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Michael McKean
@notreble: Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer: Why Only One?…” Thanks, notreble: you're the basst.
Dancing with the Stars sounds like the gay version of sleeping with the fishes.
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@Glinner: GOP senator says it straight out. We don't like black people voting” This is helpful.
Archaic terminology is so yesteryear. (thanks @fjmckean)
Tell Dracula I said Hi MT @JeffHenk: #super moon over PPG BUILDING in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last night
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Every dessert is guilt-free if you're a sociopath
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This razor-sharp towel hook is the most dangerous shower-adjacent object since Norman Bates.
Pretty sure the iPhone 6 will be the model that finally makes me happy.
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"Losers!" - losers
Not what I was searching for but interesting...…
Fox News mocks victim of Ray Rice elevator assault: ‘I think the message is, take the stairs’
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Watergate's most lasting sin: Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, and the pardon that made us all cynics…
c. 1510 - 1513: “A cloudburst of material posessions” Leonardo Da Vinci (
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I have a gay friend & fat friend both named Gene; but for some reason many who believe in the Fat Gene refuse to believe there's a Gay Gene.
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You know what's pretty funny? The Amazing Adventures of Gumball. For the unglued of all ages.
@TPM: July: BuzzFeed editor caught plagiarizing National Review Today: BuzzFeed editor hired by National Review
Here in NM, Meet the Press is followed by local programming. Which of you "got" Joel Osteen and why?
Best things about new Meet the Press: 1. Chuck’s hilarious monologue 2. The Roots as house band 3. Very little politics
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@BP_Smith: .And now a few words the the ever prophetic #BillHicks!”//Well, sure, back then, maybe...
'God rested on Sunday' was just his excuse to not have to take Jesus to Ikea to get a bunk bed.
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Poor old Escher, just when he thought he'd got to the top of his profession…
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Happy Valley can't be overpraised, but I'll try. Great acting, high-test suspense, brilliant direction-6 episodes, straight to the heart.
Watch a master of improv Thursday night at the Irvine Improv. The World of Phil Hendrie… And that's a fact!
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Boomers: The Mickey Mouse Club lied to us. EVERY day is Anything Can Happen Day.
Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in any copyright law on the planet.
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The NRA's top lawyer was convicted of murder, then freed over bad police work. What really happened?… via @MotherJones
The contestants on The Quest are made to sign a pledge not to say on camera, "This is just stupid".
The one, the only, the third: Happy Birthday, Loudon Wainwright
Special no-prize to the 1st person who can name the location.
Some days, I want to remain sleeping and smell the coffee.
My favorite romantic comedy is the middle third of Silence of the Lambs.
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@_youhadonejob: You had one job.” //For you, @kevinpollak... memories...
An Short Interview with Bob Odenkirk About His Collection of Writings, "A Load of Hooey."…
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