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Meet ABC News' newest contributor, Laura Ingraham, and her disdain for civil and common sense discourse
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ABC News' new contributor used a gunshot sound to cut off a replay of Rep. John Lewis’ March on Washington speech:
Brit Hume says Obama & Holder use race as a weapon, are the real racists, not Brit Hume, no way…
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On @MMFARadio, Lilly Ledbetter debunks conservative media myths about gender wage gap
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These white men on the Fox News Sunday panel were outraged at anything that even sounds like it references race:
We spoke with Lilly Ledbetter about how conservatives deny the gender pay gap. She does not mince words: @MMFARadio
Q: How many ABC News contributors are unaware Puerto Ricans are American citizens? A: As of today, at least one:…
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If that sounds familiar, it's because Fox News did the same thing Friday:…
Fox News Sunday discusses "Race And Politics," but they neglected to book a diverse panel:
Who gets to discuss "Race In America" on Fox News? Five white people.
Fox News, basically: Anything Clinton can do Bush could do better
Fox's Laura Ingraham Laughs Off Concerns About Minorities' Access To Voter IDs
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Sean Hannity's dangerous game touting a rogue rancher and his violent threats:
Fox host: Obama administration refused to let Kathleen Sebelius leave and forced her to be a "human shield"
The most important fact we rarely admit in talking about segregation and poverty:
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Fox supports destruction of desert tortoise's habitat: "We're not anti-turtle, but we are pro-logic and tradition"
Fox News' panel on "Race In America" consisted only of white people:
Brandeis withdrew its offer of an honorary degree to an outspoken critic of Islam; Fox calls it an "honor killing."
Koch Groups Back Rancher Making Violent Threats Against Federal Gov't… #BundyBattle #BLM
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Drudge Report recklessly hypes confrontation between a rancher and the federal government.
ICYMI: Stephen Colbert takes on O'Reilly's "unified theory of why everything is going to hell" and it is great.
"Feds Turn From Landlords To Warlords": #Koch Groups Back Rancher Making Violent Threats Against Federal Gov't;
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Just like dark matter outscales matter in the universe, #KochBrothers' #DarkMoney dwarfs their transparent spending:…
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Fox can't seem to understand that 98% of the funds in DOE's clean energy program have gone to successful ventures.