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"Let Men Be Men": Fox News Hosts Defend Catcalling
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"Let men be men": Fox News hosts stand up for catcalling:
A Daily Caller column blames gay service members for military rape:
Top immigration court hands huge win to battered women. Conservatives freak out. via @MotherJones
Fox News anchor admits that Ben Carson doesn't have a serious chance to be President, but wants him to run anyways:
Why @washington Post Is Running A Series Of Editorials On #Climate Change: (via @mmfa)
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After a Fox News host advocated for violence against Muslims, multiple organizations are demanding Fox take action:
.@JessicaValenti on how media companies create the illusion of gender disparity without creating actual change:
We're at the point where conservative pundits need a reminder of why they should not be fawning over Vladimir Putin:
When the truth about immigration comes to Fox News, Bill O'Reilly will cut the mic:
Bill O'Reilly didn't want to hear his pro-immigration guests. So he cut their mics:
No, Fox. Guatemalan domestic violence survivors seeking asylum won't get "instant U.S. citizenship"
Bill O'Reilly is displeased "we have...gangsta rappers" and Beyonce instead of Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays
Fox gives anti-immigrant group platform to suggest immigrant women will lie about domestic abuse just to get asylum:
Facts about the Koch brothers to share with your friends:
Kochs' political influence benefits fossil fuel industry and their bottom line. Get the facts:
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.@edshow reminds conservatives fawning over Putin of leader's "nasty human rights record," weapons treaty violation
NRA tweet deleted, h/t @kevinjcall MT @mmfa What NRA tweets as shooting of instructor by 9-yr-old is front page news
Limbaugh laments that businesses "must service anybody who walks in the door"
What NRA tweets while shooting of instructor by 9-yr-old is front page news:
Guess what Fox is STILL talking about Benghazi and they STILL are ignoring the facts…
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ICYMI: @TheDailyShow blasts Fox News' problematic coverage of race in #Ferguson
Fox's Newest #Benghazi Special Hopes To Answer A Question That Has Been Answered Repeatedly Whyyyyyyyyy
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No words RT @TPM: Ben Stein: Michael Brown was "armed with his incredibly strong, scary self"
Do you oppose groups that promote homophobia around the world? Welcome to the "Sexual Radicals" club!
After denying the existence of white privilege, Bill O'Reilly complained that Beyoncé isn't enough like Willie Mays:
Fox News is wrong: Domestic violence survivors who seek asylum will not receive "instant U.S. citizenship"
Mike Huckabee joins conservatives who are defending a group linked to anti-gay human rights violations:
Scott Brown is again screening a Fox News documentary to help his campaign.… (cc: @BretBaier )
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How News Media Fuels the Myth of Black Crime
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Fox News host Brian Kilmeade turns his radio show into an informercial for Allen West's PAC:
Black suspects over-represented in newscasts on 4 major TV stations in NYC
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If only Fox got as mad about injustice toward black people as they do with the "War on Christmas" via @TheDailyShow
Fox host wishes Putin were "head of the United States ... for 48 hours." That's bizarre for all sorts of reasons
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Bill O'Reilly: The idea of white privilege is "the big lie" hurting African-Americans today:
I know that Fox News is generally awful, but my gosh this is terrifying:…
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Bill O'Reilly: We used to have Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays. "What do we have now? Gangster rappers" and Beyoncé
Most Americans know that what matters most is how well Obama leads our nation, not how much golf he plays.
In 2013, Rove attacked Obama for not supporting this fiscal plan. In 2014, Rove's group attacks Dems who support it:
Remember Greece, NY from the SCOTUS prayer case in May? Here's what right-wing media won't tell you now
Fox deceptively edits Obama's speech to claim he's "blaming our troops" for Islamic State threat. What they left out:
Another brilliant idea from Fox: Putin take over as US president for 48 hours to deal w/ Islamic State
Dear NRA: Women are much, much smarter than you give them credit for
Today is #WomensEqualityDay, but these clips from @mmfa remind us how far we have to go:
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Rams’ Chris Long tweets perfect response to ESPN report on Michael Sam’s showers h/t @thinkprogress
Dear ESPN, Everyone but you is over it.
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Fox's chief White House correspondent baselessly suggests Obama forced military to downplay Islamic State threat
Black suspects over-represented in newscasts on 4 major TV stations in New York City