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Miqdad Al-Nuaimi
Thousands homeless in #GazaOneYearOn. Time to lift the #Gaza blockade - #OpenGaza - Sign and RT:… Please do support
Since the start of school holidays & with exception of a few days, Summer weather could hardly be called that! Even flowers had enough#soggy
Sitting with an americano in #Riverfront cafe. Place teeming with parents & children for some show. Good for children in this awful weather!
With such uncertainties caused by global economic giants, they want us to put all our options in Market #orthodoxy…
Amazing turn up for the books.Pre1973, China wasn't recognised by #US. Now its economy causes big jitters to markets…
Get it out of your system, then you out of the system: Whirl! Whirl! & Sink!…
Home Office presses ahead with Afghan deportations as country unravels… via So why deport vulnerables? @Politics_co_uk
14 years after #US & #UK went into #Afghanistan,80% of it is unsafe by admission of own Ministers… via @Politics_co_uk
This has gone beyond the Joke! 2009 the Public Enquiry started, who is he trying to protect?…
If you told me on May 8th 3 months on there wld be 600,000 registered voters in #labourleadership election, I wld've said pull the other one
Worst attacks on @jeremycorbyn's credibility come from within #Labour. Evidence of inability to get outside the Box!
Jeremy Corbyn wins economists’ backing for anti-austerity policies Brings a little sanity to hysterics from opponents
In this rabbit hole of an August, politics is morphing into satire | Marina Hyde Not sure I can see much witty satire
"@ThePoke: #recap 15 rumours to discredit Jeremy Corbyn that Labour haven¹t used yet… "
Prepare for Whinging from regrettably those within #Labour about legitimacy of #LabourLeadership result,because of alleged irregularities.
Jeremy Corbyn to apologise for Iraq war on behalf of Labour if he becomes leader Just look a those attendance figures
Harriet Harman insists result of Labour leadership election will be final Desperate stuff from @andyburnhammp!
What an Evokative picture of the iconic #Newport Transporter Bridge spanning the River USK!…
Check out Orwellian name for occupation army "Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories" @cogat_israel. Couldn't make it up!
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Every day @cogat_israel boasts about the miserable trickle of goods they allow into or out of Gaza. Why not just lift the effing blockade?
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Who is to blame for Labour party’s predicament? It’s not Jeremy Corbyn Read, consider, reflect & form own conclusion!
Newport's Belle Vue Park receives green flag for eighth year in a row… Excellent, well done to all contributors!
From BBC Any Qs to Union Chapel in Islington my home borough 100s on a Friday night demanding a political alternative
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Now that @jeremycorbyn looks set to win #Labourleadership, it's amazing to hear prophecies of failure. Gents/Ladies celebrate the new energy
At the Oval sunny and warm 28 degrees. In #Newport grey and cloudy. Not a fan of #November in #August!
This poignant photo captures the harsh reality of life for thousands of migrants In case you think I'm exaggerating!
In #Iraq, the #Mid_East, #Europe & #UK , people continue to suffer untold misery &:increased anxiety. A formal apology is but a small step!
It's beyond doubt that what #TonyBlair did in taking #UK to invade #Iraq was unnecessary, deceitful, illegal & contrary to UK public opinion
And so far only @jeremycorbyn out of 4 contenders for #Labourleadership has committed to make formal apology. .Others "on message" to stall!
A formal apology for #Labour's leadership role in illegal /deceitful #Iraq war to families of #UK soldiers & 100000s Iraqi dead long overdue
A formal apology for deceit & illegality for #Labour's role in #Iraq war is a small but necessary step for #UK servicemen & Iraqis who died!
On #BBC Breakfast, the stark contrast between #Sweden's attitude to accepting #Syrian refugees & that of #UK. Sweden more than #US + Canada
Difference between @jeremycorbyn & Yvette Cooper on #Labour's leadership role in #Iraq war. He has conviction, She's prevarication as usual!
BBC News - Labour leadership: Corbyn 'would make Labour Iraq apology'… Well done @jeremycorbyn. Apology long overdue!
"@xabueid: If this was made by Muslims, it wld be news.But since its Israel persecuting Christians, we're left alone " But it makes a nice change from the constant vitroil directed at @jeremycorbyn from so called #Labour leading lights!
Rupert Murdoch predicts Jeremy Corbyn win in Labour leadership contest He's entitled to his opinion right or wrong!
GCSEs coverage… Good luck & Best wishes to all our young scholars today receiving their GCSE Results #gwentgcse
Huge response to Debenhams jobs shows the need to bring more jobs for residents of #Newport & surrounding area.…
Twelve-lane bowling alley confirmed for Friars Walk… Excellent news for a family entertainment facility , Bring it on!
& what bothers this unholy alliance of media barons,former #Labour has-beens etc, is the widespread Young engagement!…
Hate campaign & dirty tricks wouldn't be so intense if perpetrators really believed @jeremycorbyn couldn't win power!…
Khaled al-Asaad profile: the Howard Carter of Palmyra Not just people they behead, but ideas,work, heritage & History
Have just voted in #Labourleadership elections, on-line!
BBC News - Kinnock warns Labour agst 'perpetual demonstration'… Verbosity's rarely the hallmark of a successful leader
Without dreaming about & aspiring to higher planes of more Fairness, Equality & Soc.Justice, #Politics is pointless!…
That MPs are pressured by whoever to declare publicly their unavailability 4 @jeremycorbyn's cabinet is Disgreaceful…
Cannot recall any other #LabourLeadership contest in which any MP declared unavailability for shadow/ruling Cabinet!…
Th vitriol poured on @jeremycorbyn as #labourleadership candidate by #Labour grandees is not only uniquely wrong but damn right disgreaceful

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