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all i do on the video chat on snapchat is laugh at how funny a look in the wee circle ahahaha
feeling like you have no one to talk to is so so so shit
dont even see why im upset, wasted so much time with you for nout
love my girls☺️💕
you're such a tramp ahahah biggest catfish😷
neeeed a party for halloween🎃
hollies ma actual lassie😂😂
for the past 2 days I have listened to the black eyed peas, am seriously worried
our group chat aka WWE
a just canny help ma love for curtis jackson MA ACTUAL BAE
love when hollie baby stays at mine☺️
nothing says 'I'm ginger' quite like a black n white photo
ahhaha, absolute fanny
ad hate to be a bairn now a days
nothing worse than an extremely sleazy boy, goodbye😷
big brothers had loads of injuries since he's been matched for his fight😂, unlucky
mum heat up my brothers salmon in the microwave and everytime I use it the place reeks😩
I'm the best bitch doing it
funny how you part time me all the time, whenever I need you, you're nowhere to be seen😒
strange how I used to have the girls at mine every other night, we always had plans and always had drink and now I barely see them, hmm
the group chat basically revolves around me
everybody is addicted to something, it doesn't matter what it is, everyone has an addiction in some form
My eyebrows are a mess my hair is a mess and my skins a mess I HATE it 😢
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actually RKO everyone in the group chat ahaha
a love rocky horror picture show 😍
tttttouch me, a wanna be dirttttty
I love glitter
do me a favour and break my noseee
when ur friend hears a song on the radio that reminds them of their ex
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it's Saturday, even better ahahah
a thought it was Tuesday and I've just realised its Sunday ahaha wtf
I'm gonna be on my own forever fuck sake
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you rearrange my mindddd
take yourself for a ride, it never felt so good
wish I was allowed to go to ness with hollie😔
everyones getting in relationships and i can’t even find my other sock
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had a dream I met harry styles and he kissed me and I woke up greeting ahahah
I've got a massive scratch across my left ass cheek and I have no idea how I got it😳
i don't really dig a lot of people lately and that's because people's intentions are so off and priorities are just not there idk man
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You haven't lived unless you've been dumped by someone over MSN Messenger.
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trying to sleep and this wee tinky bitch won't leave me alone @xhannahmorris
hate it or love it is so perfect, 50 cent and the game actual marry me
can 50 cent no be my boyfriend😍