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Car collection is crazy! @xinewby
Asics Gel-Lyte III snowman...why not? It's xmas ⛄️❄️
Light lunch! #Wings
"I hate that Mjay guy" 😴
#FinallyFriday meetings early in the city - lets go
Today's attire...👕👖👟
Let's get this paper 💷
#np yo Gotti - pride to the side
TIP: Liverpool fans, turn over to ITV+1 and you're still in the Champions League.
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Yes @WileyUpdates. Who u think won in the battle? I gave it to @CASSIDY_LARSINY
girls are claiming to be "MUA" all over the show im sure they practice in their bedroom and decided to give themself that title 😑
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What is this hip hop ninja I keep hearing about?
Drake the type of nigga who "shhh's" the class when the teacher tryin to speak.
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Imagine a fully fit confident United team...
Woiiii RT @StephanieAilsa: Red Café ft Jeremih, Tank & Faboulous - Pretty Gang 2 👯
Remember when we lost the league to Man City on goal difference?!!! Looking back that's an absolute joke ting.
My neighbours must hate me when the match is on lol
Ok we beat Liverpool on Sunday and I'll actually be happy
Won 5 in a row! Say sumfin #mufc 3rd
Talk about grinding out a result jheeeze
My nugga van Peezy
Young shud just play left back, he's better at defending than going forward.
Ashley fucking young!!!!!
We need to grind out a result now. Keep the ball on the floor, Southampton have sum tall players in there bulling up my team
Ashley Young is so so so shit. I prefer Bebe no lie
Why can't Ashley Young beat a man anymore?
ANOTHER injury!!! Sumfin ain't right
Come on lads! #mufc
Absolutely dying in the office today... #Lemsip #Oranges
Me and my boys doin our bit for xmas 😂 @iconxent @princeheron @kapitalofficial @marcquelle
It's sunny outside but it's cold and it raining...make up ur flipping mind
Drake on his Dizzie Rascal steeze... He likes your girl so you better look after your girl or he might take your girl make ur girl his girl
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I'll never get a job I've got too many felonies I was here sellin these dogs-food like it was pedigree - wow
When someone provokes you just remember all the positive shit you have to look forward to in your life in the future.
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No chemistry at all between Trey and Nicki in that new video...and why is every1 obsessed with snakes recently? 🐍
Think I'm gonna sit on my sofa all day feelin a bit crap
Freezing RT @StephanieAilsa: My gosh it's cold 😩❄️
Knowing "of" someone isn't "knowing" someone. Learn the difference!
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And this isn't a red either?
This was at 0.0 how on earth is this not a red card???
RT @BBCMOTD: Sergio Aguero is almost certainly out of #mufc's @ChampionsLeague match with Roma - MUFC???
So... I'm guessing that Drake and Chris brown collab ain't happenin ...
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