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Miqdad Al-Nuaimi
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You knoe I almost detected that yesterday's sunset was slightly later than 2 weeks ago. Lighter evenings on their way
BBC News - Why do mornings still get darker after the winter solstice? This tells you a lot about #Solstice.Nice pics
Winter #solstice today, shortest day of the year. The sun has failed to appear yet, but light level ok!
One Earth - One Humanity NEW: Must be viewed by everyone! Dedicated especially to war merchants & military machines!
Sounds intersting Await to see how 4 businesses develop in terms of jobs created & turnover to determine their impact…
#Devolution in #Wales has come a long way.Very few people would have predicted in 1999 Tax raising powers to be a reality in under 20 years!… What's pleasing, even as Crab & Jones argue about new #Wales #Devolution powers, is debate has moved to a higher gear
How very nice to welcome the sun this morning after the dreary & very wet day of yesterday. Enjoy!
Excellent news about #US & #Cuba agreeing to normalise relations between them after decades of enmity. Well done #BarackObama!
Can't believe what I hear on news from men(beasts!) who carried out masacre in Peshawar. They said they only meant to kill senior students!!
2/2 as needed to help charities raise funds & be public face of #Newport. In my year Mayoral team attended 700 events…
1/2 Speaking as former mayor of #Newport, it's very important that the mayor promote city & attend as many functions…
Rather a gray start to the day today. This is more cheery taken yesterday as the sun rose. Winter solstice soon!
Another difficult & tricky match. Hope @LFC rise to challenge, create chances & tonight score few.Good luck via @LFC
Wishing all my followers a very happy New year & happy #Christmas to everyone celebrating it
A truly beautiful sunrise a few minutes ago
She was accompanied by 4 younger siblings were rendered in a joint #CIA & #MI6 operation delivered to #Qadafi to be tortured. Shameful!
#UK Government complicity in #US rendition & torture activities must be revealed. Khadija al-saadi & was 12 rendered to Libya in 2004
| Kopworld LFC Fans Website via @Liverpool_FC_As a Pro, @brendanrodgrsok must hang his head in shame. One pledge after another gets broken!
Kopworld LFC Fans Website via @Liverpool_FC_As a Pro, @brendanrodgrsok must hang his head in shame. One pledge after another gets broken!
Bournemouth v Liverpool… via @Liverpool_FC_ If @LFC really want to be in next round, Sack @brendanrodgrsok NotOK #YNWA
Europa Lg. 2014/15… via @Liverpool_FC_ Sincerely hope @brendanrodgrsok gets it together. #Rafa back @LFC is the pits!
Europa League 2014/15… via @Liverpool_FC_ Intersting since so far this season has mirrored 2009/ 10 #Rafa's last @LFC
Rodgers is determined to succeed… via @Liverpool_FC_ A win is a MUST! Don't want to hear re POSITIVITY of a draw/ loss
Revamped Robert Peston stridently spout out economic analysis fails to explain how Chancellor can get away with running a deficited budget
While local councils have to deliver balanced budgets every financial year, how can #UK government manage to just borrow & run deficit??
& does pledge by Ed Miliband yesterday to eliminate deficity by 2020 mean more austerity, less spending on public services & freeze on pay?
What's the truth about deficit in #UK Governmen's budget. #ConDem failed to clear it as they pledged in 2010, austerity! but Economy growing
Manchester United v Liverpool… via @Liverpool_FC_ These days, only a blind over-optimist would forecast an @LC win
Rodgers reflects on Group B elimination - Liverpool FC via @LFC @LFC needs (BR-unOK) as much as a hole in their Head
Another beautiful sunrise this morning following a wet & wingy night
Ten councils combine to develop a South East Wales region… Await to see what CONCRETE actions actually flow from this!
Compared to @realmadrid the way I saw @LFC play tonight at #Anfield puts them 2 divisions behind.They weren't good to be in #ChampionsLeague
Including threats to use such barbaric techniques against mothers & children of detainees. #C4News now. Techniques used by #CIA abroad also
Incredible admission by senior #US officials the #CIA used highly questionable interrogation & torture techniques against #Muslim detainees
The sky this morning. Beautiful light on a frosty morning
Tonight's #PremierLeague clash,which #ManUtd were lucky to win was a tale of 3 Dutchmen. Ronald Koeman, Louis Van Gaal & Robin Van Persie!
Newport 'key player' in Welsh regeneration… Keyword for economic regeneration is inward investment, jobs & prosperity
#Newport uniqueness as #Welsh city gateway to #England& #Wales makes it imperative it should seek strategic alliances…
Captured the moon heading to set at 08:25 this morning
Ex-Newport council Tory joins Ukip… He was very COSY as a leading #Tory member of tory/libdem administration 2008-2012
EX- Newport council Tory joins Ukip… Unsurprisingly Bill Routley Continues his Rightward drift. Where to after #UKIP?
Insult to #Newport residents to say Bill Routley sought to improve Environment, He tried in vain to stifle Recycling!…
Punters & fans who talked about #Chelsea winning #PremierLeague unbeaten are proved wrong. Neither winning the title,a foregone conclusion!
#English #Premierleague is a highly unpredictable soccer league. Well done #NewcastleUnited for beating #Chelsea 2-1. #NewcastleVChelsea
One benefit of mowing the grass today was the mower also picked a lot of the autumn leaves. #tidy
Never mowed the grass in December before. Today I did just that. As I finished the wind felt icy
#bbcqt: #Christ #Moses & #Mohammed all originated in same region of the #MiddleEast. So why worry ab Mohammed being popular boy name in #UK?
#bbcqt from Doncaster tonight is a bad advert for politicians!