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Julia Abenes 「朱莉婭小姐」
Although you may think you're at a turning point today, it's r... More for Aries
Lowering your defenses isn't all that easy because people may ... More for Aries
You believe you know exactly what you want in the love departm... More for Aries
Your key planet Mars is engaged in a cosmic tug of war with ot... More for Aries
Your life path may grow even more convoluted if you are strugg... More for Aries
Expressing feelings that you might normally keep to yourself c... More for Aries
Although you can slow down and enjoy the scenery today -- an u... More for Aries
The rhythm of your own drumbeat is so loud today that you can'... More for Aries
You're cosmically disposed to be a pioneer, bravely exploring ... More for Aries
You may look forward to taking some time off today, but might ... More for Aries
You may be consciously holding yourself back because you know ... More for Aries
Hurrying to finish what you already started may be a hopeless ... More for Aries
Controlling your emotions continues to be an uphill battle tod... More for Aries
There isn't much of a chance that you can restrain your feelin... More for Aries
You receive a fleeting glimpse of clarity today, but confusio... More for Aries
It's an exercise in futility to start anything new today, espe... More for Aries
A casual conversation might lead you to places you weren't exp... More for Aries
Although you can be quite generous in spirit when you so choos... More for Aries
You are resolved to fulfill your heart's desires, but may be g... More for Aries
Although your intentions may be honorable, it's not a simple m... More for Aries
Trusting the universe is a no-brainer when you're sure that ev... More for Aries
Your unrestrained confidence can create problems, unless you s... More for Aries
A change in the cosmic weather has you anticipating your futur... More for Aries
People may have the best of intentions today, but their abrupt... More for Aries
Nothing is gained by turning every molehill you encounter into... More for Aries
You can't escape from the consequences of someone's unexpected... More for Aries
You don't have to turn every conversation into a competition. ... More for Aries
The tension is palpable today, distracting you with the antici... More for Aries
Your senses are on high alert and your acute perceptions regis... More for Aries
Someone may perform such a convincing dog and pony show today ... More for Aries
The clock is ticking and there are only so many hours in the d... More for Aries
You wake up wired for action, feeling jolts of intellectual li... More for Aries
Sparks are flying and you are energized by the electric buzz i... More for Aries
You're not going to let anything bother you today, or so you t... More for Aries
It feels as if you have one last chance to revisit your childh... More for Aries
Nothing is more important to you today than living up to other... More for Aries
Although setting limits might be the smartest thing you can do... More for Aries
People seem more even-keeled today with Mercury's presence in ... More for Aries
Never has crossing things off your to-do list felt so satisfyi... More for Aries
You have an unexpected chance to follow your impulses and an e... More for Aries
You want to swoop in and heroically save the day as you negoti... More for Aries
Taking your inner child out for ice cream today offers you an ... More for Aries
You're planning to head out on a vision quest while the psychi... More for Aries
Your dreams about love are likely to be more interesting now t... More for Aries
You are preoccupied with relationship issues that, ironically,... More for Aries
It's more important than ever to establish a productive daily ... More for Aries
You're known for being quick to react when something goes awry... More for Aries
You probably don't realize just how close you are to achieving... More for Aries
All the big ideas in the world aren't a viable substitute for ... More for Aries
Although your day begins with high expectations, a series of u... More for Aries

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