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Had a great night @tyrabanks! Congrats on a million cycles! 😝😝😝. To all the peeps I met last night! I had a ball! Met great faces! And lots of dancing! Didn't have my phone, so here is my only shot of the night #selfcentered...😑.
@jonathan_mcdaniel #rp remember those days! Fair tour! People got babies, and years on life! Those were the days!
#foodadventure #picplaypost. Before I go home from a great trip to the Chi, had to stop by Portillo's to try my first #Chicagodog. 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣. #💣💣💣🍟 💣💣💣. It's was great! #chicagoadventure was great, people are great! Thanks @oprah for inviting me to visit a great city! Back home, #insanit
@kingsamjonesiii @browncharl love y'all, but please the money is needed. I donated along side @todddiener. Hope these girls are ok, and I hope people be careful out there!
#awsomesauce #reallofechoices! #wherearetheynow I just did the interview of a life time with ms. Oprah Winfrey @oprah what just happened???
@todddiener @ravensymonecp I mean my manager and I are killin em! Love..... Next picture... Life
#boujighetto #glamsquad. Thanks you ladies! @stellamikhail and Francis made me feel pretty oh so pretty I feel pretty whitty bomb!!!
#realize just realized that my #diamondtears headphones matches my hair.... Today's the day! I'll post later why I'm gitty! It's a game changer, it's a bucket list checkoff, it's a resume topper! 🙊🙌. Back to the #diamondtears headphones... Y'all got some new colors?!?! I want another pair!!!!
Told you.... Fast and 💣💣ass food! Roast duck over rice! 😝😝😝😝🙌🙌🙏
#yelp #eatingadventure.. @todddiener and I are at a real roast duck megaplex right now! So happy. Drinks😑 but the food should be💣💣. #chicago
Taro/ mango/ guava and red bean yes for #b&t in Chicago!
#b&t #chiadventure. Love the travel channel and @todddiener. Let's have an adventure
#boujighetto. Excited to hear that #thatssoraven is back on the air! @a_nicholle thanks for the color job! Off to do the interview of a lifetime! More info to come!
#tbt well kind of a throw back. My mom in the early 90's, me in San Fran! Photo by @iamazmarie. Love that I'm growing into her! Love you mom!
"Mrs.Doubtfire" "Aladdin" "one hour photo" "the butler" and every other cartoon I grew up too! Your light will be missed. But your happier where you are! Love and silence to your family! Your loved!
OMG! This place is awesome! The people In it and the barrels of oil and vinegar! Thanks for a great gift, and tasting! I'll be ordering and coming back! Your gonna bring my dinners to a higher level!
#sketchoftheday "Give me my Nutella back!"
Last day of school! 💋💋💋💋
ALAKAZIA..."Fashion from A to Z" The Documentary by ALAKAZIA via @kickstarter
ALAKAZIA..."Fashion from A to Z" The Documentary by ALAKAZIA via @kickstarter
#sketchoftheday lockbox, you won't know the real me until I'm ready to get up and let you in. The combo is safe within my mind, and when the box opens, be ready for a revolution!
#sketchoftheday Sitting. Waiting for the time to jump out and scream! Things are packed and waiting for the future to begin.
#tbt ok soooooo I'm light, I know this! However in the mini series "Queen" the decided to make me whiter. Humm😒😑. Jasmine guy was amazing! Oh yea @jussiesmollett was in this mini series too! "You a slave, and always gwan be one"-queens mother, jasmine guy! Off to school!
#tbt ok so what can I say, mom and me with room service. Yea I like bread.... #lifestylesoftherichandfamous, yea I was on that show during this picture! Lol. Bread!!!
#tbt moms cleaning the childhood house and finally found the non water damaged pictures! I'm all over throwback now!