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£60 for tickets is nae gid for unemployed folk like me
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pineapple really hurts my tongue😩
I want away from here
I actually love jack n sally
you are not worth wasting my eye make up on
honestly cannot be fucked anymore
always manage to do something wrong, canny ever get anything right
ginge says she needs tlc and straight up chaz replies with 'need a hot boaby right up my arse' 😳😳😳
add my snapchat- mirrengallacher
fuckin everyone's on holiday bar me
doesn't even look like Bob the builder, whit the fuck is that
someone stay at mineeee
when your love kept me safe through the nighttttt
I just need everything to slow down for a bit
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charlie seems to be the only pal that has paid attention to my advice and been there for me lately lol
Mum forgets that am actually 16 no 5
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a fancy too many black boys
need a party for halloween👌
don’t you hate it when you're in a relationship but the other person doesn’t know
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grease is such a good film, never gets old🎶
how can you not fancy Usher😍
we have six quid to our name and nae alcohol and the only food is rice, soup, mushy peas or weetabix
I know who I'll be sneezing on first if I get Ebola💅
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best kebab did u mean bae aye
ad rather drink vodka than breathe
Thank u best kebab for THE best hogie wrap ave ever tasted a love u dae whit u want
nothing worse than only the girl getting the blame when a boy cheats on his girlfriend with her, it takes two to tango💡
a can shuffle better than yer ma
am coming up so u better get this party started x
am so drunk shout out to glens voddy n peach schnapps DAE whit a want
obsessed with gypsy mc's😂
it's worrying how stupid I am
you've been cheating n telling me lies is such a tune
love life at the moment😬
got to stay at my sisters til monday in kdy, alone wtf dae whit a want
she wants it cruising remix is what yer wanting
a would never survive living with mirren
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bet the girls get up as soon as I get in the bath ahahah
hate hate hate hot baths but the cure hangovers so gid
part of me is saying 'crack open the vodka' but then another part says 'it's no even 9 o'clock yet'