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Listening to top 40 while yeah just being a #basicbitch right now 🎵
It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. - Henry David Thoreau #quote
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Migraine all weekend=no readings for school...Monday=crunch time ☕coffee? #cheersresponsibly
This new age world is set up to deceive you, and manipulate the way you think & act. You've got to protect yourself.
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Live up to your own title
A #Sagittarius core desire: The freedom to explore the world and do what they want without anyone else opinion.
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I have no life...basically school is my life in a nutshell and I'm already starting to feel like I'm behind on it.
Well so much for studying for 6hrs ha. Hopefully I can anticipate my discussion with my studying habits tomorrow
Monday got me like ╭┈┈┈╯ ╰┈┈┈╮ ╰┳┳╯   ╰┳┳╯ 💧     💧 💧     💧    ╰┈╯ 💧 ╭━━━╮ 💧
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Singing to Purity Ring's songs is my motivation 😄 Again, again, again, I wasn't thinkin' 'bout you🎶
Sunday studying= no fun 😒
Pumpkin Spice latte is back! Yup had my first one today for the season #delicious I dig 😋@secondcupp
Gave up on studying today...cracking the books again tomorrow #schooleveryday 📚
What I don't believe in is what I won't do #confessyourunpopularopinion
Best time to study is outdoors in this beautiful weather. Enjoy the last few days of summer! #summeratitsbest 🌞
Can't sleep...why am I up?
6hrs of studying 2hrs to go #knockem
4 cups of coffee a day #diabolical ☕️ must have the caffeine, must have the caffeine 😈#studentsproblemss
It's Tuesday, yuh dun know!!
Be new, and exciting. Anything but average.
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Survived first day of school
me at 7 AM:tired me at 12 PM:tired me at 3 PM:tired me at 7 PM: *yawn* tired me at 10 PM:tired me at 2 AM: Wide Awake
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I'm in love with paradise, take me there🌞
Mistakes are the shopping key brands to success
"Life is meant to be explored" #lifelonglearning 😎
It doesnt mean that a silent person knows nothing. dont prove yourself oversmart than others
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Can it rain some more? This province is in heat! #globalwarming
Feeling sluggish is just the beginning to w h y not #reallifeproblems
#Sagittarius: You don't waste your time on people or things that can't keep up with you.
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Arrived In Toronto. Montréal, merci! cra cra weekend!! te revoir
Invest in your mind. Invest in your health. Invest in yourself.
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We work to make the World work
I checked in at L'usine De Spaghetti on #Yelp…
So...let me take a "Selfie." Of course pro selfie to the fullest 💯 #doll #selfie #summer #montreal #brandymelville #boobista #lolz #latergram #toocool #tonightalive #cool 👠💄 #unprofessional
From another beginning
Fancy fancy @hotel_brossard! In Montreal for this long weekend, holla holla #kingsize #longweekend #2015 #montreal #canada #luxury #hotel #buckwild #cracra #love #pretty #princess 😍❤️👑
One day my bank account will agree with my lifestyle
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Montreal bound this weekend!
Today will be good if you let it.
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Keep your apologies to a minimum level #realtalk
#Sagittarius are good at finding ways to get out of a difficult situation without attracting too much attention.
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