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Michael Moore
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@MMFlint Daash? Husband of salt-free seasoning queen Mrs. Daash? That's a big disappointment.
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@MMFlint I feel like we could get two, maybe three wars out of #ISIS
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Never forget:The USA is addicted 2 war & the $ war brings the military-industrial complex. We invent enemies 2 keep them in business.#Orwell
How bad & stupid has the coverage been about #ISIS? Well, to start with, their name isn't "ISIS" or even "ISIL"-it's Daash. #bogeyman #BOO!
Why the $30 million set aside for legal aid for toxic mortgage victims in BofA's $16 billion settlement is not enough
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The genius that is still Jon Stewart
RT @jackburditt: My life is a little all over the place, but I will figure out what it's about in post.
Wallace Shawn on #Gaza: "The Anger of the Palestinians Cannot Be Ended by Killing Their Children"…
CNN released alleged audio from man who says he recorded killing of #MikeBrown. 16 seconds total. 6 shots. Then a pause. Then 5 more shots.
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A Canadian unit of the BritishArmy. To prove they had sense of humour, they crossed the river, freed some slaves & let them do the honours.
Of course, the ARE Canadians. Let's not forget that 200 years ago last night they burned down our White House. #terrorists #beer
In 1989 Toronto Film Fest launched "Roger&Me" into the stratosphere when it awarded us its best film prize, their 1st ever for a documentary
2 wks from tonight the Toronto Film Festival will celebrate the 25th anniv of Roger&Me w/ a special screening/event. Looking forward to it!
@MMFlint @HHardingdong Once you're done with the docs, don't forget Canadian Bacon. A clip of the best scene:
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@lryan98245: @MMFlint I've seen you boosting Obama too, as recently as this year.” I still do, when appropriate.
@MMFlint it saddens me as a cinephile that we re w/o a Michael Moore film for five years now. RT if you re working on something
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@kevinklink: @MMFlint I love this bit you wrote about walking back in 2012:… Keep it up!” Who wants to join me? 9pm
From Thomas Frank's ("What's the Matter with Kansas") Salon blog: "Cornel West: Obama posed as a progressive..."…
@HHardingdong: After Bowling For Columbine I must watch more of @MMFlint 's docs... Darkly funny. Which one next?” Capitalism: A Love Story
Plus, it's the only book ever that has both my name & the word "streaking" in the same sentence. Enjoy! @katflinn
Flinn and I grew up on the same dirt street. Her book beautifully describes what it was like- and it has a great blueberry jam recipe.
There's a fantastic new memoir just out- "Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good" by bestselling author KathleenFlinn. Here:…