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Miqdad Al-Nuaimi
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Until then #Wales put a credible performance & had me dream of a win against #allblacks. Although to have won it needed to deny #NZ the ball
#Wales were undone in last 13minutes of game by an unlucky bounce & a classy display of clever #Rugby by super fit & fluent #AllBlacks
Clever try by #Wales. Anybody's game. Wales can do it!
#Wales13 #AllBlacks 10. Come on Wales you can do it after 61 years!
BBC News - Labour's Dennis Skinner blasts UKIP's Mark Reckless in Commons… Well done Dennis @ blasting #Recklessness!
Dennis Skinner blasts UKIP's Mark Reckless… Amazing& rare passion in defence of migrant contribution to #UK well-being
LIVE: Invest in Wales at the Celtic Manor… Sustainable prosperity needs innovation, investment & real jobs in #Newport
LIVE: Invest in Wales at the Celtic Manor… Again @TheCelticManor plays a pivotal role to bring investment to #Wales!
BBC News - Does free food make for a happier office? #Google employ, feed & control your life. Complete #Nerd product
BBC News - Does free food make for a happier office? Unsure how this sits with efforts to reduce obessity #spoilsport
Recipe for disaster, as Israel allows more civilians to carry guns… "The only good #Palestinians are the dead ones"!!
UPDATE: Investment boost brings nearly 400 jobs to Gwent… Good, but let's not get carried away.Needed far more than400
Jerusalem attacks unlikely to portend a third Palestinian intifada via @ajam #Netanyahu's Final Solution, Genocide!
Not to mention the daily provocations by #Zionist settlers of #Palestinian families & schoolchildren under the watch of #Israeli soldiers!
In case you think it's unfair to compare the 2 situations, I remind of a #'Palestinian teenager burnt alive in June by #Zionist settlers!
#Jewish westerners from #US & #UK go to 'help #Zionists settle #Palestinian lands.Treated totally differently from #Muslims going to #Syria!
#US Secretary o State John Kerry has given #israel #netanyahu backing on how much he respects #Palestinian sanctity of life. Watch the space
Tragedy of #US one-sided & blind support for #Israel #Zionist policy of illegal occupation &:settlement of #Palestine fuels extremism in #ME
Did we hear John Kerry's voice once against #Israeli provacations? No sir. Now he's given #Netanyahu gren light to spill #Palestinian blood
East Jerusalem has ben reeling under provocations from extremist #Jewish setlers against the Al-Aksa Mosque & further setlement activities!!
John Kerry's wasted no time in backing #Israeli #Zionist leaders' bellicose threats of revenge. He #US #UK #EU have said Nothing until now
Of course it's wrong to attack worshippers in a place of worship. But #Zionists settlement policy in #Palestine is based on #Jews "rights?"
#Mosul has a very high percentage of educated population, men & women.They're being enslaved Heart-rending account.
#Mosul has a very high percentage of educated population, men & women.They're being Heart-rending account.
Since Islamic State swept into Mosul, we live encircled by its dark fear | Laila Ahmed Heart-rending account. Read on
Imams failing young Britons, says Ahmadiyya Muslim leader There speaks a voice of reason & peace. iSIL killing #Islam
So many things are wrong in World, but continued active & tacit support for #Israeli brutal occupation truly SHAMEFUL…
Video: Israeli bullet tears through refugee boys' happy lives…
Grahame at Durham University delivering talk on his efforts which resulted in non-binding vote recognising Palestine
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BBC News - SNP conference: Alex Salmond sets UK election target. Despite the NO vote in #indyref. #SNP's fortunes continue to be high!
Every child made a poppy for our remembrance wall in the top hall.
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Our WW1 commemorative plaque. Warm thanks to our guests. We were so proud of all the children:-) @ww1newport
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Enjoyed being part of the choir & the calypso song at the AgeAlive AGM at St Marys Institute, Stow Hill. Happy & fridndly 50+ men & women
Thank you AgeAlive & Roy Grant for inviting me to your AGM. Lovely welcome, warm reception entertaining event & lovely healthy lunch after… Any investment in #Israeli arms industry is shameful. Israel is an oppressor illegal occupier. Barclays must listen!
Big thank you to everyone who took part in the Chartist reenactment today, excellent turnout @ChartistsLive
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Well done to everyone who took part! Thank you to Accent and Jamie for your drama help! @ChartistsLive
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Suarez speaks about Chelsea time-wasting | Kopworld LFC Fans Website via @Liverpool_FC_ Need to move on from last sason & focus on this one
Thanks to all who helped me & Kate put out 1500 @NewportCouncil budget challenges questionnaires in Stow Hill. Reply…
Thanks to all who helped me & Kate put out 1500 #NewportCouncil budget challenges questionnaires in Stow Hill. Reply…
Deadline has been extended to Friday 14th November. Here's the link for responding on line…
If you reside in #NewportCouncil area, have a look at the Budget Consultation form. You have until Friday to respond
It was also good to meet with some old Senior Officers of #NewportCouncil on the #RemembranceSunday Parade & chat afterwards.
Good to see the #Islamic Society for #Wales & the Ahmadiyah Muslims community in #Newport on the #RemembranceSunday Parade & Wreath laying
#RemembranceSunday parade in #Newport, very well attended and the route was lined up by 100s of spectators in relatively good & dry weather!
Just come back from the #RemembranceSunday Parade in #Newport & putting out a further 100 #NewportCouncil Budget consultation questionnaires