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Need to find Adele before I greet
Weird to think how long Amy's been gone for 😥
The fact that I walk to meet Kelly in the pishing rain proves I'm a top notch pal, even havety put up with her thinking she's mike tyson😒
Can't believe I cried over that last night, usually no bothered by comments like that😒
I have the weirdest dreams like
Failing chemistry and my prelim is two hours long😩
Takes one to know one ye fucking trumpet
If my mum and dad put me on sun, sex and suspicious parents and stalked me on my first holiday away from them I would not talk to them again
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Its all fur the banter ken biys
Nah dinny call my pal a slut when its you who's dain that
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Like about 3 people in my family including me
Is it weird that I fancy Bon Jovi
I actually cry at anything, so funny
Just because I canny sing doesn't mean I'm not going to😂
Learning how to twerk was my best decision ever
King Krule looks like rick astley
It costs money to make money.... Like almost half 😩
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My hate for Ellie Goulding is extremely high
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Kelly's always wanting pumped😒
"I could do some damage to someone if I hit them hard" Ehm orite Kelly, calm doon
Ahahaha I'm such a mongo
When I first got my tongue done I bought cute bars but it hadn't stopped swelling yet and I googled 'how to lose weight on your tongue'