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Fish sandwich from childhood.... #bomb
#unicorn #miraclebrand #undercover #atl. Know those days when you thought you were #undercover but then people still knows your government name. #unicorns can't hide that's fine! I love it here! #family
@sccpresents have a wonderful engagement party! You and R.j. Are wonderful and deserve love and happiness showered on you both! Have a great time between now and marriage! Next year #turnup #wedding for the both of you! So glad I can call you both my friends!!!!!
I was NOT taking advantage of by Mr. Cosby when I was on the Cosby Show! I was practically a baby on that show and this is truly a disgusting rumor that I want no part of! Everyone on that show treated me with nothing but kindness. Now keep me out of this!
Yes, peach for the holidays... #unicorn #5thelement #holidaypumpkin
Twitter: "Hanging out on the set @AOLOriginals #Myhero can't wait to tell you who my hero is......😝😝😝💃💃
Yes, I'm a science girl! 😀😀😀🙌
Those who know, know #fermilab
#fermilab #quantumthinking #unicon. I went on an amazing tour of FermiLab. Saw the particle accelerators, and learned a little about Neutrinos! For me the day was perfect!but I'm getting treated to a cheddar biscuit from #redlobster...#smilez!!! I feel loved! Go do something cool, learn something ne
A day out on Lake Michigan. Cozy, happy, and loved! Yay #liketkit
#scrubs. Had an amazing experience today! Thank you to ALL the health care specialists that help us on an everyday basis.... WOW!!!
#eyebrows toldya #unicorn morning life. Thank you for this great opportunity!
#empire @theoriginalbigdaddy #fox it's true back on tv, working with the most awesome cast and director. I can't wait! #unicorn!
Joyce Faulkner had a wonderful watercolor class. Giving instructions to re-create a photo of hers. I enjoyed this exercise!
#picplaypost #eyebrows #natural #unicorn Listen here. My eyebrows are backwards and crooked on all sides. And since I'm not on a show, or a movie right now, I like to keep that painful wax and pluck routine to a minimum. Drawing in your eyebrows eerrrvry day is not fun. Since I was a baby. Don't th
Final say about "what I said"... Hugs to all the people of America! Do what you can. Helping kids in our country is a wonderful feeling! Pay-it-forward. Donate as much as you can to help a kid have a full months tuition for an after school program! Dion Watson what a great way to pay it forward, and help the kids that
Wow, that when I first met #lelo this was a minute ago! (#RepostWhiz app)
(#RepostWhiz app) honestly, that's all I'm asking for tonight. My opinions are my own, made by experiences in my life. Love yall! 8 hours to go..... #wherearetheynow #oprah #unicorn #judgmentsatthedoor
Little fashion for a trip. Tonight at 9/8c #wherearetheynow #own #unicorn #liketkit
Chillin in chitown #liketkit
#wherearetheynow #OWN #unicorn honestly, I'm so excited I can't stop posting about it! If you know someone who knows someone that doesn't know I'm on #Oprah tonight. Fill them in!!!! This is not a game! At least put the TV on the channel now, and do the #previousbutton dance between football and #wh
Well thank you to this musician @katiesteel_. For things that are kept secrete! Good luck on your journey! Hi mom!!!😝😝😄
@a_nicholle and I had a nine hour day... For a mane that's just for me!!! Hard work, love, and some yarn!!! Made this travel hairy favorite!!!!!
#unicorn & #stallion. Got the man done by @a_nicholle. @thumpnixon stopped by to yaknow get his mane groomed! My ornaments are getting love.