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Nicki screaming"fuck all yall skinny bitches with no ass"in her video. Lol ok honey lets not forget where u came from
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I'm so gonna do this next time I'm on a website and the chat box pops up!…
Not only does it bleed all the time he can't have sex or wee without it hurting...#EmbarrassingBodies
Shouts to my cousin @Marcquelle always got me no matter what! #Family
Watchin a film called Nebraska - it's in black n white 10 mins in and it's annoyin me
M&S - Tequila & Lime chicken wings with fresh salad... 😋🍗🍃
Me and @Marcquelle were catching joke about growin up. My dad was so ghetto he wud cook us rice and butter...not even corned beef! Butter
Soda has the same effect on tooth enamel as Meth and Crack cocaine..
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There are more chickens than people in the world.
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@DaytonaMSport was a good session, my bro @MJay23 smashed it, on the podium with me 🏁
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Me and Aaron smashed up Daytona 🏁🚗💨 #Trophies 🏆
🙈 RT@BLMis244: Manchester United will pay 100% of Nani's £4.8m wages while the winger is on loan at Sporting
Nandos then Go Karting @ Daytona with work. Pow 🚗💨
How do u know when to clap on question time? #mjaysThoughts
G-Eazy album is worth a listen
Today's ensemble...
Why is it August and I have my heating on full blast? Shit weather
Are dogs faster at running than humans? #mjaysThoughts
The pass from Fabregas tho...