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Kemya Scott
Next week is our LAST chat - we'll be talking w/the amazing @DeeCMarshall. Have a restful evening, my friends! Chat soon!!! #StilettoThrive
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Awesome chat! Thank you for sharing your wisdom @CarolSankar - looking forward to hearing you LIVE at #stilettothrive
Thank you @StilettoWoman and @CarolSankar for this platform and the content shared. Great convo and nuggets of wisdom! #stilettothrive
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Be sure to check out @CarolSankar on Twitter and at . She will be a speaker at #StilettoThrive this summer!
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RT @StilettoWoman @CarolSankar Thank you so much for joining us tonight and sharing your wisdom in business! #StilettoThrive
Oh yeah, can't wait! RT @CarolSankar: I am bringing the #ConfidenceFactor to #StilettoThrive
RT @StilettoWoman Q8: #StilettoThrive is about educating and empowering #womeninbusiness, what are you bringing to the conference this year?
RT @CarolSankar I discuss the process of how we're being outsourced by fear factor therefore, our biz are not as profitable #StilettoThrive
Sad fact RT @CarolSankar: Less than 7% of women who have been in business over 5 years get to the 6-figure level due to fear #StilettoThrive
RT @CarolSankar Book is based on stats we've collected over the past 2 years where women have over $17B in buying power #StilettoThrive
RT @CarolSankar: #ConfidenceFactor will be released in May '14, focuses on how #women need to start asking for more in biz #StilettoThrive
Competence, confidence & character are hard to ignore. Master the art of presenting your best you and you can dominate! #stilettothrive
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@CarolSankar you are so phenomenal lady! It was great featuring you last year in the magazine. WE Mag wishes you success! #stilettothrive
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RT @StilettoWoman @CarolSankar Q7: You have a new book, The Confidence Factor for Women. Give us a brief overview... #StilettoThrive
@CarolSankar That's awesome!! Consistency, growth and evolution. Your track record and accomplishments are inspirational. #StilettoThrive
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Absolutely phenomenal-congratulations! RT @CarolSankar: Now, we are about to go into development sector by the end of 2015 #StilettoThrive
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RT @CarolSankar then we started to get into commercial in 2012 which was a game changer #StilettoThrive
Tickets to #StilettoThrive Conference on sale NOW! "It's more than business, it's a lifestyle" ~ @StilettoWoman
RT @CarolSankar It did not take me long to pack up & make Charlotte home so I can get into the market & that is another risk #StilettoThrive
Agree! RT @StilettoWoman "You have no idea how much I was touched. All women need @StilettoWoman & #SWIBA in their life!!" #StilettoThrive
The Future of the Internet of Things [infographic]
RT @CarolSankar I came to Charlotte and recognized a major opportunity to own real estate for passive income back in 2005 #StilettoThrive
RT @StilettoWoman @CarolSankar Q6: You advocate entrepreneurship and real estate too. What sparked interest in RE investing? #StilettoThrive