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Miqdad Al-Nuaimi
With such an engagement & fantastic turnout in #Indyref, no present or future #UK PM could scale down pledge made this week with impunity
#Indyref has galvanised people & their engagement with #politics. In contrast #Westminister party leaders made a rash pledge to woe voters!
With #Scotland saying #NO to independence, the Constitutional battle for whole of #UK & especially #England will begin in earnest.#Indyref
Too tired to stay up for #Indyref results as they unfold. However based on indications so far the #NOs will have it.
"#English politicsl change is on the agenda now", #BBC Nick Robinson
Well said. Pledge lacks credibility because 3 party leaders can't guarantee MPs vote & its huge impact on rest of #UK…
Inquiry needed to avoid NHS “meltdown” - doctors’ leaders (From South Wales Argus)… Heads in sand not the answer! #Act
Final comment on #Indyref before poll opens. 3 party leaders making that late pledge. They've taken their MPs for granted. Can they deliver?
If split is 51% to 49% on an 80% turnout, number of voters swinging election would fit in Murrayfield via @guardian
They don't mean it, but too many #NoScotland spokespeople sound patronising. Independence isn't about not feeling "love", surely. #indyref
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We're back to the bright & dry weather so welcome in #September. The longer #Winter is delayed the better. Enjoy folks!
#Westminister parties are strongly advised to learn voters will respond to #politics if they're meaningful & offer real choices! #indyref
Also it's certain that the turn-out in #Scotland tomorrow Will be exceptionally high.#indyref has galvanised voters!
On last day of the campaign in #indyref, it's certain that the vote will go either way!
Watching Jon Snow's coverage of the #indyref on Ch4News. Very interesting engagement from ordinary folks in #Scotland & #England. #Historic!
But thanks to #indyref, #Scotland has demonstrated that people engage with #politics if the latter shows relevance & old fashioned #passion!
An amazing event is taking place right now. Rain is falling in #Newport!
Furthermore,rush of #Westminister Parties to offer #DevoMax to #Scotland at this late stage,demonstrates short-sighted approach to #indyref
I feel also that if #Scotland vote #no in #indyref, the #Westminister Parties will not be able to deliver #devomax to Scotland & #UK regions
I feel there would be far less upheaval for the rest of the #UK if #Scotland vote #yes in #indyref on Thursday than #no!
Pleased to facilitate their voluntary, imaginative & colourful solution.
Well done to Kingshill Court (StowHill) residents for their creative solution to nuisance parking. Colurful!
This came from a 9ft sunflower stem. Literally it was basking in the sun with bees buzzing around it
One of several giant sunflowers growing in my allotment. Left to wonder why Sun vitality is reproduced in a flower!
As Councils continue to trim back public services due to austerity, case for so many #LAs in #Wales weakens even more…
Match report: Liverpool 0-1 Aston Villa | Kopworld via @liverpool_fc Disappointed how our team can go almost 90 minutes with no shot at goal
Match report: Liverpool 0-1 Aston Villa | Kopworld via @Liverpool_FC_Team knows only too well how precious 3 points can be at end of season!
Match report: Liverpool 0-1 Aston Villa | Kopworld via @Liverpool_FC_It's inexcusable #LFC should play like they did today at #Anfield #ynwa
So I fear the concessions by #Westminister Parties rushed last week in an attempt to bolster the #NO Vote wld have far reaching consequences
&it can be argued same devolved powers could be demanded by #Wales, #NI &Regional #English assemblies. #Parliament wld be a shadow of itself
With #Scots voting NO, the wide devolved powers promised by #Westminister Parties, would lead to significant reduction of Scot MPs & role
2/2 .& financial lattitude similar to those offered to #Scotland.Also MPs from Scotland cannot expect to play part in decisions for #England
Also whatever #Scotland decides, the political landscape in #UK would change significantly. #English regions wld demand devolved power.1/2
Whatever #Scotland decides on Thursday, the #Scots to their credit have shown @Nigel_Farage is a bankrupt currency!
Lovely sunny morning on Saturday in September. Must get up & make most of it. Grass neds cuting. Last bowl match of season.
Disagreed fundamentally with #IanPaisley but admired his courage to go for peace agreement in NR. For #TonyBlair nothing but utter contempt!
Cardiff Bay taken from Penarth Pier on 7th September. Lovely day!
Penarth Pier taken last Sunday in present lovely weather
At #Labour Newport West genetal meeting. Good attendance. Good discussion on Council services & challenges of budget constraints for 2015/16
Saying that I hope #Scotland vote to stay in #UK. Like in #Iraq, I hope the #Kurds stay within a federal state that meet aspirations of ALL
The Scots are demonstrating democracy is from & for the people & that political parties are impotent because they've taken them for granted!
Isn't it a shame sentiment & passion we hear now gave way to threats & bullying of NO Campaign!… via @Politics_co_uk
The Saudis Can Crush ISIS Interesting analysis, which future #Saudi actions on the ground can determine its validity
Former Archbishop of Canterbury joins Sung Vespers at Tintern Abbey (From South Wales Argus)… What a beautiful setting
Anti-Nato protesters chain themselves inside Barclays bank (From South Wales Argus)… Alternative side to #NatosummitUK
Ch4 News has no doubt where #NatoSummitUK is held or where the announcements are coming from. Firmly #Newport #musictomyears
#Ukraine's ceasefire agreement was announced by Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko @TheCelticManor golf course in #Newport
Watching the #BBCNews at 18.00, I was very pleased that #Newport was mentioned repeatedly on news reports broadcast around #World. Excellent
Outside Barclay's Bank Police asked to search contents of the bag of a protestor. Inside bank a demo against bank military investments