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Michael Moore
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Hey Scotland - just 30 min left to vote. Watch this video on the way there or in line:…
Watch: @NaomiAKlein talks #PeoplesClimate March & her book "This Changes Everything" on @HuffPostLive IN 5 MINUTES
The Telegraph of London scaring the poor English to death!…
Good Morning, Scotland! Wassup? Anything happenin' today? Local Hero said it all.
"Don't make a documentary -- make a MOVIE" ~@MMFlint. Michael Moore's 13 Rules for Making Documentary Films #TIFF14
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In case you've forgotten, the @Ravens wanted you to know the woman who was terribly beaten by their player is sorry.
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(3/3) Mike's Rule #1 in war: "No country is allowed to bomb another country unless a majority of its citizens knows where that country is."
(2/3) Now this today-- a senior Obama administration official said this: "Saudi Arabia has an extensive border with Syria."
(1/3) Remember before the Iraq War when a poll showed over 80% of young adult Americans could not find Iraq on a map?
ICYMI, here's the keynote speech I gave at the film fest this week. My thoughts for those who make documentaries:…
Other I loved in Toronto: 99 Homes (about a realtor/vulture in FL), Chris Rock's hilarious Top 5, & The Wanted 18 about 18 Palestinian cows.
"Imitation Game"-brilliant! W/ the great BenedictCumberbatch & Keira Knightley-about the man who broke Nazi code, then destroyed 4 being gay
"The Imitation Game" wins top prize TorontoFilmFest! Well deserved! 25yrs ago today same prize won by film w/ rabbits 4 sale as pets or meat
The last part of FAHRENHEIT 9/11 was arguably the most effective/potent piece of cinema @MMFlint's done.
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Keith Olbermann and I doing the play by play last night in between Bill Maher's two live shows on HBO:…
1 min before Keith & I take over from Bill on HBO! Yes HBO is turning their network over to Keith O & me for the next 5 min, LIVE, no delay!
I'm live on BillMaher for the "halftime show" btwn his Real Time gig @ 9pmET & his HBO live Comedy Special @ 10pm. Keith O joins me near 10p
Hey, everybody -- turn on Bill Maher right now on HBO -- 1st show of the season! I'm not on it - but I am! Tune in & catch the surprise now.
Goodbye Toronto. Stay Canadian.
From my keynote address @ the TorontoFilmFestival, here are my "13 Rules for Making a Documentary Film"…
From The Onion... Obama Vows To Split ISIS Into Dozens Of Extremist Splinter Groups:…
Wow. RT @tinyrevolution The U.S. would be far far better off today if, in response to 9/11, we'd done literally nothing.
Obama's Long War in the Middle East…
The right to privacy?Gone. Journalists jailed. Banks confiscate your home. More prisoners than China. Endless wars we can't win. OBL, u won.
My Facebook post about President Obama, If u voted for him, what do u want him 2 do in his final 2 yrs? Let 'er rip!…
A HUGE moment when B Obama was elected, our 1st black prez! My sincere hope is his final 2 yrs will give history something else to record.
"@juliehinds: Line's around the block in Toronto for tonite's Roger & Me screening, 25 years later. #TIFF14" @MMFlint
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Great Q&A session at the 25 anniversary screening of @MMFlint Roger & me #TIFF14 #michaelmoore #gmmotors
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Thank you Toronto for this incredible day and evening honoring the 25th anniversary of my first film, "Roger & Me." It all began here! #tiff
Federal judge orders gov't to provide @ACLU and @NYT with indexes listing and describing #drone docs.…
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We are definitly not alone in the universe however the other inhabitants most likely hate us.
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Watching Joan Rivers do standup at age 81 was incredible: athletic, jaw-dropping, terrifying, essential. It never stopped. Neither will she.
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This Monday, Toronto Film Fest, big 25th anniversary screening of my 1st film ROGER & ME - I'll b there. Come see me!…
What happens when a white guy brandishes a gun in front of police? Video of the day at
Once again we're getting both sides of the story: pundits who want us to bomb, & those who want us to bomb more.…
Here's my TIME column about why I took my Twitter hiatus:
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Not sure when Playboy took a feminist turn but I like it. "Jennifer Lawrence Is Not a Thing To Be Passed Around"… #sfw
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I don’t even trust real clouds anymore.
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The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice (Original Video)… via @YouTube
Woman working four part-time jobs dies in car while trying to nap… #laborday
Thank you, all.
It was the 1st time I had seen it up on a screen. 200 others were there. We sat in the back row not knowing what to expect. #telluride
25 years ago tonight, "Roger & Me" was screened for the very first time. Afterwards, we had pizza.
@MMFlint Daash? Husband of salt-free seasoning queen Mrs. Daash? That's a big disappointment.
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