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The Special One.

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I'd climb mountains for my younger siblings.
Retweeted by MINT
@lumaerx lol I won't be doing it anymore. Good thing you told me.
Manchester United vs Liverpool.
@slyrie because you denying me my rights.
@lumaerx the one who is always catching feelings ?
So dude basically had to go rat in his friend to save his own ass. He did just that. Girl didn't bath, so she had evidence
Retweeted by MINT
Then she basically tells the dude she had consensual sex with: "if you don't go to the cops with me, I'm laying a charge of rape on you too"
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This girl obviously thinks this might have been planned. So she tells them when the sun comes up they're going to the police station
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She looked over her shoulder and realised that this ain't the dude she was with a few minutes ago...
Retweeted by MINT
She screams. Everyone in the lounge puts two and two together. A few run to the bedroom and find dude standing next to the bed naked...
Retweeted by MINT
He just gets naked and slides in next to her. He enters her from behind, while she's asleep. This girl was just about enjoying it, and then
Retweeted by MINT
The bathroom is across the hallway from the bedroom dude came out of, and the door isn't locked. So guy walks in to the girl sleeping naked
Retweeted by MINT
So he goes to the lounge, used condom in hand. On some "y'all playing FIFA while we get laid". One of the dudes went to the bathroom...
Retweeted by MINT
Each guy took his girl to a bedroom and they did the dirty. After that, the one guy decides to go back to the lounge
Retweeted by MINT
The girls came with their "boyfriends". So it was obvious the dudes who were playing FIFA in the lounge would do just that till sunrise
Retweeted by MINT
There were 15 guys and 2 girls there. So at around 4 am we leave, cause that place ain't happening. So it's 11 guys and 2 girls
Retweeted by MINT
So one night, as usual, heavy drinking ended up with a whole group of guys drinking till the morning at that house
Retweeted by MINT
These two dudes, brothers, live alone. Both parents passed. So dudes always end up there after a drunken night
Retweeted by MINT
It happened back when I was in high school. 2005/2006. Not quite sure. This is how it went down
Retweeted by MINT
@Kaisli_REBEL haha I am a 6'4 tall man who cooks well and is very romantic.
@lumaerx I wasn't complaining, was an observation. I like this you :-)
@slyrie lol you are mean and evil :-(
@lumaerx you are not yourself today. This cold weather has changed you.
@Kaisli_REBEL haha i swear I hate you! :-(
@Lasashaz haha give me one good reason why I should.
@JulietKorir haha then I won't help you.
@JulietKorir I have two and they say sharing is caring :-)
@Kaisli_REBEL I am, you stopped subtweeting my awesome cooking :-(
Cech: "The pressure is the same whether you are first, second or third. Everyone keeps trying to do that. What you need - and what we have.
Retweeted by MINT
@Lasashaz lol I am still in bed * hides *
@Wamjoyce haha I got my eyes on you.
@vinny_wa thanks bruh, ukienda home sema maybe I will be around.
@JulietKorir lol you can't justify what you did. Ungesema nikupe yangu.
LOL "@JulietKorir: Hahaha @_Nzuki: Kaana >> Vybz Kartel"
@slyrie I am having ideas ....
@Lasashaz lol you tall lazy thing. It is 11!
@lumaerx you are happy I gave up on my dreams?
@slyrie it aint trouble at all, I love doing this :-) I am always a nice person, utazoea.
@ShiruMadaa haha that's because I am and I got enough reason to be.
@Wamjoyce lol you better be a good role model.
@vinny_wa nilitoka jana, bro wasn't feeling well I had to go home.
Twitter, because Facebook is falling apart.
Retweeted by MINT
Haha we won't "@ThatMisfitZain: Y'all just won't let Corazon swim huh?
The only reason people hold onto memories so tight is because memories are the only things that don't change when everybody else does..!!
Retweeted by MINT
@JulietKorir haha you deserve that after what you did.