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The news media have utterly failed during the Ebola threat, and it's playing right into the hands of the GOP
RT @kramos1841: It isn't pretty... How Right-Wing Media Talked About Hispanics During Hispanic Heritage Month
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Koch groups have outspent Steyer's group at a rate "nearly 6-1" this election cycle, so why does media equate them?
.@NARAL & @MoveOn call out @denverpost for giving Cory Gardner a pass on his personhood stance
Professors Slam George Will Campus Appearance After "Hate Speech" Rape Column
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"such inflammatory rhetoric has the potential to re-victimize and re-traumatize some of our students."…
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Women's Studies professors speak out against upcoming George Will speech: he inflicts "misogyny," "hate speech"…
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Conservatives a week ago: we need an Ebola czar now Today: No, not THIS Ebola czar!
Keith Ablow really can't grasp what's wrong with saying Obama won't defend America b/c of his "affinities" for Africa
Keith Ablow can't stop, won't stop: Obama Won't "Defend" America From Ebola Because "He Has It In For" The Country
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Fox News is blaming a non-discrimination law that ISN'T EVEN IN EFFECT YET for the subpoenas of anti-gay pastors.
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Fox host blames Houston's #LGBT non-discrimination ordinance for pastor subpoenas. Wrong:
Even Howard Kurtz is criticizing Bill O'Reilly's irresponsible Ebola coverage
ABC News contributor Laura Ingraham says the left thinks Americans should die from Ebola to repay our debt to Africa
Conservative group backed by several Fox contributors pulls "deplorable" ads feat. ISIS murder of James Foley
Peggy Noonan has a new plan to save America: Think like an eleven-year-old
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Conservative radio host defends Ebola fearmongering by attacking Fox & Shep Smith's Katrina reporting
1 big thing Fox News is ignoring when they claim Democrats are outspending the GOP: dark money
Threats to Americans, ranked (by actual threat instead of media hype): #Climate change outranks ISIS and Ebola…
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ICYMI: That time rightwingers 'honored' Latino heritage by smearing migrant kids, Mex president & MSNBC's @jdbalart
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trying to gin up fear before midterms, GOP has received an invaluable Ebola assist from news media;
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It's hard to tell who's pushing the doomsday themes around Ebola more energetically: the media or the GOP
How conservatives make it harder for schools to protect transgender youth: via @gaywonk
Watch Stephen Colbert expose the inaccuracy of right-wing claims about Bush and chemical weapons in Iraq:
Get the facts about #4Houston5. The city of Houston isn't bullying anti-gay pastors.
The media is doing an awful job explaining Ebola, and #ClipboardMan is proof
Dinesh D'Souza obtains special permission to appear on Megyn Kelly’s show, calls his sentence “a great political win”
Bill O'Reilly says acknowledging white privilege gives African-Americans "an excuse to fail or do bad things"
That time conservative media 'honored' Latino heritage: smearing migrant kids, Mexico's president & MSNBC's @jdbalart
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Another manic O’Reilly rant about Ebola and the CDC: Why he’s wrong:
This is how right-wing media talked about Hispanics during Hispanic Heritage Month:
Colorado reporter calls out GOP Senate candidate Cory Gardner for hiding his extreme stance on personhood:
Yes, Fox--it's easy to claim Democrats are outspending the GOP when you don't count the *millions* in dark money
Rush Limbaugh mocks Shep Smith's Katrina reporting: "He was crying so much ... his mascara was running"
Conservatives are trying really hard to stir up outrage after Houston subpoenaed pastors. Here's what they get wrong:
Watch MSNBC's @alexwagner call out right-wing media's "thinly veiled racism" in coverage of Obama's Ebola response
RT .@mmfa National media gave Cory Gardner a pass on his extreme personhood stance, but local reporter calls him out
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The Media's Ebola Coverage: The More You Watch, The Less You Know? via @mmfa
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National media have given Cory Gardner a pass on his extreme personhood stance, but a local reporter calls him out:
WATCH: Fox's Shepard Smith Blasts Media For "Hysterical," "Irresponsible" Ebola Coverage Thank God for common sense.
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Miami University Welcomes George Will Despite Campus Rape Controversy
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Typical Rush Limbaugh cheap shot, mocking Shep Smith over Katrina reporting
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It’s not just on Ebola. Watch 7 times that Shep Smith was Fox News' voice of reason:
wealthy white male millionaire with media megaphone says everybody has advantages like he does…
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