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Rainy weathers makes me look pretty #sorryabouttheselfiespam
The Sidekicks - "Deer": @Hookerpopcorn babe they named a song after you
I feel like im gonna look awesome today
I'm totally wearing my brother's boxer right now. NOBODY HAVE DONE THE LAUNDRY
Ditching school just to stay at home. Im awesome.
Really Mycroft? Are you reeeaalllyyy sure that's the right place? *Sigh*
I should really stop buying lipstick.
"@Luke5SOS: Rehearsal break today, very excited for these shows and the tour next year :-)" fuck you hemmings
I might seem really cool. I am. But not like "oh bey party all night longz no man i sit at home and finish 800 paged books in 7hours.
why do you want big boobs? dont. there is too many disadvantages
Saturday night fun: watching very single @AllTimeLow music video
Why am i so fucking tired i slept whole day
Should i just give up and sleep for 3 hours?
It's 4am why am i still awake? I have school tomorrow and work afterwards :(
My name is Alex and I work at Target, when ı saw the tag i thought "yes it is my time" i was so disapponted honestly #alexfromtarget
I was so excited about #sims4 but now im so frustrated...THE CONTROLS ARGH
Last 20 mins and then i can play sims nom stop for three days and never touch it again until the first expansion package
im being very inspirational today
You could be in a totally different planet and timeline but you r here right know that should mean something.You meant to be here.You matter
I sometimes come to relization that I exist.Like Im here in this world it's so weird, i mean i could be in another planet in year 3099.weird
"Meeting Bon Jovi wont make you pass your class." BUT IT'LL MAKE MY LIFE MOM
I'm throwing a one person dance party. Its super fun tbh
#NP #NowPlaying "Semi-Automatic" by @twentyonepilots It's a Twenty One Pilots kind of day
Pasta for breakfast, launch, dinner and everything in between. It's that kinds of day.
hey i died less than 5 times today, maybe im not that bad #LeagueOfLegends
"@skinny_lace :Yes, this is what I do with my free time. #lesbians #Sims4 #tattoo" this is what i will do in 1 hour.
The only thing that bothers me about #sims4 is that i expected char. to be more realistic instied they went for full on cartoony.
What emo r u talking about? *flips fringe* i'm not emo...
So much that i could be the worst league player ever
You have no idea how suck i am at LoL #LeagueOfLegends
I'm not vain people. I mean come on! Have you seen me two years ago??? I' just making up the low selfesteem I had back then.
I'm a proffesional on peeing without sitting. Thank you public bathrooms.
"@prettycarter: people are disgusting wtf" wtf is wrong with these people
Having @cyr on my snapchat makes me feel like we are friends.
It's 4:52am and i've stayed up all night playing League. Isn't that just wonderful?
You have any idea how hard it be a fucking girl gamer? It's quite hard.
#LiverpoolVsRealMadrid I read this tag as "Liverpool vs Real Mermaid" I might be high
why do i have to pay hundreds of dollars to punk clothing lines JUST so i can look homeless????
When put my hand out if a moving car's window, am i pushing the air or is the air hitting my hand?
It's nice seeing you all poetic and stuff but you ok man? @cyr