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If you don't fight for what you want, then don't cry for what you lost.
My babies arrived 😢 6.3ft
Indi trying on dresses 💁#love #photooftheday #cute #dresses #new #girl #purple #fashion #pretty
With @julesdiamondx 💕
#Watford 💃
All this #newyear new me bullshit has started already Ffs it's all lies don't sell yourself dreams.
Just because I sin differently to you , that doesn't give you the right to judge me.
Do not stress over life because all of this will eventually come to an end.
If you're going church on nye go in silence innit the tl don't care. Ffs
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1 month until I get paid how am I supposed to pay for my denim jacket now ?
Woke up in some fucked off mood
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I shall never agree to working until 8 again , I've learnt my lesson
I feel sorry for anyone working at Next today
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Taking all the presents back that I brought ,bunch of cunts in this house
Long day at work time to watch the #Boondocks
Night out with the Gyal Dem 💋
Do I care about your opinions? no no no no no no \_ no no no no no no
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This is the 4th time my Ucas has been return I'm obviously not meant to go to uni feel to allow the whole thing
Leigha's Lantern ✨ rest in peace
Aww works got us wearing Santa hats
Anyone who hits girls or women or someone who is obviously physically weaker than them is a coward like 100%
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Just want a lay in but no unfortunately one starts work at 8.
Unorthodox Jukebox 1 year anniversary? Say word?
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