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Miqdad Al-Nuaimi
#Edinburough Festival "Scotland had oil, but it's running out thanks to all that deep frying." – Scott Capurro
#Edinburough "Always leave them wanting more, my uncle used to say to me. Which is why he lost his job in disaster relief." – Mark Watson
Israel has renewed punitive home demolitions, a policy the military REJECTED in 2005 as counter-productive. @btselem:…
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'Recapture' of Mosul Dam from Isis a major step forward, says Obama
طائرة امريكية تسحق مواقع دولة الاسلامية داعش سهل نينوئ ومقتل اكثر من 900 اسلامي… via @YouTube #US bombs IS positions
"@972mag: The West Bank may be on the verge of exploding by @gershonbaskin"
"@intifada: Israel cargo ship spent night at sea to avoid dock protest, California activists say #BlockTheBoat" TIDE!
"@LFC: Rodgers received a text message of support from Luis Suarez before today's game"
"@LFC: PHOTO: @D_Sturridge touches the ball over the line to give #LFC the lead"
"@GaryLineker: Natural born goalscorer is @D_Sturridge . Can't be taught. He just gets it!"
"@LFC: PHOTO: @sterling31 celebrates scoring #LFC's first goal of 2014-15"
Kurdish sources say their forces 'are advancing' in offensive to retake Mosul dam from Islamic State jihadist group
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"@intifada: Young protester shot in leg, dragged into Israeli settlement where he was beaten & killed, says witness"
"@Lab2Palestine: Important development: EU implementing the ban on settlement products to the common market…"
Today in Jabaliya, Khan Younis, in Rafah and Shujaiya, We are still burying the dead we find, but the living ask ...
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"@intifada: Forthcoming collection of short stories by Susan Muaddi Darraj about "quietly heroic Palestinian women""
Anti-Nazi resister returns award from Israel after Israeli airstrikes killed his family. Zionism is "racist," he says…
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At #NATOSummit banquet at #CardiffCastle , suggest an #American style cake in shape of Transporter Bridge with Mr Cameron abseiling from it
Dn't wish to knock it, but is this going to be highlight of selling #Newport to those countries attending #NATOSummit…
A force for good # stabilty in volitile region on edge of #Europe. With wealth all ethnic& religous coommunities can achieve aspirations2/2
#US #UK &:#EU can choose to take sides in a fragmented #Iraq for short-term political gains OR ensure a strong & united Iraq become ..1/2
#US #UK & #EU must focus on helping a united #Iraqi response thru inclusive government of #Shia #Sunni & #Kurds to defend all Iraq integrity
Doing this will only generate yet another intractable & destabilising political problem in #Mid_East affecting #Iraq, #Turkey, #Iran& #Syria
While rushing arms to #Peshmerga may help them defending #Irbil against ISIS,this should not become a pretext to push for #Kurdish secession
According to #BBCNews this morning, there're far fewer people on #MountSinjar than expected. Have risk been exaggerated & by whom & why?