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Julia Graf
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I'm genuinely asking for tips here because I just want to talk about makeup without people getting mad?
Just tell me a word that is deemed ok to describe someone's skin color please because I'm out of ideas. love you even if your skin is blue!
If I say black, someone complains. If I say Women of color, someone complains. If I say African, someone complains. Is it really necessary?
So damn tired over people's hypersensitivity with language when it comes to race. You just make normal communication needlessly difficult!
Are the VMAs tonight? If you see something on the red carpet you want me to recreate, tweet me the look please!
My NICKI MINAJ Anaconda music video makeup look is now live!
Nicki Minaj "Anaconda" Music Video makeup look!! Check out my brand new video:
Sunday means #Outlander! And late breakfasts. And #running. And otherwise being lazy. How about you?
Going out for a night out with friends is so dang expensive here, but so worth it! Fun times
Just got back from a 45 min run in the forest! Feels awesome, my lungs and heart are thanking me right…
I just posted an exclusive sneak peak of tomorrow's video on my Instagram: HelloJuliaGraf - go check it out ;)
Our makeup collection in store!!! Ahhhh!! If you live in Germany you can find it at Müller now, in…
The nailpolish I co-created for the New York collection with @Manhattan_Tweet - more details to come!…
Our New York inspired collection with Manhattan Cosmetics @Manhattan_Tweet is finally here! More than…
Good day everyone! What are you up to? I had a late start this morning, now getting ready to film. Also contemplating baking cookies? wtf
Have you seen my #RitaOra "Black Widow" inspired makeup tutorial? Watch the full video on my channel!…
Have you seen my RITA ORA "Black Widow" music video inspired makeup tutorial?…
Filmed again today, omg so excited for you to see my next video!
New video!! RITA ORA - Black Widow Music Video inspired Makeup Look! Watch it now:
I've just about reached my fill of Ice Bucket challenge videos on social media . Please just donate money now kthnx. #icebucketchallenge
Then and Now! Pics on the left are screenshots from my first makeup tutorial I ever uploaded in 2008.…
4 of 5 stars to To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee…
2 new videos filmed, one of them being the much requested Rita Ora look you wanted to see! Coming soon ;)
Why is it always the most disgusting looking smoothies are so tasty? Currently enjoying Mirabelle-Peach-Orange-Soy Milk-oatmeal smoothie.