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James Mirtle
Rick DiPietro's twitter handle is @HDumpty39, his avatar is a hilarious Jesus photoshop, & he's now an amicable, capable radio host. Enjoy.
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My thoughts and prayers go out to the Suter family today. I will miss you forever Bob Suter
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Just saw the Red Army documentary at #TIFF14. Terrific stuff. Focuses on Fetisov mainly but lot of great material on Russian hockey.
Congrats to @HockeyAbbs who'll be calling some Canucks games in Vancouver this year on @TSN1040
Podcast: James Mirtle from The Globe & Mail joins The Drive to talk advanced stats in NHL…
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Bob Suter was a big-time mentor to the Kessel brothers growing up. Huge figure in Madison hockey circles. Only 57 years old.
Terrible news out of Wisconsin: According to @AndyBaggotWSJ, Ryan Suter's father Bob has died of a heart attack. Was on Miracle on Ice team.
Leafs re-sign Spencer Abbott. Last RFA to go.
Will be discussing this story about putting RFID tags on NHL players in order to track their every move…
Will be on @TSN1200 with the venerable @ian_mendes here in a minute or two. Listen in.
Hockey Canada announces that Kamloops will host the 2016 IIHF women’s world championships. Big news for my hometown.
Wayne Gretzky and other hockey greats like @coachwsb in town for TIFF tonight. Red Army is the film. Looks terrific…
Toronto City Hall: Best beat ever. RT @annhui: @MikeTyson arrives at Rob Ford's office #topoli
New sports revenue generation opportunity: Fans paying for CLEAR to speed through security lines. The @SFGiants will offer it for $179/year.
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One of weaker lines looks like the Islanders. They should easily get more than 81 points.
Avs are this year's Leafs apparently. Bodog probably lost a lot on Toronto last year.
Line on the Avs (over/under 98.5 points?) has dropped two points since I got the email two hours ago. 96.5 now.
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Bodog puts Leafs over/under for points at 88.5. Tied for ninth in the East.
Story: With job on line, Carlyle taking no-nonsense approach to Leafs season
Nice threads. RT @ToddSharrock The goalie has landed! Bob arrives at NHL Office for Day 2 of #NHLMediaTour
My story today on how hockey's analytics are on the way to becoming advanced stats
Henrik Lundqvist is such a gem via @YahooSports
"We should value accuracy over tradition. We should strive to tell interesting stories that are rooted in fact."…
Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula is on verge of buying the Buffalo Bills, per league sources, and the process is said to be "moving quick."
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Read this from @mirtle. I like it because Corsi is not the only stat. Thank you:…
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Also today: "What we’ve asked is we’ve asked our players to compete to a higher level."
Carlyle on using more analytics: "We’d be foolish to come here and say that we’re going to ignore the tools that are made available to us."
Carlyle talked today about getting away from "top six, bottom six" and more to a top nine group that is three balanced scoring lines.
Ahhhh, summer in Calgary can be so nice. It's weird, I have the sudden urge to sing Christmas carols and hang lights
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I really hope people don't view analytics as a "cure-all" for bad teams but I think that's how some perceive them from the outside.
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Sidney Crosby when asked to define Corsi: "I know of it, I don't know the definition of it."
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#Leafs Randy Carlyle on analytics world: “We have done some things over last couple of years that are quite different than other clubs.”
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Nonis "the two years before we signed Clarkson he had 45 goals. The next two guys ahead of him, that had 46, were Kane & Hossa"
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Nonis "What we want, and what we were looking for was: how can we get the stats to predict the future"
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Why is this unfair? It's a compliment. RT @Hope_Smoke Nonis "What is unfair to Kyle is that he has that analytics label placed on him."
Booth looks like he's in fantastic shape. Very excited to join Leafs. As Detroit kid, says he grew up watching them on HNIC all the time.
Booth will wear number 20 for the Leafs.
Carlyle sounds like he's going to be all business with the players come camp. His way or the highway, as they say.
Carlyle: "There's all this craze about analytics and to say we haven't used analytics would be incorrect."
Carlyle: "Everyone talks about puck possession and we haven't been any different. We just haven't done a good enough job of it."
It's confirmed Leafs entire PR staff has been turned over this season. @Stephen_Keogh taking over as director.
Komarov on differences with KHL and NHL: "The rinks. Fans. Airplanes."
Komarov: "I really miss this type of hockey and all the boys in Toronto... it was my dream to play here."
Komarov time.
Lupul said analytics weren't his department but thinks it's good the Leafs are exploring them. "That's a way a lot of teams are going."
Kadri says he doesn't pay attention to analytics in hockey. "I'm not really involved with that."
Kadri says staying healthy is a key to the Leafs success this season.
Stephane Robidas confirms he will see limited pre-season action as broken leg is in final stages of healing.
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