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Evidence from judicial opinions and social science studies piles up against conservatives who defend voter ID laws:
Herman Cain: 50 percent of black voters in Georgia "probably are clueless"
Allen West: "shut down" the mosques of the perpetrators in Ottawa and deport their imams
Right-wing radio host: Eric Holder is guilty of "hate crimes, if you will," in Ferguson:
Listen to Muslim community leader @FaheemYounus call out Sean Hannity's anti-Muslim rhetoric:
Joni Ernst avoids Iowa newspapers, but finds time to chat with Brian Kilmeade on Fox News:
After being criticized for arguing that young women are too ignorant to vote, Fox News hosts lash out at @mmfa
Whoops: Conservatives' latest example of potential voter fraud actually proves the system works:
Conservatives love to talk about how harmless voter ID laws are. Don't listen to their lies. Get the facts:
Fox is drumming up hate against single women, particularly if they vote via @AmandaMarcotte
Herman Cain says 50% of black voters in Georgia "probably are clueless"
Tucker Carlson (fired from CNN, MSNBC and PBS) says accomplished lawyer, sec. state “not qualified to be room mother”…
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Tucker Carlson: Alison Lundergan Grimes seems "sweet" but "she's obviously not qualified to be room mother"
Mike Huckabee brags about how his Fox News show helps him as a potential presidential candidate in 2016:
¡Eso! @siempremujer reclama disparates de @kimguilfoyle y @FoxNews sobre capacidad mental de mujeres jovenes. @mmfa
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How do we respond to the Ottawa attack? Allen West: "shut down" the mosques of the perpetrators & deport the imams
CAIR Islamophobia Watch: Allen West On Ottawa Attack: "Shut Down" Mosques Of Perpetrators And Deport The Imams...
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Republican Joni Ernst didn't want to speak with Iowa newspapers, but she had plenty of time for Brian Kilmeade:
Fox News is more important to a Republican Senate candidate than local editorial boards:
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Conservative radio host says Eric Holder is guilty of "hate crimes, if you will" in Ferguson
Joni Ernst avoids Iowa newspapers that threaten to ask substantive policy questions, but she takes refuge in Fox News
You know how to take @kimguilfoyle's comments about women out of context? Quote them verbatim…
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Laura Ingraham: U.S. Senate candidate Cory Gardner "needs to move closer" to the extreme right on immigration
Another white male on Fox News shares his insight into what black people are thinking
After being criticized for saying that young women were too ignorant to vote, Fox News hosts lash out at @mmfa:
After being criticized for arguing that young women were too ignorant to vote, Fox News hosts lash out at @mmfa:
There are more experts on CNN right now talking about Ebola in America than people with ebola in America.
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Fox News attacks @chrissyteigen. However, Media Matters looked at the facts and Teigen's premise is "correct."
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Bernie Goldberg on Fox News: "Facts mean something totally different" to “black liberals" regarding Michael Brown.
What you should know about the for-profit Idaho chapel being "forced" to perform a gay wedding. 1) It's not a church:
Fox contributor Karl Rove can try to spin the data on Obamacare all he wants, but numbers don't lie:
Bill O’Reilly: “Muslim killers” are going to cause destruction “almost everywhere”
A columnist for Iowa's largest circulation daily asks, "Is Joni Ernst afraid of newspaper editorial boards?"
Fox host attacks @chrissyteigen for calling attention to gun violence-"This is the problem when models start to talk"
MSNBC's @alexwagner calls out "ludicrous" fear mongering over subpoenas of Houston pastors #LGBT
Fox News attacks @chucktodd for calling out Fox's media bias "obsession" in an interview with Media Matters
Conservatives: Obama won't classify Canadian Parliament shooting as terror, just like Benghazi (He did. Both times.)
Fox News host thinks both pretty and ugly women should STFU
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Iowa Newspapers Speak Out Over Joni Ernst Snubbing Them
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If you disagree with conservatives, they have a nasty habit of saying that you don't deserve to vote. Watch:
Major Iowa newspapers speak out over Joni Ernst snubbing them: "I cannot recall a time that that has happened before"
George Will tells sexual assault survivor he supports helping victims of "real rape"
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