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Exciting news! Just found out I'll be in 12/22 issue of @TVGuideMagazine! #ThatsHot
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"Obsession. The drive to succeed at all costs. When second place isn’t good enough because we live in winner-take-mo…
Why Mark Suster looks for obsessive and competitive founders via @ShareThis
#ironmantriathlon #tbt to a time when speedos were worn not just by Germans and before digital cameras, when, with special permission, I photographed the #ironman with a 35m camera for #triathletemagazine while doing the event. Long before #gopro and the #underpantsrun ruled the world.
This engraving was made 300,000 years *before humans evolved*
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"Why Vaccines Are One of the Best Investments You Can Make" by @BillGates on @LinkedIn…
Why Vaccines Are One of the Best Investments You Can Make
Join me at Exobase! Honored to be a part of, and to be presenting during, Exobase San Diego - a world renowned expe…
Watch the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer
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There's a Superhero Supply store in Brooklyn with a Cape Fitting room and wind tunnel. They also have an Invisibility Testing Center.
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The physics of productivity: Newton's laws for getting stuff done
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A dog kicks when you scratch its belly because it thinks the tickling sensation from your hand could be a bug that needs to get dislodged.
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IDEA: SOLVE EMAIL OVERLOAD by stopping unnecessary replies, just add NNTR to your email (No Need To Respond)" #RT #change THE WORLD! #NNTR
Save Our Inboxes! Adopt the Email Charter!
"Visionaries not only believe that the impossible can be done, but that it must be done."
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As real as it gets. Rett, a precious six month old. Medical Relief Fund… via @gofundme #RT #Give #Pray
Remembering my dad this Veterans Day - Frederick Mitchell Thrower II, a WWII Lt. from the #GreatestGeneration who saved a ton of lives. Miss you dad, thanks for being a hero.
Google launches Ebola campaign, to donate $2 for every $1 given by public:
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Actual discussion: Parent "I want #Ebola vaccine for my child" Doc "There isn't one, but we have #flushot" Parent "We don't believe in that"
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Every choice you make today will enable you to look back on your "now" as a healthier person in every way. Everything you eat, drink and do has a cumulative negative or positive impact on your future self. #justdoit
Chocolate is toxic and consuming 22 pounds of it can kill a person.
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"Forever, made simple." Wow. Nice Job @thelegacybox Preserve outdated tapes, film, pics digitally - all formats!
On Uber & Lyft's valuations, "these companies are actually a substitute for car ownership, not taxis." Marc Andreessen at #WSJDLive
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I just donated to Help find a cure for ebola. Please check out this amazing cause right now. Please join me in...…
Worth a read. Well written article from @rdasnyc...
Life & triathlon are inextricably related concepts with a start, a mid-point, an ending and even a cut off. #ironman
Ebola vaccine deemed safe, but will it work?
10 healthy ways to relieve stress and anxiety! You're welcome:
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"Get a flu shot" @BilldeBlasio advises, since flu symptoms are similar to #Ebola. Watch live:
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This is the messy truth about Ebola… #cnn
How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy - Atlantic Mobile…
Running into great old friends late night here in Kona @mitchthrower and Steve ; awesome guys
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After four days getting over a whale if a cold, just biking 5 miles feels like a miracle. We get sick so that we remember to be thankful for being healthy... "After health, everything else is profit." -TF. And @amandamthrower is the most amazing person on earth - live from a #sunset #lajolla #bike
Why Won't The Fear Of Airborne Ebola Go Away?
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"The internet makes everything faster, but life shorter." -Jacob Movsesian, Uber driver #lifequotes #UberDriver
Vaccines can save as many as 6 million lives—but @ONECampaign needs your help to make it happen:
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Dr. Aileen Marty tells Fusion what she saw fighting Ebola in Nigeria via @ThisIsFusion
#ironmantriathlon world championship swim start. See live coverage at - what a day!