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Nur Fazura
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❤️💐 by @malaysiaairlines "It's time to come home - #staystrong #flyinghigh" via @PhotoRepost_app
Al Fatihah❤️💐
Yes, my precious Chloe.. Mommy's home safely :) ❤️
Sempena menghormati Hari Berkabung Negara untuk menerima kepulangan jenazah para penumpang penerbangan @malaysiaairlines MH17, butik House of Doll akan ditutup sepanjang hari pada Jumaat, 22 Ogos 2014 bersamaan dengan 26 Syawal 1435 H. Ingatan dan doa kami akan sentiasa mengiringi para kru dan penu
Oh girl... No you didn't just nominate me! @zurrs 😂😂😂
👣 by @nazreemmusa "‼️ Pls Help Spread #armankes611914 Repost from @armankes611914 "Arman Shahril a.k.a Kotok a.k.a Malaychic has conned more than 10 families. He has run away with almost HALF A MILLION. Police is in search of him right now. So far he has nowhere to be found. Pls help us spread the
Aww.. You win gorgeous! 💋😁 by @dewidiary2 "@missfazura wannabe 💕Copycat much meowww 😻 #ilovefazura #tb #bkk" via @PhotoRepost_app
Feeling super blessed for having such amazing friends. Thank you besties for coming.. So excited for this! Love you guys always ❤️❤️❤️ @amrirahim @aizataidid @khemeross @rizmanruzaini @veliciousvass @dianadanielleb @shahshamshiri @klubbkidd
Love you! 💋 by @rizmanruzaini "Dinner with you know who @missfazura #hernextbigproject #happyforher" via @PhotoRepost_app
Life is awesome! #Werk #Blessed #Fazbulous 💋
Grateful. Blessed. Content. ❤️
HAPPY Birthday to my amazing friend who has an intense amount of Love for everyone. May you constantly inspire me with your Positivity and Loyalty in friendship. I pray that you be blessed with eternal happiness, peace, abundance and endless love. Semoga segala doa dimakbulkan ALLAH SWT. Keep your h
Riak berleluasa. Takut. May we continue to learn from the mistake of others. #MuhasabahDiri
Bertuah badan. Malam ni my manager belanja dinner pula sebab dia kata saya good girl. Aww.. Thank you. I wonder why you're so rich 😝 @farid_ramlee 💋💗
Was so amazed by the beauty of these ladies. Thank you for capturing your memorable night with me :) ❤️👰 by @suzieeryanty "💜girl crush💜" via @PhotoRepost_app
Lama tak jumpa sahabat seorang ni. We've both been so busy, but dia masih tak lupa saya. Thank you for bertanya khabar and belanja dinner. Appreciate it 💋💗 @reenemran
Lebih sudu dari kopi. #Trend
Aww.. Thanks fortune cookie. You didn't have to :) #Blessed
Syukur Alhamdulillah ada rezeki berjumpa lagi. Kalau sebut nama Shazryn je mesti ingat kebaikan orang nya. Faz pun sama.. Doakan yg terbaik for your future endeavors. Semoga murah rezeki dan sihat selalu. Mudah2an. Amin ❤️ by @_me.iamshazryn_ "Percaya atau tidak, memang sudah lama tak bertemu dengan
Great fun catching up with good old friends at @bobofahad 's Raya open house last night. Sedap betul masakan tuan rumah. Thank you again for having us 💋💗 @rizuwann @syazwanzakariah @_me.iamshazryn_ @jaydeesm @surianie @khemeross
Haha muka macam baru lepas goreng ayam! Lol. Was great fun catching last night, as always 💋by @syazwanzakariah "@missfazura ni tak mekap pun cantik. Tak faham. Haha." via @PhotoRepost_app
Amazing things are about to happen. Stay grateful :) ❤️
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