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✨Bridgette Reed✨
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Wishing you and your family a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!! Eat some salad! 😜 #HappyThanksgiving #Thanksgiving
Just in case your confused...He has a plan. Trust the process.
Each day I'm learning Gods way which is so much better than my way. I'm thankful for this season because of all the things I've gone through in life...only Gods knows the full extent of my Overcoming story. One day I'll feel comfortable to share but until then, just know there is a story behind this
Repost by @malimusic #truth
I like this mirror, makes me look skinny! 😂 #furnitureshopping
Standing in one of the bedrooms upstairs! There about to paint! So exciting! It's really taking shape. #homebuilding
Trying to become a morning it's like 3am..umm...currently failing. Night owls unite!! We can change what the world calls morning! Who set that rule anyway? 😐😳#mymindisonatreadmill #WheresMyLavender #JesusTakeTheWheel #VacayNeeded lol!
We're goofy. #TheReeds2
What I love about life is the journey of learning, growing, and God transforming our hearts and minds. As I embark upon a new season...I see and hear the lessons learned. I'm ready to embrace this new season. It's begins in the heart and doesn't have to be a major life change, an ending to something
I'm like NEVER on Twitter anymore. Usually tweet from Instagram so if you care...join me! ->
Refuse the urge to complain. You really are blessed. Someone wishes they can have your life. #BoycottNegativity
When God wanted to love on me He gave me you and told me I can trust you. Knowing what I've gone through in my previous relationships, he gave me the sweetest, most gentle, loving person I could ever meet to tend to my tender heart. Your love inspires me because you never stop pursuing. You are a le
Spread more love, less hate. Think the best of others rather than assuming, choose to smile, choose to be joyful. Let it begin in your heart. #HappyMonday
Don't you love it that God protects you even when you don't see it? Just had a moment to be thankful. 🙌
I love my sisters more than they know. We had fun tonight celebrating Sheree's birthday. God truly blessed me with two, humble, talented, God-fearing women that I look up to everyday. So thankful to be that were family! @sumetrareed #blessed
Saw this on Facebook. Deon and I did this last year and had so much fun doing it. What's even more fun is making boxes for each other and seeing what we put in it. Simple fun items. #ChristmasTradition #christmas #familytraditions
The look you give your husband as he expresses his road rage. #DriveSafe #SayNoToRoadRage 😳�
Each decision matter. #wisechoices | Beautiful worship by @amberrhoads of Gateway Worship | Speakers : @mrslucytyler @msronne @sumetrareed @mercylokulutu @ocielia @laurenclayborne Sheree Andrews and a beautiful prophetic experience with @jillmonaco | Were spending one night with the king | Were here to serve
I had a few request to do a few tutorials. This is my first one on skin care. I love the products in this video and its completely from an unbiased perspective. Also check out my other videos as well!! Link is in IG profile bio or search YouTube for Bridgette Reed. Let's do life together!! 😘😘#Doi
I see you watching me. 😜😜#youcanthide #girlWecool #iloveyou #stopit #sillysocialmediappl lol! 😘😘
Had amazing meeting with @amberrhoads about the Overcomers conference at the Gaylord. God truly connected us and I'm forever grateful. Such a sweet and humble soul. Gosh, thank you Lord. #humbled
Conference meeting at the Gaylord Texan today with @amberrhoads. This is THEE perfect hotel. So beautiful, peaceful and relaxing.
Had a moment last night when God finally gave me an answer to a question I've had all year. I tell my husband and he connects and agrees! We're on one accord with each other and Christ. The best place to be!! Wait for it...
She's baaaccckkkk! Hey now! #longhairIcare 💁lol! 😘😘😘happy Wednesday lovelies!
This man was such a powerful person and leader! RIP... his ministry definitely impacted my life. So sad to hear his passing. Wow! Praying for this family! #mylesmunroe
We can't conceive how He loves us. We might not be able to figure it out. We just need to receive. He loves us so much! It's like nothing you have ever received from any person. It's the only that that brings me true peace. Gods love leaves me speechless. #blessed #loved
Worship, word and now more furniture shopping! Love doing life with this man! Happy Sunday lovelies!
My night owl thoughts...goodnight! ✌️
Made this plan a few months ago. It's been going well. Some days are better than others. This is motivation for cleaning a bigger home. Won't try to do it all in one day. So here's my plan. Make it pretty and colorful! Cheers to getting more organized! Excited to move soon! #homebuilding #cleaningsc
Anybody night owls that are now morning people...I need your suggestions on how you did it! This girl loves to sleep! Lol! I really want to wake up at like 5am...but that has NEVER been me. Lol! Trying to change. Any suggestions..
Let it go!!! Let it go!!! #forreal #frozen #favoritemovie #SheCanSang #NowWatching
Yep! Pretty much! #marriagelife
I just love our marketing team and the people God has placed in our lives to help us with this conference. Round 2 being executed this week! Registration available at! Excited to meet you all! For those of you that asked about roommates please email us: overcomersconference
Yesterday I posted a sneak peak into the building of our home on my YouTube channel. Video was taken late September so the house is much further along. Just wanted to share a glimpse of the inside with you all. Link is in profile bio! #homebuilding #excited #almostthere
I love this post! Hands down one of my favorites! #Repost from @sanaalathan with @repostapp --- 💛
Yes YOU!! I'm thankful for your life! You are a gift to this world! Blossom, bloom and be beautiful! Go be great lovely! 😘 #inspiration
Cheers to celebrating marriage on random days. #SparklingAppleCider #CelebrateYourMarriage #ForEver2Us #ThankYouLord #ServeYourSpouse
Loving this bob!! Sorry for all my selfies! But I do miss my long locks too. #selfie
While writing the story of your life, use a pencil cause 9 times out of 10 God has a different plan! 😉#truth #giantpencils #daveandbusters #ImGoofy #funtimes
Sequence and eyelashes....they make me...her! 💁💁Hey now! Date night run! 😘😘 #funtimes
Just sent this out to over 500 beautiful women connected to our ministry. Stay connected by signing up at #faith #inspiration #Christian
Saw this picture and my husband! I need this sweater. I'm always cold! Lmbo! 😂
So excited to be giving a ton of these book/journals away at the Overcomers Conference. Also, I must mention the beautiful sweet spirit @karolyneroberts for designing this cover. She's amazing. I changed my book cover like 7 times and she never complained! She wasn't rude or anything. Just sweet as
Many can talk but few have the skills, knowledge and experience to back it up. I know for a fact you…
I love Tuesdays. Marriage life group night! Nothing more I'd rather be doing than being with those…
#rp Very few will allow you to see their scars to show you in their humanity God is a redeemer. It's…
Can't wait to receive from this amazing woman! So excited! #Repost from @MsRonne with…
Gosh #erincondren always brightens my day! Love my new notebook that got for free!!
Gosh #erincondren always brightens my day! Love my new notebook that got for free!!