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Michael Moore
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Website to order online your absentee ballot in Michigan closes tomorrow Get your absentee ballot sent to u. Go to
Do NOT miss the thrilling, frightening Edward Snowden documentary film, CITIZEN FOUR, opening in some cities today.
Tonight at the Chicago Film Festival - 25th Anniversary screening of "Roger & Me". It won Best Film here in 1989. Great to be back!
My post today on why we need a new Governor in Michigan -- and his name is Mark Schauer.…
A recent column from the man who brought rock-n-roll to Flint when I was a kid:…
If u get sick in Texas, the last person u want treating u is a person educated in a system that says Adam & Eve rode dinosaurs 6,000 yrs ago
If only the Liberian man w/ Ebola in Texas had told the hospital he wanted an abortion. They would have immediately gone all Pro-Life on him
Birdman. You will not see another film like this in 2014. In fact u may have NEVER seen a film like this.I sat there like I was in a rapture
@MMFlint Same evolution deniers are on TV worried Ebola will mutate...
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Infectious diseases budget, facilities, prep cut after Wall St thievery killed economy. Now it helps kill lives. Still not 1 banker jailed.
Did u know we don't have a perm Surgeon General during this crisis? Obama nom Dr Vivek Murthy 1yr ago but the NRA & Repubs have blocked him.
Personally, I haven't been worried about ebola ever since TX Gov Rick Perry stood in front of the microphones reassuring us he was in charge
Texas. The state that questions evolution in its HS textbooks. The state that wants 2 remove Jefferson from a part of its history textbooks.
Let's break it down. "TEXAS HEALTH RESOURCES" Resources? None. Health? Ha! Texas? Well, that pretty much explains the lack of the 1st two.
Tom Morello's new and searing "Marching on Ferguson". Listen:
Red States distrust science. They think climate change is a hoax. They say the Earth is 6K yrs old. Why is the CDC in Georgia? #bedtimefears
The genius of TheWalkingDead is the humans r always scarier than the zombies. Except last nite when zombies got Bing Crosby's granddaughter.
For background on tonite’s 60 Minutes piece, see The Government War Against Reporter James Risen…
Right now on 60 MINUTES: the brave NY Times reporter, James Risen, whom President Obama hopes to put in jail because he told us the truth.
This MI Republican governor's record: cut $1 Billion from public schools, cut taxes on rich, raised taxes on seniors (taxed their pensions!)
I think if the moderator asked the Mich governor where he is right now, he would have to ask one of his corporate backers. (Clue: ur in MI)
Watching the Michigan Governor's Debate now. Democrat Mark Schauer standing strong while Repub Gov Snyder is defensive, confused & losing.
Too bad there was no time for a q&a tonite at the Ed Snowden doc. I really wanted to hear the what the NSA spy in the audience wanted to ask
World premier of Edward Snowden doc, CITIZEN FOUR, just ended to a long and rousing standing ovation at Lincoln Center. Brilliant, damning.
"The crimes of the U.S. throughout the world have been constant, remorseless & fully documented but nobody talks about them." Harold Pinter
Reactionary righty Robert DuVall trashes Colbert to Letterman: "Why u retiring? That guy taking over's not that funny." Dave ignored him.
"Life is what happens to you while u're busy making other plans"~ John Lennon,who would've turned 74 today.
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Here's my q&a on Facebook from the other night:…
An apt in TraverseCity, MI & 1 in NYC. That’s it. Need place to crash? RT @Cowboy__Country: @MMFlint How many houses do you have? #RogerMe25
Moving over to my Facebook page for a public discussion at 10pm ET tonight.
Well, Twitter chat is over. Thx everyone! Great questions. We’ll do it again soon. My Blu-ray has already sold out @ Amazon! Sorry. Will fix
$898,335,867,221,071,999.00 Give or take. RT @Cowboy__Country: @MMFlint Whats your net worth? #RogerMe25
If u work 4 me u earn avg $2K/wk full bens, no co-pay no deductb RT @Cowboy__Country: @MMFlint do you pay everyone the same wage? #RogerMe25
A work of art. Go see it! RT @diygreg: @MMFlint Have you seen Boyhood? What are you thoughts? #RogerMe25
Yes. I’ll jump into this soon. Just Bill&Ben would b good debate RT @germanphile: @MMFlint thoughts on Maher v Affleck exchange ? #RogerMe25
The Media Monopoly by Ben Bagdikian RT @DavidfCoyle: @MMFlint what is the most influential book you have ever read?#RogerMe25
Boy, u got that right. RT @dolewaller: @MMFlint #RogerMe25 Obama care. Missed opportunity or step in the right direction?
is it that obvious? RT @Adonymous2: @MMFlint when will u just give in & become the glorious Canadian we all know u r!? #RogerMe25
I agree! Sony TV- r u listening! :-)RT @greggscott: @MMFlint Why the H isn’t TV Nation available on DVD or Blu-ray yet? Jonesing. #RogerMe25
I’ve donated 50% of my aftertax $ fr R&M RT @doe_lioness: @MMFlint #RogerMe25 it would be good if u used some of your fortune to help others
Last week. RT @betsyjane25: @MMFlint Have you been to Flint lately? (I work there) #scary #hopeless #RogerMe25
Liars. RT @JayVee002: @MMFlint what is your opinion on how the CDC is handeling ebola here in the US? #rogerme25
Chris Hedges, Pee Wee Herman, Natalie Merchant, Ray Rice RT @WestlyATL: If u could set up a panel discussion w/ 4 other ppl, who? #RogerMe25
Best: most people. Worst: those other people. RT @observador1789: @MMFlint what's the best & the worst of America? All the best! #RogerMe25
Bring it back! Yay Christopher Nolan! RT @grhluna25: @MMFlint #RogerMe25 35mm keep or throw in the trash
FDR RT @bostonsboy87: @MMFlint favorite President of all-time? #RogerMe25
Encouraging others to ask questions. RT @billbeckyevans: @MMFlint What do you think your greatest social impact has been to-date? #RogerMe25
“Some people know what time it is. Some people don’t.” RT @mattm4000: @MMFlint Whats your favorite line in the movie? #RogerMe25
Hearts and Minds. RT @KurtHalfpenny: @MMFlint - best documentary you've seen? #RogerMe25
Genius. RT @ORiled_Up: @MMFlint John Oliver: comedian or journalist? #RogerMe25