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MJ Krey
First trailer for Harmontown shows the making of Dan Harmon's podcast
RT @pattonoswalt: My therapist sez stop treating pizzas like emotion discs what does he know lol chomp #spiral
My Travoltified Name is Mia Keezy! What's yours?… #JohnTravoltaNames
Zack Snyder explains how he "saved" Watchmen from Terry Gilliam
That sounds awesome. RT @johncheese: The on-hold music for my phone payment is rapid banjo music with a 1980s guitar solo over the top.
RT @MattMira: He did it! The most flawless Matthew McConaughey impression in the business. #Oscars2014
RT @JimNorton: McConaughey’s hero is himself in 10 years? Fucking YUCK. Hitler would have been a less embarrassing answer. #Oscars
Mathew had me then lost me with that so-obviously-rehearsed-to-death acceptance speech. #RiffTraxOscars
RT @jimmypardo: Watching herself, even Meryl said “Hmm, that’s a little big.”
RT @AlbertBrooks: Gravity has won all these awards and not one person has thanked sir Isaac newton
RT @FrankConniff: Is everybody going to snark about how old Sidney Poitier is? Oh, I forgot, he’s a man.
@likestrek: @SethMacFarlane The Sound of Music gag alone was much funnier...”
RT @anylaurie16: This is the last night Dad, Mom, sister and I will be together, and part of it was spent watching a pizza being delivered.
Ellen’s 12-part pizza bit really makes me miss @SethMacFarlane. You PC saps have ruined the Oscars. #RiffTraxOscars
My neighbor’s suicide started in a garage. #RiffTraxOscars
Someone let Goldie Hawn star in a Pantene commercial. Bet she’d do it for a case of conditioner. #RiffTraxOscars
The Third Reich started in a garage. #RifftraxOscars
RT @ComedyFilmNerds: Liam Neeson needs to come out and punch someone.
RT @realjohngreen: There are more robots in this montage about movie heroes than there are women.
RT @ComedyFilmNerds: Oh, right. Disney owns Marvel, and ABC.
RT @mepk3388: Pink farted on bob costas pillow #RifftraxOscars
RT @mepk3388: I wish ben stiller would do his MI2 bit again. #RiffTraxOscars
RT @kumailn: Bill Murray is as cool as we all thought our dads were when we were 4.
I think my twitter just broke
My brother honestly thought Jared Leto was Bo Bice just now. #RiffTraxOscars
RT @AlbertBrooks: How did I ever watch television before Twitter?
RT @Esquiremag: Would it have killed the Merchant Marines to knit a formal hat for The Edge? -PFT
Who let Coldplay on stage? #RiffTraxOscars
RT @DJRotaryRachel: Best actress goes to Calista Flockhart raising her hand for pizza.
RT @FrankConniff: They could have given Steve Martin his Oscar at the actual ceremony but it might have made this show entertaining. #Oscars
If the Oscars were a Van Halen concert, we would be knee deep in the drum solo. Time to get a beer everybody. #RiffTraxOscars
RT @jonahray: Ellen is the only host to ever STRETCH FOR TIME on the #Oscars
John Wayne Gacy started in a garage. #RiffTraxOscars
RT @JenKirkman: Totally cool to burst into tears at a party at a mere three second To Kill a Mockingbird clip, right?
@TGunnor: or Cher the stage *stands by for the throwing of rotten vegetables*”
Brave of Mathew to share the stage with Rocky Dennis. #RiffTraxOscars
RT @FrankConniff: Really enjoying all the #Oscars tweets about how old Kim Novak is. Yes, it’s such a moral failing on her part.
RT @marcmaron: Be nice. She thinks she looks great. #oscars
C’mon, @mjkrey, get your head in the game! This is Oscar night! #RiffTraxOscars
Wtf @mjkrey?! “Warring” isn’t a real word!
Oh gawd, Harrison Ford is still trying to make that warring his “thing”. #RiffTraxOscars
Disappointed that best make up didn’t go to Gene Simmons and Paul Stanely for the Lone Ranger. #RiffTraxOscars
MT @ThatKevinSmith: Loved the giant commercial for DESPICABLE ME but..someone must’ve gotten yelled at last year: Things feel tame.
@PoliteMachinery: Thank FSM someone else noticed the hat - for a second I thought I'd been dosed. #RifftraxOscars
Oh gawd, Pharrell Williams is trying to make that hat his “thing”. #rifftraxoscars
RT @DJRotaryRachel: Jim Carrey looks like Rich Little joined Color Me Badd.