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Richard Darell
Zombowl Will Have Zombies Running The Other Way -
LEGO Calendar Now Sync With Almost All Scheduling Platforms -
Who cares about the iPhone 6, this Classic Arcade Wrist Watch [] is way more geek! :P
Geekiest night light ever! [] It's called "Integrity". :P
Why Gaming Chairs Could Save Gamers From A Brutal Beating -
Say hello to the "Not for Wimps" inflight gaming chair [] concept design! :P #gaming
Just made the "Ultimate List of Social CEOs" - 65th place, just short of LinkedIn's CEO @jeffweiner. - :)
Our childhood in one painting [], for many of us. ;P #starwars
Quick Guide To Everything Announced At The Apple 2014 Keynote -
Honestly...I think Apple really stood up to the expectations this time. Well done Apple! Congrats on innovating once more. #apple
iPhone 6...I am impressed... #iphone6 #apple
Now you can bring a droid [] with you wherever you go! :P
MIT Students Innovates 3D Printing With A Restart Function -
3 Ways Digital Devices Are Changing Our Lives -
The one social media site that still keeps me addicted is Pinterest. Phenomenal concept and tools! Follow me:
Female Nerds Who Altered The Course Of History [Infographic] -
How Search Is Impacted When Your Company Is Over-Organized -
Turn your garden into a Star Wars haven with the R2-D2 garden chair []. :) #starwars
iPhone 6 Leaked And Presented A Week In Advance -
Do you like Evian water? [] You can now dream of enjoying your water the Jedi way.
Just used @CamFind to find a place to buy a product cheaper. Can't tell you how awesome this app is! #musttry -
And there it is! [] The Han Solo frozen in carbonite toilet seat! #starwars
Behold perhaps the coolest PC mod build ever (, The Minion Mod! WHOA! -
11-Year Old Cancer Survivor Reinvents The IV Pole -
How To Save Big With Online Coupon Codes -
Japan Unveils World's First Android Newscaster -
The ALS challenge is so much more than an ice bucket. It's real and terrifying. -…
Yes, Seven of Nine! @JeriLRyan my friend, this one is for you. Hoping you're having a great week! :) -
5 Tips To Save Money When Shopping Online -
10 Reasons To Use Mobile Monitoring Software On Your Kid’s Smartphone -
Magic only works if you believe in it, the same goes for the goals in your life. ;)
RT @web_jess 7 Entrepreneurs You Should Start Following Now *Inspiring
8 Necessary Principles Of A Transparent Government -
Dear world, please stop the madness! #stopthemadness
Eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind. Unity FTW!
RT @mayhemstudios 24 reasons Sweden is the most delightful country on Earth. Is this true @Minervity @notch *YUP!
Don't tell me you're strong. Don't try to impress me. Don't show me your achievements. Show me your heart and I'll be your friend forever :)
RT @Katie_Krause #lifehack: just turn the other cheek. who cares. you know the truth. be the bigger person... :-) *BEST! #wellsaid
SEO Copywriting - 13 Tips For Writing Content That Ranks In 2014 #infographic…
RT @web_jess Motivational insights - Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle, A Guide to Personal Success: *Nice!
RT @mayhemstudios Woohoo! Thanks @Sony for the upgrade #A6000. I'm ready for SD @Comic_Con #sdcc :) *NICE!
Happiness is never lost, it's just blanketed by the shadow of your sadness. Once lifted, it will once again illuminate your being. ;)
RT @mayhemstudios Incredible 3D Calligraphy That Seems To Pop Out From Paper *Awesomeness!
Yup, today is that once-a-year special day again... :) - Wishing you all a wonderful day! :)