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Alright let's take a moment and realize that @DanielNewman followed me. (Senpai noticed kōhai #2)
I dont even like otome games but i just cant stop because i need to what will happen ARRRGGHHHHH
I'm not gomna flip shit bit Gerard Way just favourited my tweet. (Senpai noticed the kōhai.)
Cry is a precious cinnamon roll i will crush anyone who talks shit about him
Every meal is a breakfast if you sleep often enough
I need to be noticed by senpai so hard
I promise to the bands whom music i downloaded illegally, i promise i will buy all of them when im rich.
Well, i mean, it's not BAD but it's not a song that i would obsess over all week too#THRONE
Purple hair is boring im going to dye it teal this weekend
Do u ever get sleep waves?Like one sec u feel like sleeping for 20hr & next it's gone but then it happens again BUT U KNOW U DONT NEED SLEEP
Raw from camera bc im too lazy
I'm so fucking angry right now. My sexuality has nothing to with you. Just leave us alone! #onuryürüyüsü
#lovewins but apparently not in Turkey. Police is using water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas to break the parade.
The supreme court legalized Gay Marriage in all states! #LoveWins
The next targaryen with the dragon blood is @Michael5SOS
When are they going to cast me as Harley Quinn? :/
Im literally the best why wont you like me
the amount of boredom im experiencing right now is incredible
Man last two weeks and I will not have to get up and go to school ever again
I am suddenly religious and believe in god with all my heart…
Who cpuld be the spammer....hmm, tough question....
I don't own TWO cats? Where did this white came from? Why is it playing with Mycroft? WHY MYCROFT ENJOYS THIS????
The reason why im so amazing is that i absorb souls at nivht when noone is looking.
I will bullshit anything and everything.
Should i try to get out of bed or nah?
I stay up all night and sleep all day long. There is only one solution. I have to move across the earth.
Ya know getting bored is kind of getting boring
Life is too short for me to get taller :(
Maybe I'm just a lesbian who gets really excited about cute boys idk
Me on internet: Confident openly bisexual Me irl: should i wear that pride necklace or would i get murdered?
If i ever get a girlfriend, im gonna love her so hard
Have you ever plugged your electric blanket and waited hours for your bed to get warm just to come and see that it was set to zero.
We nees to stop something Sensei. Is it Levi or Rivaille? @hajime_isayama

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