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Julia Abenes 「朱莉婭小姐」
You're planning to head out on a vision quest while the psychi... More for Aries
Your dreams about love are likely to be more interesting now t... More for Aries
You are preoccupied with relationship issues that, ironically,... More for Aries
It's more important than ever to establish a productive daily ... More for Aries
You're known for being quick to react when something goes awry... More for Aries
You probably don't realize just how close you are to achieving... More for Aries
All the big ideas in the world aren't a viable substitute for ... More for Aries
Although your day begins with high expectations, a series of u... More for Aries
There are more choices than you see at first glance as you enc... More for Aries
There is an obvious conflict between your long-term relationsh... More for Aries
Nearly anything goes today while the urgency of your feelings ... More for Aries
You don't know whether you should be feeling happy or sad toda... More for Aries
It's stressful trying to determine how much to reveal when dis... More for Aries
You're intent on doing an excellent job on whatever projects y... More for Aries
Summertime fun and games will have to wait until you have fini... More for Aries
You can't help but express what's in your heart today, but it'... More for Aries
Curbing your enthusiasm sounds like a smart strategy today, bu... More for Aries
You are highly motivated to find ways to express the colorful ... More for Aries
Establishing healthy habits over the months ahead produces ben... More for Aries
Don't fall victim to believing that you can do everything toda... More for Aries
Theoretically, you should be able to find plenty of time to re... More for Aries
A never-ending string of distractions makes for an extremely b... More for Aries
You may have taken on one too many responsibilities but you're... More for Aries
You're ready to settle down and put your nose to the grindston... More for Aries
You might not easily accept the fact that you can't have every... More for Aries
You're able to step directly into the flow of events today, ev... More for Aries
You wake up believing you can do anything today, but reality h... More for Aries
Let your freak flag fly and flirt like there's no tomorrow as ... More for Aries
By all appearances this is a day made in heaven to play, party... More for Aries
You want to shout your opinions from the rooftop today as the ... More for Aries
You can push boundaries without even realizing it when you are... More for Aries
There is so much emotional noise today, it's nearly impossible... More for Aries
You may be so jazzed about a new project that you're off and r... More for Aries
You're on a roll, talking up a storm with everyone you meet. Y... More for Aries
No matter how serious your intentions are today, it's too soon... More for Aries
Your outrageous actions might be shocking today as revolutiona... More for Aries
You prefer to be in full control of your fate, but you could e... More for Aries
Expressing yourself honestly grows more complicated when you'r... More for Aries
You might try a more cautious approach to sharing your feeling... More for Aries
You're willing to work extra hard today in order to solidify y... More for Aries
Sorry, Aries, you need to save your daydreaming for the night ... More for Aries
Your Sunday routine may not include going to church, but it's ... More for Aries
You thrive on the unpredictable nature of the day as mischievo... More for Aries
You might receive a rude awakening if you think your past acco... More for Aries
You're waiting for someone to say the wrong word today so you ... More for Aries
Although profound resistance to your plans can stop you in you... More for Aries
It might feel as if someone stole your wallet or broke your he... More for Aries
You're often the first one out the door in the morning, but yo... More for Aries
Your willingness to gamble your emotional security for the pos... More for Aries
It seems like everyone else is content to lazily soak up the s... More for Aries

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