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Miriam Quiambao
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Treadmill workout date with my hubby @ardyroberto. Burning off our chocolate mousse merienda! #workoutpartners #ilovebringmarried #100happydays Day 80
Late post. Resurrection Sunday, we had lunch at my grandma's place. Great to reconnect with my side of the family! #100happydays Day 79
After yesterday's testimonial sharing at Saddleback Church South Manila, I started following @pastorrickwarren on IG. So much wisdom from this man. @saddlebacksmla #100happydays Day 80
Earlier today: @ardyroberto shared about his testimony at the Saddleback Church in South Metro. I shared mine after his. Grateful to be part of this. @saddlebacksmla #tandemtalk #100happydays Day 79
Happening Now: Listening to Pastor @rickwarren at Saddleback Church in South Manila. He is talking about How the Resurrectin Changed Everything. Great insights! @ardyroberto and I will be sharing my testimony after his talk. Join us if you can! @saddlebacksmla #MyHope #100happydays Day 79
Can't get enough of this girl!!!! Taken from yesterday's visit. #gigilgalore #100happydays Day 79
Amen! Happy Resurrection Sunday!!! John 16:33 #100happydays Day 79
The real meaning of Easter has nothing to do with Christ. Instead, let's greet each other: "HAPPY RESURRECTION SUNDAY!!!" #100happydays Day 79
Happy Resurrection Sunday!!! #100happydays Day 79
Tita Ninang and Baby Cheska. #gigilgalore #100happydays Day 78
Oh my! It's a Cheskie super selfie!!! #myfavoriteniece #100happydays Day 78
Family Selfie with Baby Cheskie!!! #100happydays Day 78
LOL!!! #100happydays Day 78
Late night run. It was a good 30 mins including the warm up. The streets were empty. The bright full moon was above in the cloudy sky. The stars were shining bright. Cars were whizing by from the main road in the distance. I can feel the solid ground underneath my running shoes. A breeze cools my fa
Late post. This was my last workout session with my trainer for this season before I go off to another honeymoon break. Tough exercises but I praise God that I'm still standing. Aiming for my #bestbodyfor2014! #balikalindogprogram #100happydays Day 76
Robertos and Garcias come together for a group selfie after giving a congratulatory hug to Cheri. #itsokitsok #LAFLetGo #FeastAlabang #100happydays Day 76
I'm crying buckets listening to my sister-in-law, Cheri Roberto, as she shared her journey getting over the death of her 14 year old son Brucey at The Feast in Alabang. Praising God for being close to the broken hearted and healing our hearts. Grateful that Cheri is now on her journey towards comple
Robertos Unite at The Feast in Alabang to support Cheri for her talk this morning. #GoCheri #itsokitsok #100happydays Day 77 Taken with my #triggerhappypod @happy_pod Bluetooth edition
Reflections on The Way of the Cross at High Street, BGC. Experienced an interactive way of reflecting on the sufferings of Jesus and to better appreciate what He has done to save us. Check them out! #churchsimplified #walkway #100happydays Day 76
Carrying the cross of Jesus at #WalkwayoftheCross at BGC. #savedbyfaith #churchsimplified #100happydays Day 76
Jesus, I'm a sinner and I need you. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. Grateful that Jesus saved me. Blessed by the Walkway of the Cross at Bonifacio High Street. Great way to spend the Holy Week. #churchsimplified #wayofthecross #100happydays Day 76
My POGI husband @ardyroberto sharing about our love story at the Marriage Encounter Lenten Recollection. #realmenarepogi #100happydays Day 76
Happening now: @ardyroberto speaking before participants of Marriage Encounter Lenten Recollection. I will be offering a song at the end of his talk. #ministrypartners #tandemtalks #100happydays Day 76
Just finished an interview of our love story for an episode of "Wagas", a telemovie. Abangan on May 10, 2014 on GMA7. #100happydays Day 75
For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.…