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Mizzou Pooper
Want to kick some ass in Fantasy Football this year? DM me for more info! #MizzouPooperLeague
Want to kick some ass in Fantasy Football this year? DM me for more info! #MizzouPooperLeague
Expect to see some of these around campus next semester! #MizzouPooper #Stickers
What a poopy night for the spurs. ):
Pooping? P-o-o-p-i-n-g, Pooping. #confetti
Going to be in Kansas City AND St. Louis this summer. I want to poop like a king. Any suggestions/requests for the best spots?
Madeline has to poop #PhraseOfTheNight #piano Also, find me and you get a mizzoupooper coozie
@kmundahl @mizzoupooper We don't like fools. We like #Cravers. Be a Craver. Don't be a fool.
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I feel like having white castle tonight and ending the year with a bang
@mizzoupooper RT @WSJ: A "commode caddy" for your iPad with toilet paper holder.
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I will now enter the conclave to pick the next mizzoupooper. So many great candidates
@mizzoupooper Main floor of GeoSci. 2 stalls and a Handi. 5 pissers. All tucked away behind labyrinth of walls. Low traffic. 8 stars.
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@mizzoupooper 2 floor of Mumford Hall. No traffic, quite, very clean bathroom as a whole. And with 3 stalls it is a paradise. 8 stars
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Student Center basement to the west. There's a trashcan full of paper towels, but no paper towel dispenser . Someone is bringing their own?
It's amazing how often you need to go to the bathroom when you need to study #poocrastination
Poop out that hangover and get on with your life #FinalsWeek
Weird urinal Shiloh #PeeCorner
@mizzoupooper - #deuce at Omaha Hy-Vee. No ass gaskets. Bad C&W music and store chatter on PA. Annoying auto-flush. Semi-Clean. 5/10 flushes
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Heidelberg, you disappoint me. RIP Tiger Toilet