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Julia Abenes 「朱莉婭小姐」
Smoother sailing in your interactions with others today sets t... More for Aries
It seems as if events are happening for no reason today, befud... More for Aries
You might assume that working hard today will enable you to co... More for Aries
Impulsive behavior may not bring you what you want today, espe... More for Aries
You might cling to a very practical notion about relationships... More for Aries
Just as the bumps on the road of life seem to smooth out, anot... More for Aries
You can't help but raise issues that everyone else would rathe... More for Aries
You're itching to make an escape today because you believe you... More for Aries
You're quite thankful for coworkers who support you even when ... More for Aries
You are extremely appreciative of an old friend who continues ... More for Aries
Although you may have the best of intentions today, it's tough... More for Aries
There's little chance of you being very logical today as the c... More for Aries
No matter what you hope to do today, work-related tasks demand... More for Aries
Searching for hidden information may be a compulsion, as if yo... More for Aries
All eyes are on you today because you can imagine the most ama... More for Aries
You're less inclined to hide your feelings today, even if you ... More for Aries
Unresolved partnership issues make you more impatient as the d... More for Aries
You are receiving mixed cosmic signals about how much to share... More for Aries
Everything is quite simple as long as you don't allow the fact... More for Aries
Although you might think you fixed a problem at work, your con... More for Aries
Although everything will likely fit into place, you still must... More for Aries
You are acutely aware of what is missing from a significant re... More for Aries
You may be accustomed to the repetitive waves of energy that p... More for Aries
Cosmic light bulbs flash, illuminating your mind today, and yo... More for Aries
You may try to hide from the spotlight today because you feel ... More for Aries
It's a wizardly day, overflowing with the potential of magic. ... More for Aries
Nothing is to be gained by letting your anger distract you fro... More for Aries
A recent event may have unexpectedly triggered emotions that i... More for Aries
You may breathe a sigh of relief today because it seems like r... More for Aries
You have a lot of chores to finish today and your responsible ... More for Aries
Relationships hold great potential now, but only if you rememb... More for Aries
Cleaning house (literally or figuratively) makes perfect sense... More for Aries
The more facts you have at your disposal today, the more you r... More for Aries
Achieving your career objectives or finding your life's purpos... More for Aries
You might be convinced that someone is manipulating reality no... More for Aries
You aren't willing to give up your freedom, even in a trade fo... More for Aries
You are ready to let go of your personal agenda now that the e... More for Aries
A friend or coworker appears to have all the answers today, ev... More for Aries
Although you may think you're at a turning point today, it's r... More for Aries
Lowering your defenses isn't all that easy because people may ... More for Aries
You believe you know exactly what you want in the love departm... More for Aries
Your key planet Mars is engaged in a cosmic tug of war with ot... More for Aries
Your life path may grow even more convoluted if you are strugg... More for Aries
Expressing feelings that you might normally keep to yourself c... More for Aries
Although you can slow down and enjoy the scenery today -- an u... More for Aries
The rhythm of your own drumbeat is so loud today that you can'... More for Aries
You're cosmically disposed to be a pioneer, bravely exploring ... More for Aries
You may look forward to taking some time off today, but might ... More for Aries
You may be consciously holding yourself back because you know ... More for Aries
Hurrying to finish what you already started may be a hopeless ... More for Aries

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