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Mitch Cohen
Had fun chatting with @LOGEEKZ about Super Zero on their podcast. Thx Guys!…
Currently raising the bar for descending into Madness.
To all the media outlets requesting interviews, at this point I can neither confirm nor deny I won tonight's Miss Ameria contest on @ABC
Do you think giraffes get neck envy?
My ideal @McDonalds "Happy Meal" consists of a bottle of Scotch, a couple of Xanax and a Hamburgler future soldier action figure
Just watched @SuperZeroMovie for the 2nd time. Still damn very enjoyable. Zombie lovers need to check it out.
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The only yoga position I can hold is the downward spiral.
Zombie lovers checkout this fun and entertaining short film. The geek shall inherit the earth! @SuperZeroMovie…
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You HAVE to check out this short film by @SuperZeroMovie ! It absolutely rocks!! They gotta make a full length film!
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Check out @SuperZeroMovie. It's like Breaking Bad with zombies (but the main character doesn't become a villain).…
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Have you watched this yet? @SuperZeroMovie- Bad Ass Zombie Apocalypse Short Film:
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Snapped this last known pic of Max the exact moment he was unkowingly about to be ubducted by aliens. Poor guy.
The terror of #ScaryFarm is unleashed in SoCal! Follow the clues & find the horror for a chance to win.
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Check out the @MitchCohenFilms production Super Zero. Enough badass in one shorty to make you nuts..or insanely cool…
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Everyone go check out this amazing video created by my friend @MitchCohenFilms
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He's sad that I forgot it was his day.
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Super Zero - Bad Ass Zombie Apocalypse Short Film
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SUPER ZERO: Celebrates the average and the powerless. Because the only way to survive is to stay who you are.…
I think the only one that understands me is my dog Max. And he eats cat poop.
The nights I have time to sit and think are the nights where I think I have no time
Dance like nobody's watching. Because the fact is nobody gives enough shit to actualy watch you and your stupid ass dancing.
A simple man simply lives. A complicated man simply does not.
Couple of homies holding down the fort, watching the world go by.
Drowning in the deep end of absurdity
Cool Horror Videos: 15-minute zombie short Super Zero! - Movie News | via @arrowinthehead
Can you take an Uber to the liquor store down the street? Anybody do that before?
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are good, but Reeses Peanut Butter Bowls would be better.
Rule of thumb. If you see cops eating at a restaurant, its guaranteed the food there is pretty damn good.
Cracking zombie short SUPER ZERO from @MitchCohenFilms. Two rotten thumbs up (pottymouth warning for small folk)…
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@MitchCohenFilms Seriously, good work pal (from a fellow zombologist in Blighty)
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Check out this awesome zombie short by @MitchCohenFilms - featuring a cameo by @tweetsoutloud himself!
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The best zombie movie you'll see this year Super Zero - Bad Ass Zombie Apocalypse Short Film:… @MitchCohenFilms
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thanks! If you like the film please help spread the word. We need your help!