kendall… Except for @jeremycorbyn, choice offered to members is grim
People are out to make Labour 'unelectable', Liz Kendall warns… Pointing the finger at "People " sums up her naivety!
We have now reached 1500 followers, help us get to 2000 before 7pm tonight. Spread the word of Newport County AFC Supporters Trust #CTWD
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BBC News - Jeremy Corbyn could be prime minster - Ken Livingstone… The #Blairite clique running scared hence the abuse
As a #Labour member, I'm truly touched by all the concern & heated passion of the mass media to ensure #Labour is NOT led by @jeremycorbyn!!
To a certain extent, this resembles 2014 #indyref campaign in #Scotland.Young people aren't enthused by more of same…
Labour leadership: Prescott attacks Blair's 'totally unacceptable abuse' Well said @johnprescott!
#TonyBlair's attacks on @jeremycorbyn, probably have given a good reason to even more votes. Crawl back in yr shell, bitter ashen-faced man
In contrast other 3 candidates have so far showed little in leadership quality, policy or radical thinking. #Labour shldn't be #Tory MK 2
& Why the BBC & papers are showing such concern & tripidation about #Labour choosing @jeremycorbyn? He alone is clear about future direction
Those attacking Jeremy Corbyn & character-assassinate him show they have little trust in judgement & decision of #Labour members. #Democracy
'Oldest' Koran fragments found in Birmingham University…. Just to show We're one Global Village
BBC News - 'Oldest' Koran fragments found in Birmingham University… This is an amazing story! #Mosul to #Birmingham
As a schoolchild growing up,I was an avid reader.I read this book about #Faust entitled "Satan on Earth". Precisely!…
How this apology of a man thinks he can intervene in #Labourleadership Elections is Obscene!…
& I wouldn't mind if she offers much in terms of originality or intellect. She comes over as rather inexperienced & un-informed in comm'ies!
"@PantryTeaRooms: Anna's Lemon and Coconut Sponge is out to play at the #tearooms #bellevue #seeyousoon "
In contrast #Labour is in opposition & due to poor interim leadership,our MPs are split & mostly abstaining on a vicious #Tory #WelfareBill
3 Months ago, #Tories could only hope,they emerge as the largest party in a hung #Parliament. Today, they're the Gvt & doing all the running
BBC News - Welfare cuts backed amid Labour revolt… #Labour MPs were not elected to be wet, whimperish & pro-Tories
BBC News - Welfare cuts backed amid Labour revolt… Agree with Dianne Abbott, "We're not sent here to abstain.." #Shame
BBC News - Welfare cuts backed amid Labour revolt… Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper & Liz Kendall are wet blankets!
And it's deprivation, alienation & high unemployment of #Muslim youths as well the turmoil in the #Mid_East that are fuelling radicalisation
2/2..Governments have consistently shied away from constructively engaging with #Muslim communities & pro-active dialogue to end deprivation
Unsurprisingly @David_Cameron's speech today on radicalisation was not well received by #Muslim Communities. PM & successive #UK ..1/2
Hariett Harman has really mishandled of what #Labour MPs should do n tonight's vote on so called Welfare Reform. As a result Labour split!
We want Volunteers to take over organising Music bands in Belle Vue park during these lovely Summer afternoon. Offers
What a beautiful Sunday afternoon perfect for Music in the Park. Instead empty Bandstand, Cafe shut. Cruel #austerity
Thank you @matthewevansnpt for alerting me to the missing pillars. I have reported this & asked it should be made secure as a high priority

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