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Mitch Cohen
Never had the stomach for roller coaster rides
Another day trying to find the right people. Is this the right day?
I think I spend too much time over thinking how much I am over thinking how many things I need to think about.
Just leaving you a preview, So you can review what we do. The dead is coming to life.
One step forward, two steps back, closer to the day and further from my goal.
Its awesome when you collaborate with a great Designer that you just met, but they get your vision so well, they're finishing your sentences
Must find the courage to become bulletproof to every hardship on this journey. Otherwise failure is certain. And that's not an option.
Its not as much, that you're hanging on by a thread, its how long that thread lasts before it breaks and you fall for eternity.
Finally done for the day trying to get this film preped. I swear to God this shit better work out.
Seriously think I just had the best idea I ever came up with. Just made my film 1000 times cooler than it already was. Love this feeling.
Location scouting and this place is Super Weird.
You can't have it all, you just can't. That's just the way life works, and its by design.
To balance life, work and career you got to get up, get out and get busy before your normal day actually begins.
Planing a film there are lots of hard decisions to make in a short period of time. And there is no wrong answer, only the right one for you.
Wow, just drove by and noticed the C & C Music Factory shutdown. When did that happen?
My home seems to be quit for the first time since sound was invented. Nice.
LifeHack: Next time you're forced to pepper spray a would be assailant, save a sprtiz for some ramen as a delightful alternative to Sriracha
I feel like I got hit by a truck that was carrying a shipment of other equally large trucks.
Been a really long road to get here, but its finally happening.
I assume IMA DEWSH was already taken.
Sometimes you try things that are so daunting and consequential that you have to remain naive to reality or you will be paralyzed with fear.
The most violent gang known, the AARP-Funks aka SCentral High Blood Pressures aka LA Crip-Keepers aka MS65 and Olders
Great cover of a great song in a great movie. And on my mind.…