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im never gonna shave ever again this shit is stupid im gonna turn into a bear instead
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GG told the new carer ma name was mimi and she called me it.. ehm no😂
must be the only bigger lassie that fucking hates that 'all about that bass' song, body slating isnt coool
it is a need not a want, why am i skint
all i eat is chicken and mushrooms
gemma g is what yer needing when ye feel shit, actual love her😂
gemma g telling the new carer you canny get in the toilet on the weekend cause one of my lightweight pals will be whiteying😂
the video panda has just sent me has got me greeting😂😂, so funny
a day off school tomorrow would be lovely
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i'd love to move away to a completely new country and start my life again
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Ye could cheat on a Burd with her mum smash fuck out her wee brother n murder her dad and she would still find a quote for it
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whys ma brother wearing leggings😂
seriously need my phone taken off me when im drinking, what was i even doing on saturday😷
so many people id rather NOT see today😳
look about 5 with these curls in my hair someone stab me
i have the weirdest eating habits ever
I feel like I'm gonna throw up any second uh
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got a lift cause i thought id missed my bus and im early🌝
feel like my calfs are go burst from wearing heels all night on saturday😩
my big sister is the only person who snapchats me, ahah
Can already tell today's gonna be a bad day 😒
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have a new found love for stockings and suspender belts
"you can't keep kissing strangers and pretending that it's him"
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cuddles would be appreciated big time
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still laughing at the fact i have about 20 photos with pandas dog and in one shes wearing glasses😂😂
last night was so good!!
look like a stripper
baby i just wanna danceeee
she was sitting down on that big butt but i was staring at they titties thoooooo
"@milphitchell: Still ma favourite fb status in the whole world" I am actually GREETING hahahahahaha
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When you miss bae and you're trying not to be soft about it
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when your mums been shopping but she hasn't got you anything
my mum refuses to buy me jake bugg posters because he looks like a 'junkie' but she bought me 4 kurt cobain ones?? and in two hes smoking??
im going to die antwoord 😄😄😄
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i try too hard with people who dont even care
think am actually in love with Drake
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only me that would forget to remove chloes old number from the group chat and her brother being in it when im making ebola jokes😂😂😂
Today has been such a bad day, can't wait for bed
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yippee ka yay mother fucker
"alcohol will ruin your life" alcohol is my life
"nobody drinks a bottle of vodka for fun, that's a damn fact"
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pringles r life
canny wait for die antwoord with hollie in january🙌🙌