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Whoever leaked those Jennifer Lawrence nudes I wanna rip off his balls through his throat and thank him at the same time...
Репортаж на холандска тв за'БГ'и как МАНГАЛИТЕ се женят.Нямам думи..за пореден път ме е яд как представят Бг пред ЕС
На криско черепа мяза все едно си е заврял главата в ц200 и въргалял върху килима на майка си...но може и на палтото на някоя селска пръчка.
Честно казано не ви разбирам вас хетеротата..за кво ви е? 😉
@CancerQuotez: #cancer is the most caring friend you can find”but most of the people dont appreciate it
#july #22 #cancer have edgy charm that makes them appealing
Retweeted by MIRELΔDISCO Я и аск фм съм имала без да зная хахаха обаче отговорите са уникални! :D (facepalm)...
Maybe i should let my phone aside for a pinky starts to show me hints..😐
#cancer hates crowds... They need their space.. Back up!
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@mireladisco Hell yeah, Favori even tastes better! :P
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I think Oreo stole the secret recipe of FAVORI cookies cuz i've been eatin them since the beginnin of life.
I liked a @YouTube video from @Hollywood_com 'Going The Distance' Trailer HD
Joan Rivers rushed to hospital after stopping breathing during surgery. Where was it? Shouldn't she have been at a hospital already?
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Mixed tweets about Joan Rivers condition...?!?! Cmon people dont start dumb rumours!
All these famous hipster teenage boys on YouTube look like butch lesbians...why tho.
Mujkar golEm,jeni porq bez problemDebela kola/lanec na vratOda napompim muskul ve bratO.Puskam brada/obrusnata glava.Zad vrati shibat me v g
Admit it you listen to other strangers conversations and mentally give your opinion .
И да спират боклика на Криско и Илиева няма да ми върнат погубените мозъчни клетки взети от тях насила тва лято. #kelfaida
#Cancer will buss a nigga head, smack a hoe
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Има само една единствена Мирела на която може да се даде титлата ВЛОГЪР и тя е МИРЕЛА ДИСКО!!!
Whoa the americans are waking up, my tweet timeline is getting busy👀
No.fuckin.way!! Little cupcake pizza's??!?! 😍😱
Hot cup of coffee and watchin The walkin dead @pewdiepie gameplay 😑✨
Не знаех, че Цветелина Янева е направила дует с Рита Ора...хмм бива "Black widow"
I liked a @YouTube video from @thejcrish Black Widow Lyrics [UNPITCHED] (feat. Rita Ora) - Iggy Azalea [New
Обикновен ден като мен.
Havent uploaded a vid for months - still gainin' subs like a mofo...#qualityvlogs
"Никой не е загинал от недостиг на секс. Но си отиват от недостиг на любов." "Разказът на прислужницата", Маргарет Атууд
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.@RDracheva go for a run to Holland and you can have your dessert!
@hristova2609: Поздравления 🙆 има ни във в. Труд” 👏
The life of a small person aint easy..
Psychologically, after being disappointed so many times, you begin to lose hope in everything.
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In Holland they build natural bridges for animals to cross the highway without risking their lives.
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