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Mitchell Van Arsdale
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Sometimes being the bad guy ain't all that bad
Christmas break can start now
Damnn why nobody tell me Baja had all the hoes I woulda been the only lightskin up in there lol
Hood niggas play GTA V for 10+ hours and think it's okay to buy rocket launchers.
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Always gotta end break with a goodnight out
Thankful for the fam and many other things. S/o to my dad for always goin hard on the filter lol…
That's why you'll never see me date one I couldn't be half of you boys that have girls runnin around getting knocked down by the team lol
I can't stand a goofy ass chick lol
Club goin' up on a Wednesday
Verizon be on the bullshit you get your data reset and 2 hours later they hit you with the "Youve used about 75% of your 8GB data plan" text
Playing the race card isn't right but being ignorant to facts isn't right either
Peoples inner ignorance always comes out after controversial events like what has happened in Ferguson
Be like "where the parties at"
When you won't stop fucking with your substitute teacher
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This the "we have a different set of rules for beer pong" outfit
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Weather has been so nice and cooperative these past two days now its gotta do all this extra unnecessary shit smh
BRUHHHHH 😭😂😂😂😂😂@mojo56k “”
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Not giving a fuck makes everything easier
Making a trip for spring break is a must this year
Happy bday to my boy @Cbullyyy hope you're not dead after last night
S/O to Hawkeye High for the 2 day Thanksgiving break.... You not the real MVP
Nobody is seeing me 1 v.s 1 in Super Smash Bros
Y'all let things phase you too easily
Up because sleep doesn't work for me
Can't wait to be your plus 1 bb @mitch_van23 🎉🍰👰💏
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Slipped and ate shit last night, my head still hurts think I'm concussed
Well last night was interesting lol
I just want to be a good Samaritan from now on
Haha It was the worst I was so happy to wake up! So sad that some dudes actually live that life
Had a nightmare that I was datin the local Thot put her as my #WCW I was embarrassed af but couldn't do anything... I woke up sweating lol
Happy Veteran's day to my dad and all those that have served past and present! #USA
Haha Well fuck its so cold my car won't even start
Yeah I know we live in Iowa and its supposed to snow but that doesn't mean I wanted it ya smartasses
Shoutout to my boy @AndrewStone5 on the TD! C. Beathard pass,to A. Stone for 24 yds for a TD Video -via @SportsCenter
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Sharks was a straight shit show last night like even more than usual lol
Don't get the game fucked up there's rules to this shit
The bars are cool and everything but shit gets pretty repetitive after time
Man Its cold af can a nigga get a cup of hot chocolate?
Love to see people doing good and getting theirs, can't say that about everyone
Get me the fuck outta here
When a mediocre girl at the bars thinks she's the baddest thing ever hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha #StopThat