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Mitch Cohen
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Black Mirror is an amazing show. I've never seen anything like it, but it's also the kind of show I've always wanted to see.
"Where's your will to be weird?" -Jim Morrison
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I think I've gone out more times in the last three weeks than I have over the previous three years.
I have found that decades of playing Tetris translated pretty well to finding ways to make all my dishes and glasses fit in the dishwasher.
HOLY CRAP! I'm actually kind of honored, but also hope my malware software is up to date!
Thanks to the great cinema site @LaFamiliaFilm for featuring me in their "Filmmakers to Watch"' series. #shortfilm…
Do you think today's the day that happens every holiday season where Santa totally loses his shit, convinced he'll never get done in time?
Holy crap, just found an undeveloped roll of film from my rebellious days10 years ago buried in a box. I'll be going back in time tomorrow.
Filmmakers to Watch: Mitchell Cohen’s (@MitchCohenFilms) ‘Super Zero’ Is a True Delight
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Super Zero: A Badass Journey Into Zombie AWESOMENESS [Short Film] via @geeksaresexy
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Super Zero: A Badass Journey Into Zombie AWESOMENESS [Short Film]
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As thanks for all of your support, here's a @SuperZeroMovie desktop background. Our holiday gift to you! #YOLOHOHOHO
As thanks for all of your awesome support, here's an exclusive SUPER Z desktop background as our holiday gift to you.
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Experiencing an actual fall day in Los Angeles is a fantasy.
To quote the baddest motherfucker in the world, "That.... is awesome." Everyone watch @SuperZeroMovie now. #supportyourlocalindependent
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@MitchCohenFilms #SuperZeroMovie is an awesome achievement!!! I'll tell everyone who will listen! #Bravo and thanks! #Zombiepocalypse #Geeks
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@SuperZeroMovie ok I'm five minutes in and I'm in love....will get back to you when finished
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.@SuperZeroMovie I've been over and done with the whole zombie thing for a good while now but this was good! :)
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Don't worry guys, I will not bow down to the pressure I'm receiving from international hackers to pull @SuperZeroMovie off the internet.
Went outside and just met my new neighbor. Pretty sure we'll end up going some places to get into late night trouble together.
At a party and this dude's kitchen floor is the coolest I've ever seen.
I've been sucked back into watching Kansas play basketball this year. Why am I just stupidly inviting even more disappointment in my life?
I think we should officially stop calling it coffee and refer to the beverage as "The Nectar of the Gods"
For some reason that defies my understanding of physics, the rain just totally cracked my car windshield in half.
Happy to announce we DIDN'T get into Sundance and our collective dreams aren't in danger of coming true. Thank God we dodged that bullet!
Is it me or does this depict a peasent women owning the paint and reverse 360 slam dunking her child with authority?
ICYMI or you just didn't give enough crap when we posted it, read the @GeekSyndicate 5 out of 5 review of Super Zero!…
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Really confused by the Terminator Genisys trailer. Honestly looks like they morphed the stories of Terminator 1, 2 and 3 into a single film.
Read a really nice review from film site @Rogue_Cinema just posted about Super Zero. Glad they don't think we suck!…
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Ok, the new issue of Rogue Cinema is now fully posted, and only took me until 4:07 a.m. :P Anyway, just...
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