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Fresh cut πŸ™πŸ˜«πŸ™
Can I ask that everyone born after 1993 stop doing these deadly Facebook challenges for attention? Just stop while you're alive.
Let me schedule a haircut right quick
I have friends that constantly try to compete with me. But my question is why?! I'm me. Do you. Don't be like me.
.@BIGKRIT will bust all your damn speakers!
Wishing my cousin/sister/best friend a HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAYYYYY! We have been waiting in this day for like 21 years now! (I added this song to annoy you) love ya @denesia93leo
🎢 bicken back being bool 🎢
πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ #Nicki #Marge #Anaconda
I hate when u follow someone on Instagram and all they start posting is fucking hair and weaves for sale.....
Last day in Bama... Kickin it with the fam
I need to get up and go pay the grams a visit. I hope she cooked
Im ready to get back to Texas. Its fucking dead here
Huntsville so dead. Lol
β€œ@HarlemJ11: "@YungKeem4rmLB: Coca Cola didnt have black kids in mind when they made these"
I am so ready for football season! #HurryUp
Dammit β€œ@MsXaviB: Spotted this Forrest Whitaker doll in Toys R Us. Lord forgive meπŸ™”
Retweeted by Mark......Oh
First Temple Run.... Now this..... I cant 2night. 😴😴😴
Mary Mary Mary......
β€œ@B_NERD: She forever fucking up tweets RT @DaGawd_: The infamous illiterate Mary strikes again .” im goin to bed now