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Michael Moore
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The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice (Original Video)… via @YouTube
Woman working four part-time jobs dies in car while trying to nap… #laborday
Thank you, all.
It was the 1st time I had seen it up on a screen. 200 others were there. We sat in the back row not knowing what to expect. #telluride
25 years ago tonight, "Roger & Me" was screened for the very first time. Afterwards, we had pizza.
@MMFlint Daash? Husband of salt-free seasoning queen Mrs. Daash? That's a big disappointment.
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@MMFlint I feel like we could get two, maybe three wars out of #ISIS
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Never forget:The USA is addicted 2 war & the $ war brings the military-industrial complex. We invent enemies 2 keep them in business.#Orwell
How bad & stupid has the coverage been about #ISIS? Well, to start with, their name isn't "ISIS" or even "ISIL"-it's Daash. #bogeyman #BOO!
Why the $30 million set aside for legal aid for toxic mortgage victims in BofA's $16 billion settlement is not enough
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The genius that is still Jon Stewart
RT @jackburditt: My life is a little all over the place, but I will figure out what it's about in post.
Wallace Shawn on #Gaza: "The Anger of the Palestinians Cannot Be Ended by Killing Their Children"…
CNN released alleged audio from man who says he recorded killing of #MikeBrown. 16 seconds total. 6 shots. Then a pause. Then 5 more shots.
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A Canadian unit of the BritishArmy. To prove they had sense of humour, they crossed the river, freed some slaves & let them do the honours.
Of course, the ARE Canadians. Let's not forget that 200 years ago last night they burned down our White House. #terrorists #beer
In 1989 Toronto Film Fest launched "Roger&Me" into the stratosphere when it awarded us its best film prize, their 1st ever for a documentary
2 wks from tonight the Toronto Film Festival will celebrate the 25th anniv of Roger&Me w/ a special screening/event. Looking forward to it!
@MMFlint @HHardingdong Once you're done with the docs, don't forget Canadian Bacon. A clip of the best scene:
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@lryan98245: @MMFlint I've seen you boosting Obama too, as recently as this year.” I still do, when appropriate.
@MMFlint it saddens me as a cinephile that we re w/o a Michael Moore film for five years now. RT if you re working on something
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@kevinklink: @MMFlint I love this bit you wrote about walking back in 2012:… Keep it up!” Who wants to join me? 9pm
From Thomas Frank's ("What's the Matter with Kansas") Salon blog: "Cornel West: Obama posed as a progressive..."…
@HHardingdong: After Bowling For Columbine I must watch more of @MMFlint 's docs... Darkly funny. Which one next?” Capitalism: A Love Story
Plus, it's the only book ever that has both my name & the word "streaking" in the same sentence. Enjoy! @katflinn
Flinn and I grew up on the same dirt street. Her book beautifully describes what it was like- and it has a great blueberry jam recipe.
There's a fantastic new memoir just out- "Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good" by bestselling author KathleenFlinn. Here:…
WH rethinking strategy of outfitting local police w military-grade armor, mine-resistant trucks, automatic rifles etc…
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Sunday reading for white people in "post-racial" America:…
Frank Moore - August 23, 1921. First birthday without him. Feels...
@UnionSt: Did we ever give @MMFlint a Canadian Oscar for the genius of "Canadian Bacon"? At least a beaver pelt? Some fudge?” Coffee Crisp
Just found out that a random act of kindness does not count if you buy something for yourself.
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One more "The People's Pope" moment...…
Nurse on site not allowed to treat or revive Michael Brown.…
An eyewitness live tweeted the killing - with photo of officer who shot Michael Brown standing over his body.…
BREAKING: MO. gov just signed executive order 2 deploy National Guard 2 Ferguson. He fears response in morn when ppl wake up 2 autopsy news.
BREAKING: Autopsy shows Ferguson cop fired 6 bullets into unarmed Michael Brown. The 1st 4 struck him in rt arm. Then two shots to the head.
I mean "strong armed robbery." A sweet white kid steals a bag of candy, it's called "shoplifting." 1 in 11 Americans have shoplifted.
Missy was @ the Galleria, Susie was @ Village Crossings & Little Billy was @ the MegaMall. None were shot today by police after shoplifting.
If it looks like a police state, & quacks like a police state, it's probably a police state. #howtodestroyUSA #CongratsOBLyouwon #Ferguson
I knew it! I said, "He must have stolen some cigars!" Of course the police had a right to shoot him! In America we execute shoplifters.
An encore viewing (sadly) from my show, "The Awful Truth" in 1999.
(Link fixed) Meeting Robin Williams for the 1st time. He told me "Guns don't kill people-- Apes w/ guns kill people!" ……
The night I first met Robin Williams...…